Haplogroups, surnames, and their spiritual significance

Haplogroups are pieces of one’s genome that do down one’s matrilineal or patrilineal line of descent. They are one of the few ways we can use genetics to track our genealogies to distant individuals in history, as opposed to simply abstract regions and populations. Paternal haplogroups come from the Y chromosome. Men have an XContinue reading “Haplogroups, surnames, and their spiritual significance”

Mythology in education

A key application of the Gaiad and Gaian mythology is in education. Gaian mythology can give a holistic context to knowledge. Currently educational systems operate in a very isolated manner with subjects rarely if ever overlapping. Occasionally sciences will overlap but science will never overlap with history or ethics. This creates individuals who have troubleContinue reading “Mythology in education”

The Gaiad: an epic of our past and future

I am working on an epic called the Gaiad. It is called the Gaiad because it is the story of Earth, much like the Illiad is the story of Troy (also known as Illium) The purpose of the Gaiad is to reinvigorate the scientifically known history of the universe, life, and man with a longContinue reading “The Gaiad: an epic of our past and future”

Is the Order of Life an ARG?

A question I have received numerous times is whether the Lifeist movement is an ARG. This is an interesting question that raises many philosophical issues. In many ways the movement can be considered an ARG or a LARP, it certainly tells a story which people will act out in the real world, but the storyContinue reading “Is the Order of Life an ARG?”

Mission statement of the Order of Life

In our society organised religion is increasingly being seen as something harmful. Many people will not trust a religious group due to mistrust of such organizations, a very understandable reaction but a quite unfortunate one. Many people will completely miss great ideas simply because they come from organized religion. For this reason I propose thisContinue reading “Mission statement of the Order of Life”

The Lifeist Manifesto

In order to preserve life as the greatest value, we propose this manifesto Life and consciousness, that which originated on Earth is the greatest value and must be protected. Death is the enemy. Extinctive forces must be fought so they don’t annihilate life In humans, the lives of individuals are of utmost importance. The powerContinue reading “The Lifeist Manifesto”