Sutra 3: Chemistry of the Stars

Mithra was determined to create great structures to fill the universe He looked into the sky and saw little. The Light of Yin and Yang was fading and the light of the daughters of Babastella was insufficient. And so Mithra encouraged the Celestial maidens to bear children. All the celestial maidens: Juno, Brunhilda, Ruby, Chrystella,Continue reading “Sutra 3: Chemistry of the Stars”

Sutra 2: Alchemical Genesis

Adonis and Neutra saw a great world out there. In all directions they saw the great amniotic sea. Adonis and Neutra married and wished to form a big family to fill the sea. They knew each other and Neutra became pregnant. Firstborn was Diproto who died as a child. And so Adonai knew Neutra againContinue reading “Sutra 2: Alchemical Genesis”