Sutra 15: E Pluribus Unum

In the age of Choanozos there was little civilization on the Earth The uninitiated call this era the Neoproterozoic Choanos was very fertile. Choanos bore many children and became a father of many Choanos saw the empire of Volvox and envied it Choanos married Chana and they bore Sibhozo and Embili Their family stayed together.Continue reading “Sutra 15: E Pluribus Unum”

Sutra 12: Sharing our Scrolls

Zygos looked through his scroll and said to his half sister Dipla “I have two of each scroll, which one shall I read from” Dipla said “Why not read from both? If one is wrong you will have protection” And so each read from each of their scrolls They saw some passages differed. Zygos sawContinue reading “Sutra 12: Sharing our Scrolls”

Sutra 11: Eukaryogenesis

Twas the 11 billionth 600 millionth year since the birth The daughters of Saya had brought the world near death Their excessive O2 emissions were toxic And so the air caught fire and there was no methane Countless maidens died in the firestorm and suffocated in oxygen And after that there was no methane greenhouseContinue reading “Sutra 11: Eukaryogenesis”

Sutra 10: The daughters of Lucas

Lucas and Freyja would become the ancestors of all life. Lucas was LUCA the Last Universal Common Ancestor Lucas and Freyja begat two daughters: Archa and Bacta, and no sons Archa begat Sekhmet and Dipana Dipana had many daughters who live in all eight corners of the world Sekhmet became the mother of Taka andContinue reading “Sutra 10: The daughters of Lucas”

Sutra 9: The Origins of the Viruses

While Methionon was building his Empire Syntheseus demanded his share While Methionon Ruled the Earth the sons of Syntheseus grew fruitful and multiplied Syntheseus of the tribe of Viros was still a predator Syntheseus begat Ribov and Dagon Methionon married Aetipa daughter of Magnesius and niece of Rana To him were born twins Firstborn wasContinue reading “Sutra 9: The Origins of the Viruses”

Sutra 7: The tale of Bios and Viros

Twas the sons of Terra who would first ascend The sons of Terra descend from the two original brothers: Bios and Viros They had a third brother named Ghedos Sons of Anu, sons of Terra The Chosen of Mithra They lived in an empty sea of Tholins and Lipids By the power of Phosphorus theContinue reading “Sutra 7: The tale of Bios and Viros”

Sutra 6: The Epic of Abiogenesis

Tholos formed great stacks in the oceans of Venus Underwater he built disks of Carbon like those of his ancestors. Recursions of Aromas Great liquid crystals of Pah Giant stacks of disks Rotating discs atop of each other The four Great Elohim saw his work and they saw that it was good And so eachContinue reading “Sutra 6: The Epic of Abiogenesis”