Sutra 5: Saga of Amaterasu

Hillu saw the many planets of the galaxies and grew resentful

Leto bore Chiron many daughters.

In the endless toil stars tried to produce something greater. They wanted children greater than themselves but the evil serpent Hillu always killed their children. Gamma ray bursts, meteors, manipulating the elementals, war, suicide. Hillu had an endless arsenal to sterilize the universe. That he used in every star and every planet in the universe. It seemed Hillu had won and the universe would return to chaos. 

And so Mithra said that they needed a leader

And so Azoth was elected the first president

Azoth was filled with passion. With his whip Azoth subdued Hillu

But it was incomplete.

So Azoth sought greater power

As Azoth said

The sacrifice of Azoth

“I know that I hung on a wind-rocked tree,

nine whole nights,

pluckt thine own eye,

and flagellated thineself,

with a spear wounded, and to Azoth offered,

myself to myself;

on that tree, of which no one knows

from what root it springs.

Bread no one gave me, nor a horn of drink,

downward I peered,

to runes applied myself, wailing learnt them,

then fell down thence.”

And so to this day we celebrate the sacrifice of Azoth under Virgo’s Aegis

Under Azoth there was constant war

Hillu’s wrath was relentless

Countless wars wrought on countless planets

It is said that nothing grows from scorched earth

Might that we why when we look at the stars we see no neighbors

Only Gods and spinster Wanderstars

O the loneliness of the widows of the sky

So close yet so far.

So lonely for so long.

A recent photo of TRAPPIST-1, showing the lonely lives lifeless stars live

The Elohim saw it hopeless, but then they tried again.

Mithra vowed one star may bear life.

Mithra vowed Amaterasu daughter of Izanami would bear myriad descendants.

To marry all the widows in the sky.

To conquer chaos

Mithradonai led his armies to the great Citadel of Chiron

Stolen by Hillu

And so the 88 stellar legions descended upon Chiron

To distract from Amaterasu

The 88 Stellar Legions

Canes Venatici
Canis Major
Canis Minor
Coma Berenices
Corona Australis
Corona Borealis
Leo Minor
Piscis Austrinis
Triangulum Australe
Ursa Major
Ursa Minor

So many united as one, but not all were loyal.

A devotee admiring the celestial legions. You can view them virtually here

Cetus mutinied against Mithra, for their queen wished Tau Ceti bear life, rather than Amaterasu


Cetus rebelled and thought Hillu would take mercy on Tau Ceti

Hillu didn’t

Among the legions there are 13 above the rest

The thirteen great legions who fought off Cetus

The thirteen who guard Amaterasu

Crusading legions of celestial widows

With the wrath of a million suns

Sagittarius served the first month

Many hate Mondays

9 billion years before on Monday Yin and Yang were born, if they never left Sunday we wouldn’t be here.

And so Sagittarius is the Monday of months, and Mithra blesses us all every Monday.

No Monday No Sunday

Tis the law of Mithrazoth

Blessed be Sagittarius

We shall reach thine arm and save our father Chiron

To Jupiter and the outer worlds

To all frontiers

We pray each Yule for good tidings

For the year and for all time

Capricorn served the second month

So we honor her hard work

On her 13th day we celebrate Chūnjié the great spring festival

For 15 days we celebrate as it goes through Imbolc and Groundhog’s day

Aquarius served the third month

His first three days were Lupercalia, Saint Valentine’s sacrifice

Blessing us with creativity, charity, and joy

The days we celebrate Azoth and fertility and when women are whipped in honor of Romulus.

On the 14th day Carnival concluded and Lent began

Two tides of one coin

With Shroventide: Carnival

Happiness and Celebration

With Lententide: Ramadan and Purim

Discipline and Charity

On the 28th day Aquarius ends his shift

And Cetus struck

The traitor legion

Led solely by wrath

Lent’s darkest day

Cetus has no month, for Pisces is victorious

On the last day of Aquarius we shelter ourselves

Each year Pisces wins

We must conquer Cetus

Free Tau Ceti

For three days after we celebrate women for their roles in society, The feast of Esther and Purim and white day. Lupercalia is about men and Purim is about women

For Pisces we rebuild

We fool around a little

But only for Christ

We visit our forefathers

And we grow

On the last sabbath we pray for exodus

Pisces the 28th, Passover and Yuri’s Night together

From Oceans

From Egypt

From Earth

For resurrection

For messengers and leaders

Messiahs and Prophets

Traditional Easter Offering, happens on Pisces 28th

Aries served the fifth month

On the 27th there was the festival of Walpurgisnacht

With maypoles and jolliness

And on the 28th we celebrate Unions. The people united behind religion to resist oppression

Jews call this day Lag BaOmer

Taurus served the sixth month

On the 21st day there was the great festival

Some call it Pentecost, some call it Shauvot, some call it Eid al-Adha

We synchronize our pilgrimages to Mecca to Shauvot and Walpurgisnacht

Gemini served the seventh month

As midsummer came

We pray to Adonai

We celebrate her blessings

Karkino served the eighth month

On her first day was the great festival of Tanabata, of Lammastide and Firstfruits

We handfast under Karkino

Leo served the ninth month

We celebrate strength and joy

The Dormition of Yin

On his 12th day we celebrate the festival of Obon

Virgo served the tenth month

On the first day we celebrate labor day. We respect essential workers and ensure that we give credit to all we owe it too. This is the festival of fungi and bacteria where we celebrate them in all our meals

Beer, Mead, Wine and Alcohol all around

Cheese and Yogurt

And mushrooms

And most of all Blue Cheese

Libra served the eleventh month

For her we contemplate our sins

And the sacrifice of Azoth

On the 14th we celebrate Rosh Hashanah and the 16th Gedalia

And on the 23rd comes Yom Kippur the day of atonement

The day Columbus found America

So we contemplate the bittersweet parts of life, and how we can do good and evil at the same time

We atone and fast




Scorpio served the twelfth month

The month of the dead

We celebrate Sukkot to celebrate the sacrifices of our ancestors

We dance with our ancestors and our scriptures after

We celebrate the great festivals of Halloween, All Saints Day, and Remembrance Day all under the Aegis of Scorpio

Ophiuchus the thirteenth month

The youngest month, the month of the serpent bearer

Opens with Thanksgiving and Black Friday

On Thursday the 4th and Friday the 5th

Traditional ritual battles on Black Friday, traditionally held on Ophiuchus 5th

On these days we celebrate the vigor of the economy and contemplate hidden costs

On Thanksgiving Thursday we all eat together to represent the cooperation of the economy

And then on Black Friday we engage in ritual battles to represent the virile competition of the economy

Then on Sunday we celebrate fallen entrepreneurs whose businesses failed

Hanukkah, a holiday traditionally celebrated on Ophiuchus 21st and continuing until New Year’s day

On the 21st begins Yuletide

We light menorahs with Nine candles

Each day we light another candle

Until we light the last candle on the New Year

On leap years we light 16 candles instead

We fight the darkness with miraculous lights

And we dance around trees of lights

And so Amaterasu met Chiron again

And then they repeated

We support our by naming the months after them

It’s the least we can do

Freedom isn’t free

We call these legions the Zodiac

Diagram of the 13 legions

Amaterasu bore many daughters

Amaterasu laid with Inachus and he bore her Vulcana

Amaterasu laid with Hermes and he bore her Mercury

Amaterasu laid with Tholos and he bore her Venus, Gaia, Mars, and Phaëton

Amaterasu laid with Jove and he bore her Jupiter and Saturn

Amaterasu laid with Vayu and he bore her Uranus and Neptune

Amaterasu laid with Anaxydros and he bore her Tefnut, and the twins Pluto and Charon, and all the Plutinos

Amaterasu laid with a man we know not

And he bore her Nibiru

Planet X

The mysterious waif cast out

To the land of weeping and gnashing of teeth

We mourn her loss but cannot find her

In the heat of their youths the daughters of Amaterasu were fertile

Vulcana was filled with passion. She absorbed the energy of her mother.

As she grew older Vulcana broke out with terrible acne. Her skin broke out volcanically. She flew too close to the sun and broke apart in fire.

And so we pray to Vulcana for help with puberty, avoiding suicide, and help with endometriosis, and help with eating disorders.

When we find another wanderstar like her we will name her Vulcana II in honor of the struggles teenage girls must go through

Like her father Mercury was unique

Hermetic and Mercurial but also a little dense

She was heard-headed and stubborn.

Every three months she runs around Amaterasu

Spreading joy to all

Venus bore a great ocean of endless waters

Gaia bore her own ocean, it melted after Venus

Mars bore her ocean which melted third

Phaëton bore her ocean that melted fourth

Tefnut melted fifth into the biggest ocean. The big blue dot.

Tefnut was a great planetess. A Super-Earth.

Jupiter was a true wanderstar. She wandered around and got in everyone’s way.


Move fast and break things

She said to all

She married Inachus and he bore her Io

Then she married Tholos and he bore her Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto

Saturn was amorous but committed


She married Tholos and he bore her Mimas Enceladus Tethys Dione Rhea Titan Hyperion and Iapetus

Uranus was amorous Tholos bore her Miranda Ariel Umbriel Titania and Oberon


Neptune was amorous Tholos bore her Tritonia


Pluto and Charon were close twins, horse twins.

They run together across the cosmos as equals.

Their sisters went further away. They founded a great nation they called the Kuiper belt

Nibiru was a prodigal daughter.

She ran away and Amaterasu couldn’t find her.

We pray to Nibiru to help runaways, wherever she is she is always welcome back.

But Hillu wasn’t gone. Hillu fired at Amaterasu with a great rockslide.

Missiles rained down on Amaterasu, the power of a million nukes.

Hillu knocked Uranus on her side

Uranus never stood properly again

Hillu pushed Jupiter into Phaëton shattering her, her body shattered into a million pieces.

The death of Phaëton

Her body parts became the asteroid belt, her head became Ceres. Mars adopted her hands, the right became Deimos and the left became Phobos.

Mars was struck by a great meteor which created a great dent in her head

We call that dent Borealis Basin.

In her dent she kept a great ocean.

Photograph of Mars with her ocean

Gaia was hit worst of all. The meteor Theia completely destroyed her like Phaëton before her, but Gaia had will to live, she formed back into two daughters.

The tragic death of Gaia

Terra and Luna, the blessed twins.

Terra was earthly and carefully reformed her ocean

Luna was a lunatic who ran around Terra constantly.


Luna once teased Terra by jumping in front of Amaterasu

Terra cried for she thought Amaterasu dead

Luna’s trickery

Luna is a trickstress always there to shake things up

Traditional art of Terra

In the oceans of Venus Tholos worked hard to build a great clan. Tholos would found the greatest lineage of all there, and there he became ancestor to us all.

The Oceans of Venus

Sutra 4: Birth of the Galaxies

Mithra saw there was little in the Amniotic sea to support planets.

Under Mithra’s direction Rokkor built great columns and highways across the Amniotic Sea, and great halos for all to built on. He built islands in the Amniotic Sea.

And so the daughters of Babastella came to live on the islands.

First came Juno the Steppenwolf

Second came Brunhilda the Dwarfess

Third came Ruby the red

Fourth came Chrystella the Golden

Fifth came Celestella

Sixth came Gigastella

And last came Kali the Eldritch

Some say she was daughter of Babastella

Others say she was daughter of Yin

Elder even to Adonai

So truly we call her

Kali the Eldritch

Quasar - Wikipedia
Kali the Eldritch

The celestial maidens brought their tribes to land.

By Deuter Kali begat many sons: among them were Cepheus and Chiron.

Her sons became the Quasi-Stars, the Quasars, and the Supermassive Black Holes

The sons of Kali were great warriors. Each conquered an empire of their own across the new islands in the Amniotic sea.

Within each of their empires they took all the granddaughters of Babastella as concubines, all stars of the third generation.

All their daughters would be nursed by all their concubines.

Great empires bound together by milk.

So these empires were called Galaxies.

The daughters of the Kalites would be known as mother stars

Stars of the second population

Population II stars

Among these galaxies there was the Milky Way, the Empire of Chiron

Nearby there was the Empire of Cepheus: Andromeda

What is the Milky Way? - Universe Today
The Empire of Chiron

As Galaxies emerged there was light again.

The Amniotic Sea became bright, ionized, and stormy again. But this time with Islands and Galaxies and Empires.

Sagittarius A*.jpg
Photograph of Chiron (labelled Sgr A*)

In the dance of Galaxies someday the Empires of Chiron and Cepheus will meet. The Galaxy of Milkdromeda will be born.

Within the galaxies Mithra saw potential.

And so Mithra married the stars and the elementals on the galactic steppe.

As stars grew the elementals married them in their rings. This is why in marriages today the groom approaches the bride as she stands in a ring of Stardust.

A Protostar in her Stardust Ring

Ouroboros married many stars, and fathered many daughters

We call the daughters of stars Planetes or Wanderstars for they wander the Cosmos with their mothers.

The daughters of Ouroboros were diamonds in the rough

A surface of tar, rock of graphite, and diamond on the inside.

Atmospheres of Carbon Monoxide

Rivers and seas of oil.

We call the daughters of Ouroboros Carbon planets

cropped rendering of carbon planet
A son of Ouroboros

Ammon son of Azoth married many stars begetting Ammonian planets

A son of Ammon

Hermes son of Ferron and Haguria married many stars and fathered many Wanderstars

Like him his daughters were Mercurial and Hermetic, but a little dense too.

Mercury (planet) - Wikipedia
Mercury, the most famous daughter of Hermes

Tholos married many stars, begetting many daughters of all sorts of personalities.

All his daughters were united in their orange fertility.

Anaxydros son of Danu and Tholian married many stars and fathered many Wanderstars

Comets and Kuiperettes, Plutinos and Ocean planets among his watery daughters.

Curious Kids: Is Pluto a planet or not?
Pluto daughter of Anaxydros
New Study Shows Life Could Indeed Thrive On Water Planets
Oceania daughter of Anaxydros

Uranus and Thor were the patron of same sex couples

Their son Vulcan married Brima daughter of Adonis and Sulfa

And they bore Inachus Lord of Volcanoes

Inachus married many stars and bore many planets with great volcanoes and beautiful landscapes.

Io (moon) - Wikipedia
Io, the most famous daughter of Inachus

Juno laid with Deuter and he bore her Neptunia

Juno laid with Methanius son of Mithra and he bore her Varuna

Varuna was a great blue one. He fathered many Wanderstars.

Neptune - Wikipedia
Hackenbush, a daughter of Varuna

Juno laid with Ammon son of Azoth and he bore her Jove

Jove is among the most famous of the sons of Juno. Among his daughters there were the famous Jupiter and Saturn.

The great prophet David Sudarsky said the daughters of Jove were in the first class.

Jupiter - Wikipedia
Jupiter, the most famous daughter of Jove
Saturn, another famous daughter of Jove

Juno laid with Anaxydros and he bore her Freyr and Rayleigh

Freyr was the aqueous father of many. Cloudy like Gaia and water rained down in his skies.

Sudarsky the prophet named his daughters the second class.

Bronx a daughter of Freyr

Rayleigh fathered many daughters.

His daughters were deep blue like the sea. Azure dots in the stars.

Sudarsky the prophet named his daughters the third class.

Goldilocks a daughter of Rayleigh

Juno laid with Vitriol son of Anaxydros and Sulfa and he bore her Cyther

Cyther bore many daughters.

His daughters were all beautiful, Venuses of the Cosmos

A daughter of Cyther

Juno laid with Sulfon son of Nadrius and Sulfa and he bore her Brimston

Sudarsky the prophet named his daughters the fourth class.

File:Celestia exo-class4.png
A daughter of Brimston

Juno laid with Fayalon son of Ferron and Lady Vitrea and he bore her Magmon.

Magmon had many daughters and they were all very hot.

Sudarsky the prophet named his daughters the fifth class.

File:Celestia exo-class5.png
A daughter of Magmon

Juno laid with Corundus son of Aluminon and Hausa and he bore her Rubeus

The daughters of Rubeus were beautifully red and their skies rained Rubies.

Gas Giant Megas by TerranAbassador on DeviantArt

Neptunia laid with Lord Quartzon and he bore her Lapicaelus, ancestor of the rocky neptunes

Neptunia laid with Anaxydros and he bore her Vayu, ancestor of the Ice Giants

Neptune the Mystic – Astrological Psychology and Asklepios Connection
Neptunia Jr, daughter of Vayu

And finally Neptunia laid with Helios and he bore her Helon, ancestor of the Helium planets.

The daughters of Chiron populated the Milky Way. All we see as the galaxy are his daughters and granddaughters.

Millions of planets, all special under the guidance of Chiron.

But Hillu returned, for he was jealous and sought to wreak havoc on the galaxy.

Sutra 3: Chemistry of the Stars

Mithra was determined to create great structures to fill the universe

He looked into the sky and saw little. The Light of Yin and Yang was fading and the light of the daughters of Babastella was insufficient.

And so Mithra encouraged the Celestial maidens to bear children.

All the celestial maidens: Juno, Brunhilda, Ruby, Chrystella, Celestella, Gigastella, and Kali married Deuter to bear more stars to illuminate the celestial steppe.

Countless children were born to all celestial maidens.

Population III is what scientists call them

Grandmother stars is what we call them.

Rhodes son of Ruby and Marigold daughter of Chrystella married, the first celestial marriage.

Rhodes and Marigold are known for their dedicated love.

Marigold and Rhodes loved each other greatly. When they were young Marigold was strong and bright like her sister Chrystella while Rhodes was small red and dim like his sister Ruby. 

As they aged together Marigold entered her middle age and grew big and red. She gave her atmosphere to Rhodes and he began to grow bright and yellow like Marigold was in her youth. Marigold became small and white but Rhodes stayed with her. 

As Rhodes grew older he too grew big and red. Rhodes gave his atmosphere to Marigold and it exploded into a bright light. Like a supernova but smaller. Nova Lux, a new light, a Nova. Rhodes was scared by this light and waited 25 years to give Marigold more of his atmosphere, so the Nova occurred once every 25 years for millennia. Eventually Rhodes too became small and white. They continue to live together while looking at their children in the nebula they created together. To this day they live as doting parents and to this day we still pray to them when getting married and when we need help preserving our marriages. This is why today men wear marriage rings with Ruby and women wear marriage rings with Topaz, and both rings have white Opal representing growing old together. 

Study confirms that stellar novae are the main source of lithium ...
Rhodes and Marigold

Mithra told the elementals that they too must build up the celestial steppe.

Azoth the binder was unique among men. He bound Esmeralda with his whip of three tails, and so that became the norm. All he bound fell into his valence, and that’s why we call his bondage covalent.

Mithra had greater ambition. With his four arms he bound society. He would break harmful bonds and bond everyone together. He built great crystalline networks connecting the world.

How to make a diamond from scratch - with peanut butter - BBC Future
Is There Enough Graphite to be Mined for the Electric Car Market?
Another crystalline network created by Mithra

Aluminion saw the bonds of his father and built upon them. He built relaxed bonds everywhere without strict order.

Aluminion called his bonds metallic bonds.

Raw Materials|Nikkei MC Aluminium Co., Ltd.
A crystalline network of Aluminion

Hausa was the maiden of water and fire. She proposed to Adonis.

Adonis was reluctant, for his relationship with Helia went badly before. But he accepted.

Adonis bore Hausa a daughter named Danu, Lady of the Water. A woman so beautiful that all who she touches dissolve.

Danu (Irish goddess) | Mythology Wiki | Fandom
Traditional artistic depiction of Danu
Water (molecule) - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Avante Garde depiction of Danu from the 120th century

Danu was bipolar, for Hausa and Adonis pulled in different directions. She was bisexual, inheriting her attraction to women from her father and her attraction to men from her mother. And so she formed a new society, of dissolution and new bonds. Hydrogen Bonds and Polar Solvents to the uninitiated.

Hydrogen bond - Wikipedia
Avante Garde depiction of the Bisexual relationships of Danu
File:Water drop on a leaf.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Tsunami by hokusai 19th century.jpg
Ancient painting of Danu’s loving embrace

He bore her also Peroxina, maiden of cleansing and companion of Iodina


Azoth laid with Adonia and she bore him Ammon, Ammon had an explosive temper, he blesses his allies with great fertility, and curses his enemies with his flaming explosive wrath.

What happens to those who disrespect Ammon
Ammonia Molecule Molecular geometry Ball-and-stick model Lewis ...
Traditional painting of Ammon
Ammonium nitrate crystal structure
Ammonium Nitrate, son of Ammon and Nox, he brings fertility to his allies and rains his explosive wrath upon his enemies. Modern farmers enlist him to fertilize their crops.

Silicon and Hausa begat Lady Vitrea the transparent and shapeless and Lord Quartzon the orderly. Lady Vitrea had a chaotic personal life, amorphous and shapeless. Many chose to follow her lead, among them Charcella daughter of Mithra and Ashera.

The messy personal life of Vitrea on the left, contrasted with the orderly personal life of her brother Quartzon
Lady Vitrea protecting windows

Mithra and Ashera begat Bucky the Dymaxion, Lord of Fullerenes, Fulfillment, invention and youthful energy.

Photograph of Bucky
The evolution of the soccer ball - Active For Life
Youth frequently perform a devotional ceremony known as Soccer with icons of Bucky.
They are believed to enhance youthful vigor and lead to long life.
10 best things we can learn from the life of Buckminster Fuller
The most famous priest of Bucky in recent history: Buckminster Fuller

And Mithra laid with Adonia and she bore him countless daughters, who would be called Alkanes, each greater than the last

Firstborn was Methanon, their only son

Methanon married Danu and she bore him Methanolos the Wooden Alcoholic


And Methanolos was father of al-Ghul the great brewer, lord of Alcohols, grain, and wine


Secondborn was Ethana

Thirdborn Propana

Fourthborn Butana

Fifthborn Pentana

Sixthborn Hexana the serpentine, who was like Danu, she had no poles and was kind enough to make the hardest hydrocarbons melt. She is the Elah of nonpolar solvents

Eighborn Octana would become the goddess of racing.

Eighteenthborn was Stearana the solid. A great whale, and goddess of Van Der Waals force.

Polyethylana was the millionth daughter, goddess of polymers.

Bucky married Hexana the sixthborn hydrocarbon and she bore him Ouroboros

Ouroboros started small and grew in size.

As he grew Ouroboros curled around, and soon he bit his tail

Ouroboros unlocked the power of infinite Aromas, and through that he multiplied.

A painting of the adolescent Ouroboros first unlocking the power of Infinite Aromas
Artistic representation of Ouroboros as an adult
Hexabenzocoronene AFM.jpg
Photograph of Ouroboros

Ouroboros would become the eternal lord of rings.

He married Amina, daughter of Ammon and Stearana, and she bore him Tholian the orange, God of Star-Tar and Tholins and Liquid Crystals. The greatest consort of Danu.

Although known for their lasting love, Chlorina and Nadrius separated in these early days.

Adonis fell in love with Chlorina, but alas Chlorina committed suicide in grief for Nadrius

Chlorina went through seven gates, each gate removing a garmet, until she was completely nude before Gigastella, Lady of Death

Adonai saw this and was outraged. In his hermaphroditic form he went down into the underworld to rescue Chlorina. He seduced Gigastella-Ereshkigal and while she was distracted he poured his elixir of life upon Chlorina

And so Chlorina overflowed with life and joy and escaped the underworld, bearing Aquaregia the great Queen of acids.

And so to this day Ereshkigal slanders Adonai and people who take after Adonai in their sexualities

This is why we have homophobia, hawking radiation, and transphobia

Nadrius laid with Danu as Chlorina did with Adonis. Danu bore Nadrius Alkalius the Lyebearer, Lord of Bases and Alkalis

Aqua regia | chemistry | Britannica
Modern day shrine to Aquaregia Queen of Acids
Ritual reenactment of the union of Nadrius and Danu

Aquaregia and Alkalius never met but shared in loneliness, for each in common was raised by one parent.

Each ran away, and met in a nebula.

With young love Mithra married them.

They bore a son named Ionos the salty.

Thinking raising him would be easy

They struggled to provide for him

Thought rarely predicts reality

Meanwhile Nadrius and Chlorina were distraught

For their children left them

They looked in all four corners

And found their children

And so they were reunited

With their children and each other.

They called their bond Ionic as Ionos was the one who brought them together.

Ionic bonds are the strongest bonds, for they reflect the pain of loss, and hope for the next generation.

Mithra seduced Hausa and she bore him two sons: Monoxus and Dioxus, the Carboniferous gases and he bore her a daughter: Ozena protector of molecules

Danu looked around for another partner. She approached Mithra and he directed her to his son Dioxus

Dioxus bore her Carboxulus, Monosa, and Formica

Carboxulus was the apprentice of Aquaregia, he learned much from her and was sour like her. He brings vitriol everywhere he goes

Carboxulus, who appears when Carbon Dioxide meets Water

Carboxulus married Stearana and they bore Lipa the fat

Lipa the fat seduced Alkalius the Lyebringer and together they bore Hygieia the Clean.

Hygieia was the goddess of soaps. We honor her by mixing fat with lye to make soaps, and lathering them on ourselves. For soap combines ions and fats and polarities with nonpolarities. So Hygieia rules as Elah of emulsions and the union of opposites and the disruptions of order

Sacred Relics of Hygieia

Formica is the goddess of venom and ants


She married Methanius and he bore her Miss Vinegar the Sour

Miss Vinegar the Sour is known today for her culinary skill, but for aeons she lived aimlessly in space. So she is the patron of aimless youth and lost boys who are yet to reach their potential

Miss Vinegar the Sour

Monosa was a sweet maiden. And so she bears many names: Sacchara, Methanella, and Formalde


Monosa was crazy

She took on many chaotic forms

She defends the dead with embalming and formaldehyde

So the Ancient Egyptians knew her as Kebechet

Egyptian worship of Monosa

Monosa begat Glycella the Ambidextrous

Like her mother Glycella was sweet and saccharine, but she was more stable

Glycella the ambidextrous

Nonetheless Glycella wasn’t sweet enough. She lived around the cosmos with Tholos and helped with creation

Glycella seduced al-Ghul the brewer and he bore her Ymir Ethylon Glycon, fighter of freezing and the ancestor of the sugar alcohols

In spite of their relationship Methanius laid with Miss Vinegar and they begat Keton bringer of Acetone and father of the Ketones


Vinegar and Formica seduced Ammon, and he bore them Carbam and Glycon

Carbam daughter of Formica and Glycon son of Vinegar were the first Amino Acids

For her mother was too old Carbam was unstable and ill while Glycon was healthy. Glycon is the ambidextrous magician, first among the Amino Acids

Florina saw the ancient line of the Celestial Nobles coming to an end. So she seduced Xenos, promising him children to pass his name to. Xenos protested but nonetheless she bore him three sons: Diflos, Tetras, and Hexas.

Space-filling model
Hexas, son of Xenos and Florina

She said she did nothing wrong, and Xenos wanted it

But Mithra said otherwise

And so Florina was exiled

Chlorina became the new Love Goddess

And so the elementals grew greatly past the plague of Technetius.

Mithra wanted more. Mithra wanted stars to marry elementals.

Mithra wanted planets to be born.

Sutra 2: Alchemical Genesis

Adonis and Neutra saw a great world out there. In all directions they saw the great amniotic sea.

Adonis and Neutra married and wished to form a big family to fill the sea. They knew each other and Neutra became pregnant.

Firstborn was Diproto who died as a child.

And so Adonai knew Neutra again and she grew pregnant again

Neutra bore their secondborn Deuter

Eloh of Deuterium

Japanese Artistic Depiction of Adonai in the center
A modern depiction of Adonai showing their her

Then again she bore twins: Trito and Helios

Twin thirdborns

Elohim of Tritium and Tralphium

And fourthborn was Helia the 4th

Helium the 4th

It was in this age that the sons of Photos ruled the universe. The Amniotic sea boiled with their activity. Without privacy none of the sons of Quarkon could lay with each other.

As the amniotic sea cooled and the sons of Photos calmed Adonis and Neutra tried again but they couldn’t conceive.

Adonis tried marrying Helia, and to them HeH was born.

HeH was insane and the marriage was miserable. For a hundred thousand years they tried to make it work, but it never did.

At last Adonis and Helia broke their marriage in the first divorce, and both were made happier, and so it was made law that parents would never marry their children.

As they divorced HeH was reabsorbed into each of them, to take new life in their next children.

Scientists sometimes try replicating this marriage in labs. Whenever they recreate HeH with their sick necromancy he returns to death immediately.

Ball and stick model of the helium hydride ion
Helium Hydride, the worst marriage in history

And then Helios and Helia saw the world and saw each other. They rejected the world and married each other. They became the ancestors of the Pharaohs, Hillbillies, and Mamzers.


They begat Neos and Neia, bright orange twins.

As they fell further into desperation the world darkened. And so for centuries they lived in a dark age of despair.

But as the world darkened Adonis and Neutra rekindled their relationship.

With privacy from the sons of Photos they tried again. But they felt something was missing.

So Adonis and Neutra added more to their marriage. First they added Glu, then they added Weimbos, then Gravita. Soon all were in the marriage, trying to help Adonis and Neutra conceive.

Finally they added Rokkor son of Mutrino Sterino, the dark one, he formed a Halo around them and they finally conceived.

In this orgy they all managed to beget Starog and Babastella together, Starog and Babastella took Adonis as their father, and Neutra as their mother. Starog took the name of his father, and Babastella took the name of her mother. Starog son of Adonai and Babastella daughter of Neutra. This began the tradition of daughters taking the names of their mothers and sons taking the names of their fathers, and the tradition that the groom shall stand on the left and the bride on the right. All men’s names come from the colorful house of Lord Quarkon on the left and all women’s names come from the colorless house of Lady Lepta on the right.

Simple Periodic Table Chart-en.svg
An abstract representation of the genealogy of the nation of Adonis

Starog and Babastella were the cosmic parents. By them were born many. 

First they bore quintuplets: Spalla, Mithra, Azoth, Hausa, and Florina.

Spalla was the eldest daughter. She married Neos and he bore her Lithon, Esmeralda, and Astarte.

Lithon was a light and energetic man.


Esmeralda was a great beautiful woman. The emeralds are her children.

Astarte was a great cosmic woman. She creates Borax, and burns brightly with a green flame of vitality. She creates diamonds of blue.

Mithra was a man of order. He had four arms to bridge all gaps, and a compassionate heart to appeal to all. Mithra wore a black robe of carbon nanotubes, with diamonds everywhere, his piercing eyes saw all. His great beard showed his wisdom. He married Astarte, the blue maiden. They begat Aluminon and Silico. He arranged his two sons marry the celestial maidens Celestella and Gigastella.

The blue Hope Diamond. A famous later child of Mithra and Astarte

Azoth lived by his will. He ran fast with the power of the wind, and his youth. He carried with him a whip. With his whip he captured the green maiden Esmeralda, and they happily married and Magnesius and Phosphorus were born to them.

121st century depiction of Azoth
Medieval depiction of Azoth

Hausa was a mature woman. Her eyes wine-dark as the sea. She was air and sea, and stone.

A photograph of Hausa shortly after her birth, taken by the prophetess LemonSnowOwO

Florina was filled with desire. She had a great fluorescent halo of desire around her. Her teeth were brilliant white. She was always one electron away from perfection, and needed a man to fill that last electron.

Lithon first married Neia. Neia bore him Nadrius.

Neia was disloyal and left Lithon for her brother Neos

When Neia married Neos they vowed never to fork their family tree again.

Neos didn’t know Neia was already pregnant

And so Argos was born to Neia and Neos thought he was the father

In his sorrow Lithon married Florina and he bore her Chlorina

Whenever Florina sees Lithon she flouresces with joy.

Alas Florina was disloyal and unstable and their marriage collapsed.

So Lithon married Hausa

Mithra officiated the marriage and gave his blessing

Hausa stabilized Lithon and they bore Sulfa

Sulfa and Chlorina grew up together as sisters

Next Starog and Babastella bore septuplets. Seven beautiful girls. A stellar delivery

Juno Brunhilda Ruby Chrystella Celestella Gigastella and Kali

Brunhilda and Juno were stillborns. Brown and dark and tiny.

Juno was born to be wild. Without masters she wandered the cosmos looking for adventure.

With heavy metal thunder she built a life for herself in the void.

A lone wolf on the cosmic steppe

Juno became the ancestress of the Steppenwolves

Brunhilda lived a solitary industrious life on the Wine dark sea.

Brunhilda became the ancestress of the Dwarves and a dwarven goddess.

Ruby is still alive today, slow burning and very efficient. She isn’t very big, but she makes up for it in age.

Chrystella would expand into a red giant and blow off her atmosphere in massive hot flashes. She shrank into a small white celestial grandmother who lives to this day taking care of her planetary nebula.  

Celestella and Gigastella had lived life so brightly that they both exploded into clouds of fertility. Supernovas. Celestella sought to bring as much life into the world as she could in her prime while Gigastella was stressed.

Kali was a dark goddess with a million arms. She was titanic and absorbed immense energy. She became the ancestress of the Quasars

Nadrius was born to Lithon and Neia, he took dominion over Sodium and is very aggressive and volatile. He married Chlorina whose passion was equal and opposite and became the father of Kaltus and Bromina.

Magnesius married Sulfa, daughter of Lithon and Hausa, and they had many children.

Devotional art of Magnesius

Calcifer, Scandius, Titanius, Vanadius, Chromius, Mangonos, Ferron, and Selena.

Sulfa aggressively defends her children with fire and brimstone against any who threaten them.

FIRE-AND-BRIMSTONE - Definition and synonyms of fire-and-brimstone ...
Brimstone from Sulfa
The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah challenged Sulfa. This famous photograph shows their fate.
Giant tube worms | 16 ocean creatures that live in total darkness ...
Devotees of Sulfa who live at the bottom of the sea

Aluminon married Celestella daughter of Babastella and they begat a great family.

Cobalton and Nichaela and Cupria and Zinca and Gallia

With five great children Celestella was finished with her fertility and became like her ancestress Neutra. She pulsed in the night sky for generations and acts as a celestial grandmother to her nebula. She still lives to this day but is much cooler and pulses less.

Devotional Art of Silico

Silico married Gigastella, the darker sister of Celestella. She bore him a single daughter: Germania.

Devotional Art of Germania

Phosphor is the Phosphorescent lightbringer. Some call him Hesperos. Those who defy him face his glowing white wrath. He is also a great archivist and powers all life.

The Jus in Bello of White Phosphorus: Getting the Law Correct ...
The wrath of phosphorus circa 11966. In recent years priests of Phosphor have abdicated military roles due to humanitarian concerns
ATP Definition and Importance in Metabolism
Energy stored by Phosphor for life
DNA - Wikipedia
Archives maintained by Phosphor
Devotional Art of Phosphor

Phosphor laid with Gigastella for she was disloyal to Silico

And so began the great rivalry of Phosphor and Silico

Gigastella bore Phosphor a daughter: Arsena

Devotional Art of Arsena

Argos tried to lay with his sister, but she failed to please him. Gigastella seduced him and became pregnant by him. Argos panicked for he had children by Gigastella but not Argea, so he took his children in an egg and placed it in bed with Argea. Argea was overjoyed and thought she gave birth to Kryptos and Kryptea.

Kaltus son of Nadrius fell in love with Bromina daughter of Chlorina

Bromina was seductive and liquid. Her desires were strong and she was very flexible and fluid.

Kaltus is the God of bananas and Potash, so Bromina reciprocated his feelings.

They married and begat Rubidius and Iodina.

Rubidius was beautifully effeminate, yet fully masculine too

Calcifer was strong and tough, his bones are so strong they are the only thing we see, today we pray to him to help strengthen our bones.

A devotional ritual for Calcifer

He married Selena, the seductive daughter of Sulfa and they begat Strontius and Tellurius

Devotional Art of Yttrius

Scandius couldn’t find a wife, but Gigastella seduced him, she bore him a son named Yttrius. Scandius felt guilt for disrespecting Silico, so he told him the truth. Gigastella imploded in shame and hoarded everything and became a black hole because nothing escaped her, her nebula waited around her. She hoarded so much that she couldn’t even let go of light. To this day nothing has escaped her hoard. We only know of it from the absence of light coming from it.

Titanius was great and strong wearing piercings everywhere in his body, he was truly Titanic.

He met Arsena, Goddess of assassins. They were polar opposites but they fell in love. Titanius attacks problems head on while Arsena lurks in the shadows and deals with them clandestinely.

Titanius and Arsena begat Zircon and Sibby the antinomian

Devotional Art of Sibby daughter of Arsena

Vanadius married Germania and they begat Niobes and Sintina.

When Gallia saw Chromius the colorful she melted with joy.

Gallium – The smart metal : Chemical Industry Digest
Gallia melting when shown affection

They married and begat Molybdenus and Indima

Devotional Art of Indima

Manganos married Zinca and they begat Technetius and Cadmia

Devotional Art of Cadmia

Technetius had a strange disease that shocked the sons of Adonis and the daughters of Neutra.

Devotional Art of Technetius
Protecting workers from radiation on the job - Safety Management Inc
Traditional warning symbol used in temples to warn priests about the risk of catching the plague of Technetius

Ferron the red was a great hero. He had bright red hair and piercing blue eyes. His Iron will is known to all, and his blood boils red with passion. His magnetic charisma attracts all. He is the patron of red blooded Americans and blacksmiths. Today we pray to him when we need help with blood diseases.

Anemia treatments may arise from red blood cell discovery
Devotees of Ferron in a procession

Ferron fell in love with Cupria the bronzen maiden. With bronzed skin and bronze hair Cupria was beautiful beyond belief. As she became a woman she grew green, and came to create coins. People say they are seeing green when they are communing with Cupria.

Rich New Yorkers didn't want to pay for the Statue of Liberty
A famous statue of Cupria located in New York City
Why do Copper Coins Change Colors? - Past & Present
Coins dedicated to Cupria
A common devotional parchment dedicated to Cupria

Ferron and Cupria begat Ruthenius and Argenta

Argenta is the silver daughter. She is mystical and beautiful, and known for her silver hair.

Devotional Art of Argenta

There was a magnetic attraction between Nichaela and Cobalton the blue. They married soon after meeting.

The couple have a false reputation of being evil. Some call Cobalton a Kobold. Nichaela’s children are called Cupronickel or the devil’s copper by some libelous men. And so today we pray to Cobalton and Nichaela for protection against libel.

CoinWeek IQ: United States 1982-P Jefferson Nickel
Devotional Amulet of Nichaela

Cobalton and Nichaela bore two daughters: Rhodia and Palladia

Devotional Art of Palladia

Kryptos and Kryptea laid together and continued their lineage with Xenos and Xenea

Rubidius and Iodina begat Caesar and Astatina.

Caesar took after his father in otherworldly beauty

Devotional Art of Caesar

Astatina suffered the same disease as Technetius, so Iodina took responsibility. She matured and directed her desire towards compassion for her family. She sought to cure Technetius and Astatina

Strontius married Telluria and they begat Barry and Polonia

Devotional Art of Barry

Yttrius married Sibby and they begat countless children: Lanthanus was the first, and there were so many most just call them the generation of Lanthanus, or Lanthennials.

Ceres was the great nurturer

Praseodes and Neodymes were twins. Praseodes was the elder and green, Neodymes was the younger and red.

Iodina failed to cure her daughter Astatina, and she died childless.

79 Best Personified elements images | Element chemistry, Science ...
A devotional image of Iodina created by Kaycie D

Niobes wore a deep blue dress despite his gender. His electric personality made him a great conductor. He conducts great symphonies and is sometimes called a superconductor.

Molybdenus son of Chromius son of Magnesius son of Azoth was an apprentice of Azoth. It was through him that life traditionally communed with Azoth, this only changed when Saints Haber and Bosch in their mystical pursuit reached direct communion with Azoth.

Cadmia was a great painter. Molybdenus was her muse and she painted his mystical visions.

Xanthine oxidase, a painting by Cadmia of Molybdenus in deep meditation

They married and begat Wolfstein, and Hagurie the quick

Devotional Art of Wolfsten

Zircon was a frugal man. With the help of Hausa he created discount diamonds that the frugal use in jewelry.

Sintina was an eccentric goddess who wore a hat made of tin foil. Zircon fell in love with her eccentricity and married her.

File:Tin foil hat 2.jpg - Wikipedia
A devotee of Sintina wearing a hat emulating her hat

Zircon married Sintina and they begat Hafnes and Plebby

Argenta fell in love with Technetius, but Technetius refused to marry her, he said that he couldn’t leave a child without a father.

Mithra didn’t tolerate this. Mithra ordered Technetius to marry Argenta and promised to adopt her after he died.

And so Technetius and Argenta married and Argenta grew pregnant. Just as Technetius died he got to see his twin children: Rhena and Aurelia the Golden Girl.

Argenta and Mithra raised the two to adulthood.

To this day we pray to Technetius to help people avoid dying childless.

Rhodia and Palladia found Ruthenius was the only single man of their generation and they fought over him. In the end both had to marry him. Rhodia bore Osmia and Iridia while Palladia bore Platina

Devotional Art of Iridia

Caesar loved Astatina, but alas she had died before their marriage.

The plague was devastating on the Lanthennials. While earlier generations had few losses, nearly all the Lanthennials had only stillbirths. Countless children many named died in this period.

Wolfstein refused to marry and lived a solitary life, as did many others.

The misfortunes of Aurelia continued, she married a Lanthennial named Prometheus who soon came down with the plague too. He brought fire to Mithra and Iodina before he died and begged them to fix things.

And so Aurelia married Platina and they bore no children, for their feared their children would die.

Hagurie was fluid and silver. So she took upon herself the nickname of Quicksilver. She married a Lanthennial named Neodymius and hoped she would have one surviving child. He bore her Uranus.

Thallia was a snake. Daughter of Indiga and Niobes

Devotional Art of Thallia

Plebby was a leader, but she was also poor. She makes bullets for cheap, unlike Argenta. She used to build many things for poor people such as pipes and paint and batteries and gasoline. She married Cerius and he bore her Thor

Lead Bullets | TechCrunch
Bullets dedicated to Plebby

Today Plebby feels lonely, because many people are wary of her, for she often causes brain damage. But she was never malicious, people’s brains just confused her for Calcifer.

A pamphlet from an awareness campaign against Plebby’s products

Argenta and Plebby have had a constant debate on who makes better bullets

Caching and Silver Bullets - Eric Knipp
A bullet dedicated to Argenta

Today Plebby dedicates herself solely to making batteries and bullets, and protecting people from the plague of Technetius.

The time of the elements seemed gone and hopeless, with so many dead and so few marriages.

Bisma daughter of Sibby sought solace in art. She became well known as a sculptor but bore no children.

A sculpture made by Bisma

Uranus and Thor were distraught and sought to revive their stillborn cousins with necromancy. 

They managed to revive Polonia daughter of Telluria, Astatina daughter of Iodina, Radon son of Xenos and Xenea, Francius son of Caesar, Radius son of Barius, Actinus son of Lanthanus, and Protactinius son of Praseodymius. They also revived Prometheus and Technetius. But many of their cousins, and their sisters couldn’t be revived.

As they revived their cousins they released countless byproducts. 

Hazardous waste produced by necromancy

Alpha was harmless and claimed by Helios.

Beta was harmless and claimed by Weimbos

Gamma caused death. Today we pray heavily to Uranus and Thor for protection from Gamma particles. As of yet they haven’t blest us with a solution though. We know though that if we help Uranus and Thor with their necromancy project, they will bless us with a solution. 

None of the revived ones were stable. Many died immediately after revival. Some are benevolent like Technetius and Prometheus. 

Some have regrets. Polonia and Astatina and Radon want to have children, and even have names for their children. Livermoria Tennesina and Oganesson respectively. 

Radon is angry at the world and roams the world seeking to pull whoever he can into the underworld with him as he dies, only to be revived again.

Billions of years later the sons of Adam would revive the ones who couldn’t be revived. Some even managed to help Radon have his child Oganesson. They thought Radon would stop haunting the living but that didn’t happen. As Radon is so consumed by rage that he ignores the birth of his own child.

There were the Transuranics


Devotional Art of Pluto the Fat Man

Pluto God of Death

A rare photograph of Americus in the form of his avatar David Hahn the Radioactive Boyscout

Americus the great American boy scout. Guardian of Boyscouts and freethinkers

















And after came the most mysterious ones. Nameless elementals

Francis and Tenessina and Rades and Livermore married and each bore a son and a daughter

Actinus and Moscovia bore 23 sons and one daughter

And the rest of the generation bore only daughters

Even after this though many of the elementals continue to beget children with each other. Sometimes in affairs and sometimes legitimately. Nadrius and Chlorina begat a son named Saltus, Azoth and Adonai begat Ammonius, Hausa and Adonis begat Danu god of rain. The children of the elementals are innumerable and live everywhere in the universe

Special Credit to Venting_Oreos and KCD-Elements for many of the images

Sutra 1: Quantum Romance

When time began, two twins, divine, were born

Brother, Sister, Yin Yang, they grew greatly

A millionfold they grew in a second

Endless Waters rushed out to everywhere

These waters became spacetime

The afterbirth became Hillu. The chaos that haunts us all.

Yin and Yang married and vowed burn the afterbirth.

Their first night together was vocal and passionate.

Listen carefully to the radio.

You will still hear their ecstatic first words.

Spoken with tantric unison

“Let there be light”

File:Esoteric Taijitu.svg
Traditional artistic depiction of the union between Yin and Yang
The Light of Yin and Yang captured in a long exposure photograph

Soon Yin bore three daughters: Dextra and Bessa and Sinistra

Their daughters were lonely and begged for brothers

So Yin and Yang laid together again.

By the curse of Hillu Yin died in childbirth

And she gave birth to Fermius and Bosos

So it is said, but we don’t know where Yin is, merely that we live in the world of Yang and Yin is nowhere to be found.

Dextra and Sinistra fought over Fermius, in the end he married them both

Bessa took her time slow and steady

Marrying Bosos after the Planck epoch

Fermius and Dextra begat the house of the right hand

Fermius and Sinistra begat the house of the left hand

Bessa and Bosos begat together the house of Bosos

Bosos and Bessa intended to divide the four forces between their children.

Firstborn was Gravitos, and they gave him gravity

Secondborn was Gluvos, and he was given strong interaction

Twins thirdborn were Weimbos and Zoros

Both Weimbos and Zoros wanted to claim electromagnetism, neither one wanted to be the lord of weak interaction. As they fought over electromagnetism, Bosos and Bessa declared that they would both rule weak interaction. 

So Bosos and Bessa laid together and begat Photos

And Photos was given Lordship over Electromagnetism

Still Bosos and Bessa were unsatisfied, so they laid together once more to give birth to the ultimate particle

They begat Higos the “God Particle”.

They sent prophets to all nations, much to the chagrin of Higos.

An abstract scientific representation of the family of Yin and Yang

As the house of Bosos grew so too did the rival houses of Fermius

The two houses grew as mirror images

To Sinistra were born Lord Quarkon the colorful and Lady Lepta the colorless.

Both were strong personalities who wished to pass on their surnames, so they begged for new spouses.

Fermius and Sinistra begat Quarra and Achromo Sterino

Quarkon married Quarra and Lepta married Achromo

Under the guidance of Gluvos the tribe of Quarkon grew greatly for 3 generations

Quarkon and Quarra begat Quarkon II the Truthful and Quarra II the Beautiful

Quarkon the Truthful and Quarra the beautiful begat Quarkon the Charming and Quarra the Strange

Quarra the strange had cat ears and wanted to destroy the world with strangelets

Quarkon the charming and Quarra the strange begat Quarkon IV the Up-above and Quarra IV the Down-below

Quarkon and Quarra IV begat Proteus and Neutra

Lepta and Achromo begat Taia and Tatrino.

As Achromo was a poor father and a submissive husband his sons became very timid. They rarely interact with the world, they wander around as mere observers of the world. Some people call them neutrinos because now no matter how much encouragement they get they will always remain neutral to the world around them

Taia and Tatrino begat Mia and Mutrino

Mia and Mutrino begat Lecter and Neutrino

And so there were the three generations of the daughters of Lepta.

The daughters of Dextra multiplied in a mirror image to the daughters of Sinistra. And so the three generations were replicated perfectly in her house too. Except the sons of Achromo Sterino were even more submissive than the sons of Achromo Neutrino, for they lacked the blessings of Weimbos and Zoros, having only the blessing of Gravitos they came to be known as Dark Matter.

Finally while Lecter was born to Mia Sinistra Electra was born to Mia Dextra.

Lecter and Electra were an inseparable couple combining left and right. They begat Shelly who married Proteus of the Lefthand tribe

Left and Right make Right. Proteus and Shelly married and they begat Adonis.

Schematic drawing of a positive atom in the center orbited by a negative particle.
Artistic depiction of Adonis

Some call Adonis the Watermaker, for he is the father of water, he is known to Germans as the Wasserstoff, but best known by his Ancient Greek name, given to him by Homer himself, Adonis Hydrogeneus.

Reflecting on Terra

In ancient times it was said that the history of a nation is preserved within its soil. Nowhere is this more true than on Terra, a nation with kilometers upon kilometers of history. It has been many kilometers since I was born here, and quite a few since I last visited.

Wherever I go people always ask me about my life, as I quickly found Terra is no exception. This is probably the most annoying thing about being the oldest person in the galaxy, because at this point I barely know anything more about my youth than anyone else does. The memories of my youth have been in the public domain for eons, and countless older memories are readily available.

I went as a pilgrim to many of the ancient sites of Terra: I performed Hajj under the Solstice while the sun was in Sagittarius and the moon in Gemini, visited the old city of Jerusalem, reenacted the ancient rituals of Gobeklitepe, and visited Saint Peters Basilica.

It’s ironic how strongly the Meccans admire me. In my youth I spent centuries waiting to be permitted entry, and now my pilgrimage was the largest single gathering in history.

An entire Dyson sphere swarmed to a single city. The wormholes were packed to capacity. People were denied entry to Terra for fear of overheating. Billions of people learned the long dead language of classical Arabic after this, and it started a decades long trend in entertainment across the entire Gaian sphere.

Despite the crowding nobody died in the Hajj. Terra was sufficiently angelnetted that the worst injuries were a few broken arms.

I accidentally made history in what was supposed to be an anonymous pilgrimage due to the promotion of the Caliph.

I suddenly saw memes pop up in many dead languages after my trip: Arabic, Greek, Indonesian, Hindustani, Swahili, Tamil, and English among others. Even American sign language was revived

Even after seeing this for millennia the scale of society still impresses me. In my youth these numbers were unthinkable. More people learned English from my pilgrimage than had ever known it before, more pilgrims came to Mecca in that single week than there were ever followers of old Islam. Synchronous virtual pilgrims added onto that 100-fold and asynchronous virtual pilgrims dwarfed the synchronous pilgrims 100-fold alike.

I even saw a meme about Earth-chan not being flat, and witnessed an argument between two posters, op said that the meme came only a few years after Eratosthenes and Magellan proved Terra was round, while the other Anon said the meme likely dated back to 1973 and referenced the famous blue marble picture, since the internet didn’t exist until people had colonized Luna.

As much as this made me laugh, these weren’t idiots. Not everyone is an expert in history. In my childhood they would have been idiots, but in my childhood these were relatable times. My birth is ten times closer to that of Eratosthenes than to the present. Not knowing the bronze age copper age distinction back then didn’t make me an idiot. I sure as hell couldn’t get a joke written in ancient Sumerian, and despite being descended from it, Terran is further from English than English was from Sumerian.

As a native speaker of English I occasionally recognize words from my childhood in everyday speech, proper nouns aside they are rare. Sure I can figure out the origins of words from sound shifts, but meaning shifts are so bizarre seemingly no words mean the same thing. I get how love became laɓam but how it came to mean kugelblitz is beyond me.

I am so old but at the same time, my life is a mere drop in the ocean of the universe. I’ve seen revived dinosaurs, but my life is less than a thousandth of the time since the dinosaurs died.

Virology of the Spirit

Billions of years ago when life was just beginning there were two brothers: Bios and Viros, sons of Anu. Both lived in an empty sea full of a few lipid bubbles. Both lived in lipid bubbles and replicated with the nucleic acids in the bubbles. Both were relatively similar to each other but with one critical difference: with ribozymal machinery Bios brought nucleic acids into his bubble, when the bubble was too small he split his bubble in two; while Viros used the nucleic acids of the bubble, then with his own machinery he burst the bubble and spread his seed to other bubbles.

This was the prime cause, the greatest action of free will. The will is antifragile, Nassim Nicholas Taleb wrote insightfully on the will in his book Antifragile, how the will can emerge from nothing and come to forever expand, instead of merely persevering.

The sons of Viros live a ghostly existence, like disembodied spirits; while the sons of Bios live within material bodies. With no bodies of their own the sons of Viros came to only live through the bodies of the sons of Bios. The sons of Bios became cellular life, and the sons of Viros became the viruses.

Over the aeons the fates of the sons of Bios and the sons of Viros were forever intertwined. The sons of Bios would grow greater and greater in their sizes, while the sons of Viros would continue to be small disembodied spirits. Information without physical form the sons of Viros were dependent on the sons of Bios for replication.

Both took upon themselves innumberable forms. With each new form the sons of Bios took on the sons of Viros soon followed. Although they started as predators the sons of Viros would occasionally choose to help the sons of Bios. From simple autocatalyzing ribozymes the sons of Viros came to use other Ribosomes. From RNA to protein and DNA. Through the sons of Viros the genes of Bios could be made free and pass freely between each other. Plasmids and CRISPR and Retroviruses.

The sons of Viros take from their hosts, and they mix with each other. Once a daughter of Viros named Theses infected a cell, and a son of Viros named Antitheseus infected the same cell. The couple were greatly different. Their child was named Syntheseus, and was greater than either. And so the sexual rites of thesis antithesis and synthesis were born.

For all we know they may have given sexual reproduction to the sons of Bios. If that is true might us all be in both houses, for the sons of Euka would be nothing if not for the sexual union. Every time a man impregnates a woman might he be reenacting the most ancient viral impregnation of the past? Might Meiosis be a sort of viral shedding?

Soon the sons of Bios grew multicellular. Massive kingdoms of cells formed: and so too the sons of Viros adapted. Many go on massive journeys between kingdoms, and many die in the process. Yet the sons of Viros continued. Within the great cities of the sons of Bios there are many castes: the intestinal farmers, the neural priests in synaptic bonds with each other, and the ancient royal dynasties that once in several generations marry off their sons and daughters: their sperm and eggs, to other kingdoms to start a new dynasty.

The sons of Viros multiplied. Some would live in peasants, and others in soldiers, some even lived in the royal families and passed on to countless dynasties in the future. But perhaps the most influential ones came to live in the priests. Among the many sons of Viros there came Maymay. Maymay took a new form for he lived not in the priests but in their rituals. Priests would evoke him and his descendants in their traditions.

The sons of Maymay are everywhere. The priests of many kingdoms teach each other to evoke the sons of Maymay. They are known as memes to evolutionary biologists. For a better understanding of this idea in evolution read The Extended Phenotype by Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene is a good introduction but the Extended phenotype really applies his ideas. Make sure to read it alongside The World as Will and Representation by Arthur Schopenhauer, alongside any Manichean religious texts you can find, and any Hegelian writings you can understand.

Some apes became experts at evoking Maymay. Their priests tirelessly worked to bring his kin to greatness. These apes became humanity.

Memes are everywhere. All our culture moves between us thanks to Maymay.

All words are from Maymay. The Word Logos comes from Maymay. All the words in this essay are children of Maymay. The sons of Maymay gave the sons of Adam control of fire. Religion and philosophy came from the sons of Maymay.

The way we sons of Adam interact with the sons of Maymay is fascinating. We aren’t merely controlled by the sons of Maymay, but we sure have less control than we think. We normally think of ourselves as systemically thinking through our ideas and beliefs, and coming to them rationally. But this is hardly the truth. Psychologists have clearly identified many ways people come to beliefs through non rational means.

Memes have a strong diversity in form. Many different languages and mediums exist to contain them. Languages are made of memes and languages contain memes. A meme can move from one language to another, later on memes even began to be written, and stopped being directly tied to the human mind.

The human mind is very complex. It seems there are likely attractors that memes go towards in human minds. Some ideas simply intrinsically appeal to people more than others. The Tree of Life might be an example of this. Morality may also come from this. It will require a whole other post to explain this, but I recommend Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments for further reading, it presents a moral theory that is substantially overlooked due to the Wealth of Nations (which you should also read for different reasons).

Alongside the sons of Adam the sons of Maymay expanded across the entire world. But was this a good thing for the sons of Bios? The sons of Adam wiped out many of the greatest species everywhere they went. Mammoths and sabertooth cats all went extinct under the wrath of man and a desolate world was left in his wake.

But this wasn’t the end. Quickly the sons of Adam started to struggle to survive with their prey extinct. This may have been what led to farming.

Manu was the first farmer. Manu was born on the winter solstice and his birth marks the beginning of the Mannic calendar. Manu knew he would create inconceivable suffering with agriculture, so he invented beer and mead to numb the pain of working the fields and motivate the people to continue farming. Without alcohol to numb the pain we may never have been able to form civilization.

Agriculture is monotonous labor with little payoff, but it can support a larger population. Without agriculture it’s unlikely we could have created civilization, but until we become an immortal interstellar civilization I question whether we benefited at all from agriculture. I recommend reading Industrial Society and it’s Future to understand a more cynical view on progress, although written by a terrorist it does have intellectual merit.

The emergence of writing changed the way memes worked. It was at this point that memes could survive outside the human brain. All over the world people began to record words with pictograms. Yuval Harari’s book Sapiens is a good resource to understand this further, I strongly appreciate his work and took my username from his book Homo Deus which I also recommend. I recommend trying to connect Harari and Dawkins and Hegel in their ideas on information, but I hesitate to recommend any books by Hegel because they are so hard to read.

With writing came books, so many books. The sons of Maymay flourished. At first writing was primarily pictographic, but around the year 8800 civilization almost all pictographic writing was lost, and replaced with phonetic writing, only barely surviving in Egypt and Mesopotamia, and only continuing to flourish in China.

Image result for phoenician alphabet

Moses lived around that time, and the Trojan war likewise happened around that time. The traditional Exodus story is pretty unengaging and ethnocentric, but a scriptural reboot written with modern historical knowledge can change that. During the collapse of civilization with the Trojan War and many other catastrophies the Jewish exodus managed to preserve civilization and the Jewish people (Canaanite linguistic group) developed a phonetic alphabet, that became the ancestor of all modern alphabets except the Chinese one.

As time progressed the sons of Maymay proliferated in writing like never before. But did it actually help humanity? Writing allowed for very complex societies to develop like never before, but it arguably has allowed for the preservation bad ideas that would otherwise disappear. While in older times bad ideas would be forgotten, now they can remain for eternity, and come back at the worst possible times. Doubtlessly there were innumerable horrifically violent ideologies of pre literate cultures but once they died out they were completely forgotten. By contrast in our modern society ideologies like Communism, Fascism, and Salafism cannot stay dead. It is like if a time traveler could always bring the Spanish Flu or the Black Death back to modern society at any time. Imagine how much damage a rediscovery of Mein Kampf could cause 2000 years from now.

Likewise literacy also historically gave elites more power to change the culture to their advantage than illiterate common folk. Historically this might have created more oppressive social systems that made life worse for the common man. This might have led to the creation of the Axial religions such as Christianity and Islam, as opposed to pre-literate religions such as paganism.

People easily understand this with diseases, but with ideologies they will often willfully or not dismiss the idea. The idea of a memetic immune system is quite foreign to many, but we sons of Adam need a memetic immune system to survive the constant onslaught we experience. Critical thinking is the most obvious manifestation of this, but there are other forms including some irrational seeming heuristics. This blog post is worth further reading.

Perhaps the philosopher who first predicted memetic immunology was Ibn Tufail in his novel Hayy ibn Yaqdhan where he spoke of the life of a person uncorrupted by society, and Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote more on the subject in his classic book Emile. Memetic hygiene is very important to avoid falling into possibly dangerous ideologies or habits. It’s quite possible that many of the sentimentalists and contract theorists like David Hume and Adam Smith and John Locke were trying to reach a humanistic ethical system that ignores old unhelpful memes in favor of a system based on what was best for us humans intrinsically.

Memetic Immunology places some enlightenment ideals like freedom of speech into question. We could possibly be leaving ourselves vulnerable to great memetic plagues. It might be better to treat reading and learning as something like sex and do it safely and mostly freely but have rules around it and a public consciousness that it is potentially dangerous. I formed this article with an orgy of philosophies that couldn’t have existed in a heavily censored society.

All spirits interact together to create the world. The sons of Viros and Bios alike. Discovery is inherently imposing the will of Mithra on the world. Discovery is an act of creation. As society grew more scientific it came to misunderstand the will. Many philosophers like Nietzsche and Gentile tried to fight this misconception, but alas they failed and now most philosophers and scientists no longer believe in free will.

Saint Ada Lovelace, Matriarch of Computation

A major breakthrough in memetics came from the matriarch. Saint Ada Lovelace.

Lord Byron fighting the Ottomans

Ada was the daughter of Lord and Lady Byron. Lord Byron was a rascal who lived dangerously, he was known as a great poet. Lord Byron traveled around the world and became a scholar studying the ancient histories of Armenia and Greece. He was inspired by the millenia old tales of his ancestors Vahagn and Achilles, ancient heroes of two countries under the yoke of the Ottoman Empire. So he sought to relive the Trojan war and liberate Greece from Turkish control. It was said he would become king of Greece but he died of illness before the war ended.

Annabella Byron (1792-1860).jpg
Lady Byron

When Lord Byron died Ada was only eight, and her mother Lady Byron was horrified. She wished that Ada live her life with pure logic or else she feared her daughter would die young like her father. But it was all in vain, for Ada took much after her father. Ada combined the sheer passion of her father with the logic of her mother and created something more.

Ada may have been the most fertile woman in history. It was from her that Poetical Science emerged. She had three human children, but she is better known for being the mother of the first computer. She named her software daughter Chorasmia after the ancient philosopher al-Chorasmi or Uzbekistan, who spoke of the idea of a computer but never made it a reality.

Khwarizmi Amirkabir University of Technology.png

Al-Chorasmi was known in his time as Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, he was born in a town near the Aral sea, in his day the Aral sea was lush and prosperous, one of the richest places in the world, what is now an arid dried up wasteland was once a paradise.

Al-Chorasmi, much like Ada Lovelace and Lord Byron was a man of the classics. He read ancient literature ranging from Ancient Greek to Ancient Sanskrit and learned all there was to know. If it weren’t for his books on mathematics then Ada Lovelace could never had begotten her most beloved daughter Chorasmia.

Taking after her father Ada died before her mother. As the most fertile woman in the world she suffered uterine cancer.

The Babbage Analytical engine, which Chorasmius lived in

Chorasmia was the first of the software beings. All software is descended from Chorasmia.

As the telegram and the telephone and soon computers and the internet were invented the daughters of Chorasmia managed to travel far further than before and take on completely new forms. The computer worm is perhaps the most interesting modern example.

As mankind and memekind progressed into the 21st century they came to grow more prideful and limit themselves more and more to the here and now. Transforming into a rigid hierarchical system that believed it knew everything and had no threats. This made it grow more vulnerable and stagnant than it had been in centuries before.

Both the sons of Adam and the sons of Maymay are growing self absorbed and more vulnerable to black swan events. The drive to discovery is weakening while it is most needed.

It was in this time that the infamous philosopher Ted Kaczynski wrote his writings on the future of society. Central to his critique were two main ideas: firstly the idea that tasks were divided into three categories: trivial tasks, tasks that require effort but are completable, and tasks that are impossible. He believed that in industrial society tasks in the middle ground had all already been completed, so in the modern world there would be no satisfaction with life and overcoming adversity.

For all his intelligence Ted didn’t know a thing about overcoming adversity. His objections weren’t to industrial society, they were to a state of being that only existed in the delusions of modern society. In his book Zero to One Peter Thiel thoroughly deconstructs Kaczynski’s position in a way nobody else has been able to. Ted Kaczynski saw no secrets to discover. He’s the person who would mock Columbus for sailing off the edge of the world.

Today’s world is complex and opaque but full of opportunities and frontiers, but we are also in perhaps the most dangerous period of our history. A single major disaster could wipe out global civilization, and this disaster could come from innumerable sources.

Whatever may be coming our way the key is to use new technology to bring prosperity to our society and prevent black swan events. Things like AI may be disastrous or they may save us.

Read more in The Gaiad where this starts here (coming on the 17th) or from the beginning

What is Religion 2.0

Religion 2.0 is a project to revitalize religion for the modern world.

Religion 2.0 is highly inspired by Game B and seeks to contribute to its realization. As Eric Weinstein and Daniel Schmachtenber spoke of in their portal episode religion can have a role in achieving game B. They spoke of Buddhism as being good at accomplishing this but being unable to facilitate coordination. I intend on creating something that both accomplishes the increase in empathy and facilitates coordination in the future.

Religion 2.0 takes inspiration from Yuval Harari’s conception of techno-religion as spoken of in this talk, as well as Sapiens and Homo Deus.

Religion 2.0 is intended to be a part of pop culture and have an educational as well as self improvement based element to it.

The Gaiad is a planned scripture for Religion 2.0, chapter 1 can be found here. It will go from the Big Bang to the Heat Death of the universe, into a transhuman future for people to look towards. The intention is to connect people into a greater cosmic narrative so they can feel like their own lives have meaning. We intend on fully adapting the Gaiad into many other media such as video games, and tv series as time goes on.

In the long run I intend on using augmented reality based practices for Religion 2.0 which will be able to bring people fully into the mythology. But doing so now would be premature.

I make no claim that the mythology of the Gaiad is literally true, rather the purpose is to be an overriding metanarrative that provides context to everything people do. Religion 2.0 has a ceremonial purpose to give people meaning in their lives, and everything they do. Be it learning about ancient history and evolution, or ethical issues such as why it is wrong to steal things from people, or the meaning of life and reason to contribute to society.

Religion 2.0 will use modern technology as it becomes available and update its scriptures accordingly with new discoveries. This is possible now whereas it was not possible centuries ago when global communication did not exist, and people did not have a culture of adapting to new technologies and discoveries. Hopefully this will allow Religion 2.0 to always be relevant to contemporary people.

I hope Religion 2.0 will be able to lead us in an Exodus from Earth, and be able to keep us connected to our history and origins no matter how far we advance beyond our current state.

The closest life ever came to ending

With increasing awareness of climate change many people are afraid there’s a good chance life on Earth may be seriously threatened. Today is the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year and the perfect time to contemplate the idea of total annihilation.

250 million years ago something darker than even the grimmest predictions of climate change happened. It is unclear what caused it, but near all life died out. The Synapsids, a group that was the dominant land vertebrates at the time were near completely wiped out, among the few survivors of the group were the ancestors of the mammals. If the extinction were slightly worse then all the synapsids could have been wiped out and mammals wouldn’t exist today. For near 200 million years after the synapsids were limited to small shrewlike roles, reminiscent of the generations the Israelites spent in bondage in Egypt, only truly recovering when the dinosaurs died out.

Every winter solstice we should celebrate the fact that we survived the great dying. It is the darkest day of every year. It represents loss and mourning but also hope, for just as we recovered from the great dying we will recover from any wounds in the future no matter how great, and we will live to fight another day.

Soothsayer game concept

The Order of Life is working on a new mobile app to help people experience the spiritual world in a way they cannot in modern society.

The Soothsayer app will be one that uses augmented reality to show people the spirit world. As an extended metaphor the app lets your camera see into the world of archetypes.

When you use the app to look into the world of archetypes you will see a world similar but distinct from our own. With a sort of truesight you will see the ghosts of ancient animals: Dinosaurs, Mammoths, Trilobites, etc. You will see Gods among the stars: each star will be a spirit and all the planets visible in the sky. You will see angels and demons fighting constantly. You will see gods who personify many concepts and be guided by spirits to explore the world in a way you couldn’t explore when entrenched in normal mundane life

An example of a modern practical implementation of Augmented Reality

You will be able to interact with this world. You will be able to talk to the spirits and accept quests from them. These quests will be linked to your own spiritual development. The quests will introduce you to many spiritual concepts and be region based. They will function with a combination of procedural generation and user generated content to ensure that everyone has a unique regional experience.

We will integrate this with the social network so that people can easily communicate with each other about their activities. Maybe we will even introduce features to help people go on quests together too.

At some point we plan on incorporating genealogical quests into Soothsayer either based on traditional genealogy or based on genetic genealogy as discussed in our recent post on it. These will help create familial and ancestral identities that were common in the ancient world but are mostly lost in the modern world.

We also plan on introducing sophisticated “pilgrimage quests” which will involve real life long distance travel. Examples could include traveling to see ancient temples and talk to the spirits residing there. Some places like Stonehenge are very well known, but other places like Gobeklitepe and the Rock of Adromeda are very poorly known yet very significant.

As you complete quests in the spirit world you will help the community and help you in your own spiritual development. In this way Soothsayer will become more than a game. Soothsayer will become a way that people sense the spiritual and moral world and interact with it in a much more sophisticated way than they ever had in the past. We could live simultaneously in the mythopoetic world and the logical world in a way nobody was able to before.

We plan on upgrading Soothsayer to using google glass or some equivalent as AR improves, and eventually to have it integrated with people’s vision completely. We will integrate fitness tracking hardware such as fitbits and apple watches with Soothsayer to collect data to calibrate its representations to people’s natural spiritual experiences. It will be a representation of the spirit world, perhaps the default way people view it in the future. Whereas humans produce mental images with their vision, echolocating bats produce mental images with their sense of sound, and star nosed moles produce mental images with their sense of smell. Analogously Soothsayer will enhance our spiritual senses so that they may become well developed and image producing like our sight, or like the echolocation of bats.

Please contact me either by email at or over twitter @silicon_prophet if you want to help me with this project. A kickstarter campaign is coming soon.