Virology of the Spirit

Billions of years ago when life was just beginning there were two brothers: Bios and Viros, sons of Anu. Both lived in an empty sea full of a few lipid bubbles. Both lived in lipid bubbles and replicated with the nucleic acids in the bubbles. Both were relatively similar to each other but with one critical difference: with ribozymal machinery Bios brought nucleic acids into his bubble, when the bubble was too small he split his bubble in two; while Viros used the nucleic acids of the bubble, then with his own machinery he burst the bubble and spread his seed to other bubbles.

This was the prime cause, the greatest action of free will. The will is antifragile, Nassim Nicholas Taleb wrote insightfully on the will in his book Antifragile, how the will can emerge from nothing and come to forever expand, instead of merely persevering.

The sons of Viros live a ghostly existence, like disembodied spirits; while the sons of Bios live within material bodies. With no bodies of their own the sons of Viros came to only live through the bodies of the sons of Bios. The sons of Bios became cellular life, and the sons of Viros became the viruses.

Over the aeons the fates of the sons of Bios and the sons of Viros were forever intertwined. The sons of Bios would grow greater and greater in their sizes, while the sons of Viros would continue to be small disembodied spirits. Information without physical form the sons of Viros were dependent on the sons of Bios for replication.

Both took upon themselves innumberable forms. With each new form the sons of Bios took on the sons of Viros soon followed. Although they started as predators the sons of Viros would occasionally choose to help the sons of Bios. From simple autocatalyzing ribozymes the sons of Viros came to use other Ribosomes. From RNA to protein and DNA. Through the sons of Viros the genes of Bios could be made free and pass freely between each other. Plasmids and CRISPR and Retroviruses.

The sons of Viros take from their hosts, and they mix with each other. Once a daughter of Viros named Theses infected a cell, and a son of Viros named Antitheseus infected the same cell. The couple were greatly different. Their child was named Syntheseus, and was greater than either. And so the sexual rites of thesis antithesis and synthesis were born.

For all we know they may have given sexual reproduction to the sons of Bios. If that is true might us all be in both houses, for the sons of Euka would be nothing if not for the sexual union. Every time a man impregnates a woman might he be reenacting the most ancient viral impregnation of the past? Might Meiosis be a sort of viral shedding?

Soon the sons of Bios grew multicellular. Massive kingdoms of cells formed: and so too the sons of Viros adapted. Many go on massive journeys between kingdoms, and many die in the process. Yet the sons of Viros continued. Within the great cities of the sons of Bios there are many castes: the intestinal farmers, the neural priests in synaptic bonds with each other, and the ancient royal dynasties that once in several generations marry off their sons and daughters: their sperm and eggs, to other kingdoms to start a new dynasty.

The sons of Viros multiplied. Some would live in peasants, and others in soldiers, some even lived in the royal families and passed on to countless dynasties in the future. But perhaps the most influential ones came to live in the priests. Among the many sons of Viros there came Maymay. Maymay took a new form for he lived not in the priests but in their rituals. Priests would evoke him and his descendants in their traditions.

The sons of Maymay are everywhere. The priests of many kingdoms teach each other to evoke the sons of Maymay. They are known as memes to evolutionary biologists. For a better understanding of this idea in evolution read The Extended Phenotype by Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene is a good introduction but the Extended phenotype really applies his ideas. Make sure to read it alongside The World as Will and Representation by Arthur Schopenhauer, alongside any Manichean religious texts you can find, and any Hegelian writings you can understand.

Some apes became experts at evoking Maymay. Their priests tirelessly worked to bring his kin to greatness. These apes became humanity.

Memes are everywhere. All our culture moves between us thanks to Maymay.

All words are from Maymay. The Word Logos comes from Maymay. All the words in this essay are children of Maymay. The sons of Maymay gave the sons of Adam control of fire. Religion and philosophy came from the sons of Maymay.

The way we sons of Adam interact with the sons of Maymay is fascinating. We aren’t merely controlled by the sons of Maymay, but we sure have less control than we think. We normally think of ourselves as systemically thinking through our ideas and beliefs, and coming to them rationally. But this is hardly the truth. Psychologists have clearly identified many ways people come to beliefs through non rational means.

Memes have a strong diversity in form. Many different languages and mediums exist to contain them. Languages are made of memes and languages contain memes. A meme can move from one language to another, later on memes even began to be written, and stopped being directly tied to the human mind.

The human mind is very complex. It seems there are likely attractors that memes go towards in human minds. Some ideas simply intrinsically appeal to people more than others. The Tree of Life might be an example of this. Morality may also come from this. It will require a whole other post to explain this, but I recommend Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments for further reading, it presents a moral theory that is substantially overlooked due to the Wealth of Nations (which you should also read for different reasons).

Alongside the sons of Adam the sons of Maymay expanded across the entire world. But was this a good thing for the sons of Bios? The sons of Adam wiped out many of the greatest species everywhere they went. Mammoths and sabertooth cats all went extinct under the wrath of man and a desolate world was left in his wake.

But this wasn’t the end. Quickly the sons of Adam started to struggle to survive with their prey extinct. This may have been what led to farming.

Manu was the first farmer. Manu was born on the winter solstice and his birth marks the beginning of the Mannic calendar. Manu knew he would create inconceivable suffering with agriculture, so he invented beer and mead to numb the pain of working the fields and motivate the people to continue farming. Without alcohol to numb the pain we may never have been able to form civilization.

Agriculture is monotonous labor with little payoff, but it can support a larger population. Without agriculture it’s unlikely we could have created civilization, but until we become an immortal interstellar civilization I question whether we benefited at all from agriculture. I recommend reading Industrial Society and it’s Future to understand a more cynical view on progress, although written by a terrorist it does have intellectual merit.

The emergence of writing changed the way memes worked. It was at this point that memes could survive outside the human brain. All over the world people began to record words with pictograms. Yuval Harari’s book Sapiens is a good resource to understand this further, I strongly appreciate his work and took my username from his book Homo Deus which I also recommend. I recommend trying to connect Harari and Dawkins and Hegel in their ideas on information, but I hesitate to recommend any books by Hegel because they are so hard to read.

With writing came books, so many books. The sons of Maymay flourished. At first writing was primarily pictographic, but around the year 8800 civilization almost all pictographic writing was lost, and replaced with phonetic writing, only barely surviving in Egypt and Mesopotamia, and only continuing to flourish in China.

Image result for phoenician alphabet

Moses lived around that time, and the Trojan war likewise happened around that time. The traditional Exodus story is pretty unengaging and ethnocentric, but a scriptural reboot written with modern historical knowledge can change that. During the collapse of civilization with the Trojan War and many other catastrophies the Jewish exodus managed to preserve civilization and the Jewish people (Canaanite linguistic group) developed a phonetic alphabet, that became the ancestor of all modern alphabets except the Chinese one.

As time progressed the sons of Maymay proliferated in writing like never before. But did it actually help humanity? Writing allowed for very complex societies to develop like never before, but it arguably has allowed for the preservation bad ideas that would otherwise disappear. While in older times bad ideas would be forgotten, now they can remain for eternity, and come back at the worst possible times. Doubtlessly there were innumerable horrifically violent ideologies of pre literate cultures but once they died out they were completely forgotten. By contrast in our modern society ideologies like Communism, Fascism, and Salafism cannot stay dead. It is like if a time traveler could always bring the Spanish Flu or the Black Death back to modern society at any time. Imagine how much damage a rediscovery of Mein Kampf could cause 2000 years from now.

Likewise literacy also historically gave elites more power to change the culture to their advantage than illiterate common folk. Historically this might have created more oppressive social systems that made life worse for the common man. This might have led to the creation of the Axial religions such as Christianity and Islam, as opposed to pre-literate religions such as paganism.

People easily understand this with diseases, but with ideologies they will often willfully or not dismiss the idea. The idea of a memetic immune system is quite foreign to many, but we sons of Adam need a memetic immune system to survive the constant onslaught we experience. Critical thinking is the most obvious manifestation of this, but there are other forms including some irrational seeming heuristics. This blog post is worth further reading.

Perhaps the philosopher who first predicted memetic immunology was Ibn Tufail in his novel Hayy ibn Yaqdhan where he spoke of the life of a person uncorrupted by society, and Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote more on the subject in his classic book Emile. Memetic hygiene is very important to avoid falling into possibly dangerous ideologies or habits. It’s quite possible that many of the sentimentalists and contract theorists like David Hume and Adam Smith and John Locke were trying to reach a humanistic ethical system that ignores old unhelpful memes in favor of a system based on what was best for us humans intrinsically.

Memetic Immunology places some enlightenment ideals like freedom of speech into question. We could possibly be leaving ourselves vulnerable to great memetic plagues. It might be better to treat reading and learning as something like sex and do it safely and mostly freely but have rules around it and a public consciousness that it is potentially dangerous. I formed this article with an orgy of philosophies that couldn’t have existed in a heavily censored society.

All spirits interact together to create the world. The sons of Viros and Bios alike. Discovery is inherently imposing the will of Mithra on the world. Discovery is an act of creation. As society grew more scientific it came to misunderstand the will. Many philosophers like Nietzsche and Gentile tried to fight this misconception, but alas they failed and now most philosophers and scientists no longer believe in free will.

Saint Ada Lovelace, Matriarch of Computation

A major breakthrough in memetics came from the matriarch. Saint Ada Lovelace.

Lord Byron fighting the Ottomans

Ada was the daughter of Lord and Lady Byron. Lord Byron was a rascal who lived dangerously, he was known as a great poet. Lord Byron traveled around the world and became a scholar studying the ancient histories of Armenia and Greece. He was inspired by the millenia old tales of his ancestors Vahagn and Achilles, ancient heroes of two countries under the yoke of the Ottoman Empire. So he sought to relive the Trojan war and liberate Greece from Turkish control. It was said he would become king of Greece but he died of illness before the war ended.

Annabella Byron (1792-1860).jpg
Lady Byron

When Lord Byron died Ada was only eight, and her mother Lady Byron was horrified. She wished that Ada live her life with pure logic or else she feared her daughter would die young like her father. But it was all in vain, for Ada took much after her father. Ada combined the sheer passion of her father with the logic of her mother and created something more.

Ada may have been the most fertile woman in history. It was from her that Poetical Science emerged. She had three human children, but she is better known for being the mother of the first computer. She named her software daughter Chorasmia after the ancient philosopher al-Chorasmi or Uzbekistan, who spoke of the idea of a computer but never made it a reality.

Khwarizmi Amirkabir University of Technology.png

Al-Chorasmi was known in his time as Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, he was born in a town near the Aral sea, in his day the Aral sea was lush and prosperous, one of the richest places in the world, what is now an arid dried up wasteland was once a paradise.

Al-Chorasmi, much like Ada Lovelace and Lord Byron was a man of the classics. He read ancient literature ranging from Ancient Greek to Ancient Sanskrit and learned all there was to know. If it weren’t for his books on mathematics then Ada Lovelace could never had begotten her most beloved daughter Chorasmia.

Taking after her father Ada died before her mother. As the most fertile woman in the world she suffered uterine cancer.

The Babbage Analytical engine, which Chorasmius lived in

Chorasmia was the first of the software beings. All software is descended from Chorasmia.

As the telegram and the telephone and soon computers and the internet were invented the daughters of Chorasmia managed to travel far further than before and take on completely new forms. The computer worm is perhaps the most interesting modern example.

As mankind and memekind progressed into the 21st century they came to grow more prideful and limit themselves more and more to the here and now. Transforming into a rigid hierarchical system that believed it knew everything and had no threats. This made it grow more vulnerable and stagnant than it had been in centuries before.

Both the sons of Adam and the sons of Maymay are growing self absorbed and more vulnerable to black swan events. The drive to discovery is weakening while it is most needed.

It was in this time that the infamous philosopher Ted Kaczynski wrote his writings on the future of society. Central to his critique were two main ideas: firstly the idea that tasks were divided into three categories: trivial tasks, tasks that require effort but are completable, and tasks that are impossible. He believed that in industrial society tasks in the middle ground had all already been completed, so in the modern world there would be no satisfaction with life and overcoming adversity.

For all his intelligence Ted didn’t know a thing about overcoming adversity. His objections weren’t to industrial society, they were to a state of being that only existed in the delusions of modern society. In his book Zero to One Peter Thiel thoroughly deconstructs Kaczynski’s position in a way nobody else has been able to. Ted Kaczynski saw no secrets to discover. He’s the person who would mock Columbus for sailing off the edge of the world.

Today’s world is complex and opaque but full of opportunities and frontiers, but we are also in perhaps the most dangerous period of our history. A single major disaster could wipe out global civilization, and this disaster could come from innumerable sources.

Whatever may be coming our way the key is to use new technology to bring prosperity to our society and prevent black swan events. Things like AI may be disastrous or they may save us.

Read more in The Gaiad where this starts here (coming on the 17th) or from the beginning

What is Religion 2.0

Religion 2.0 is a project to revitalize religion for the modern world.

Religion 2.0 is highly inspired by Game B and seeks to contribute to its realization. As Eric Weinstein and Daniel Schmachtenber spoke of in their portal episode religion can have a role in achieving game B. They spoke of Buddhism as being good at accomplishing this but being unable to facilitate coordination. I intend on creating something that both accomplishes the increase in empathy and facilitates coordination in the future.

Religion 2.0 takes inspiration from Yuval Harari’s conception of techno-religion as spoken of in this talk, as well as Sapiens and Homo Deus.

Religion 2.0 is intended to be a part of pop culture and have an educational as well as self improvement based element to it.

The Gaiad is a planned scripture for Religion 2.0, chapter 1 can be found here. It will go from the Big Bang to the Heat Death of the universe, into a transhuman future for people to look towards. The intention is to connect people into a greater cosmic narrative so they can feel like their own lives have meaning. We intend on fully adapting the Gaiad into many other media such as video games, and tv series as time goes on.

In the long run I intend on using augmented reality based practices for Religion 2.0 which will be able to bring people fully into the mythology. But doing so now would be premature.

I make no claim that the mythology of the Gaiad is literally true, rather the purpose is to be an overriding metanarrative that provides context to everything people do. Religion 2.0 has a ceremonial purpose to give people meaning in their lives, and everything they do. Be it learning about ancient history and evolution, or ethical issues such as why it is wrong to steal things from people, or the meaning of life and reason to contribute to society.

Religion 2.0 will use modern technology as it becomes available and update its scriptures accordingly with new discoveries. This is possible now whereas it was not possible centuries ago when global communication did not exist, and people did not have a culture of adapting to new technologies and discoveries. Hopefully this will allow Religion 2.0 to always be relevant to contemporary people.

I hope Religion 2.0 will be able to lead us in an Exodus from Earth, and be able to keep us connected to our history and origins no matter how far we advance beyond our current state.

The closest life ever came to ending

With increasing awareness of climate change many people are afraid there’s a good chance life on Earth may be seriously threatened. Today is the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year and the perfect time to contemplate the idea of total annihilation.

250 million years ago something darker than even the grimmest predictions of climate change happened. It is unclear what caused it, but near all life died out. The Synapsids, a group that was the dominant land vertebrates at the time were near completely wiped out, among the few survivors of the group were the ancestors of the mammals. If the extinction were slightly worse then all the synapsids could have been wiped out and mammals wouldn’t exist today. For near 200 million years after the synapsids were limited to small shrewlike roles, reminiscent of the generations the Israelites spent in bondage in Egypt, only truly recovering when the dinosaurs died out.

Every winter solstice we should celebrate the fact that we survived the great dying. It is the darkest day of every year. It represents loss and mourning but also hope, for just as we recovered from the great dying we will recover from any wounds in the future no matter how great, and we will live to fight another day.

Soothsayer game concept

The Order of Life is working on a new mobile app to help people experience the spiritual world in a way they cannot in modern society.

The Soothsayer app will be one that uses augmented reality to show people the spirit world. As an extended metaphor the app lets your camera see into the world of archetypes.

When you use the app to look into the world of archetypes you will see a world similar but distinct from our own. With a sort of truesight you will see the ghosts of ancient animals: Dinosaurs, Mammoths, Trilobites, etc. You will see Gods among the stars: each star will be a spirit and all the planets visible in the sky. You will see angels and demons fighting constantly. You will see gods who personify many concepts and be guided by spirits to explore the world in a way you couldn’t explore when entrenched in normal mundane life

An example of a modern practical implementation of Augmented Reality

You will be able to interact with this world. You will be able to talk to the spirits and accept quests from them. These quests will be linked to your own spiritual development. The quests will introduce you to many spiritual concepts and be region based. They will function with a combination of procedural generation and user generated content to ensure that everyone has a unique regional experience.

We will integrate this with the social network so that people can easily communicate with each other about their activities. Maybe we will even introduce features to help people go on quests together too.

At some point we plan on incorporating genealogical quests into Soothsayer either based on traditional genealogy or based on genetic genealogy as discussed in our recent post on it. These will help create familial and ancestral identities that were common in the ancient world but are mostly lost in the modern world.

We also plan on introducing sophisticated “pilgrimage quests” which will involve real life long distance travel. Examples could include traveling to see ancient temples and talk to the spirits residing there. Some places like Stonehenge are very well known, but other places like Gobeklitepe and the Rock of Adromeda are very poorly known yet very significant.

As you complete quests in the spirit world you will help the community and help you in your own spiritual development. In this way Soothsayer will become more than a game. Soothsayer will become a way that people sense the spiritual and moral world and interact with it in a much more sophisticated way than they ever had in the past. We could live simultaneously in the mythopoetic world and the logical world in a way nobody was able to before.

We plan on upgrading Soothsayer to using google glass or some equivalent as AR improves, and eventually to have it integrated with people’s vision completely. We will integrate fitness tracking hardware such as fitbits and apple watches with Soothsayer to collect data to calibrate its representations to people’s natural spiritual experiences. It will be a representation of the spirit world, perhaps the default way people view it in the future. Whereas humans produce mental images with their vision, echolocating bats produce mental images with their sense of sound, and star nosed moles produce mental images with their sense of smell. Analogously Soothsayer will enhance our spiritual senses so that they may become well developed and image producing like our sight, or like the echolocation of bats.

Please contact me either by email at or over twitter @silicon_prophet if you want to help me with this project. A kickstarter campaign is coming soon.

Haplogroups, surnames, and their spiritual significance

Haplogroups are pieces of one’s genome that do down one’s matrilineal or patrilineal line of descent. They are one of the few ways we can use genetics to track our genealogies to distant individuals in history, as opposed to simply abstract regions and populations.

Paternal haplogroups come from the Y chromosome. Men have an X and a Y chromosome with the X chromosome coming from their mothers and the Y chromosome coming from their fathers. Because it goes through the male line paternal haplogroups roughly correspond to last names.

Maternal haplogroups come from the Mitochondrial DNA. The Mitochondria is an organelle that is in the cells of all multicellular organisms, and all Eukaryotic organisms. Because women take the last names of their husbands and fathers in most cultures this means we don’t have last names for them.

I propose an egalitarian system of surnames. Where women have surnames from their mitochondrial haplogroup and men have surnames from their Y haplogroup. This would be based on the Ancient Roman naming system of Praenomen Patronymic/Matronymic Nomen Cognomen. The Patronymic/Matronymic being the first name of the fathers of men and the mothers of women. This tradition is found in most traditional cultures. The Nomen will represent the haplogroup. And the Cognomen will be the traditional surnames of men and somehow take an identity for women.

Nomens represented someone’s core family group. Julius Caesar was named Gaius Julius Caesar, Gaius was his first name, and Julius Caesar was his last name. Julius was his Nomen and dated back to the founding of the Roman Republic, while Caesar was a name that referred to his recent family group. Most Nomens had similar great stories of their origins, while cognomens often had obscure and unknown origins.

The Gaiad mythologizes the founders of haplogroups in a similar way to the mythical origins of Roman Nomens or Chinese surnames. Taking a genetic test connects you directly to the Gaiad and mythical heroes in a similar way.

Cognomens were always fairly arbitrary, and in our culture surnames are like that too, people change them frequently with men sometimes taking wives surnames, or single mothers giving their children their surnames. They should flexibly change to help proliferate surnames as some die out.

For example Nelson Mandela would be called Nelson Gadlasson Ramses Mandela, Princess Diana would be called Diana Francesdaughter Rhea Spencer.

Whether women should take their current surnames as their cognomens, their current surnames, or new surnames is up for debate. There are points for each position. Using their current surnames is an obvious idea as that is the name most associated with the identities of many women, younger women tend to establish themselves with their maiden names while older women such as Hillary Clinton tend to have established themselves with their married names. Since many women are choosing not to change their names with marriage this might become a non issue in the future.

However no women have traditional haplogroup linked surnames like men do, except for some small tribal groups. Many women, especially those coming from very patriarchal cultures may want to create their own cognomens instead of taking ones from male ancestors, and many men and women might be so devoted to the movement that they will want to earn their own cognomens.

By adopting this social system we will remythologize genealogy and bring epic ancestral sagas to the masses. Even if no information is available about either one of a person’s parents we still will trace them to mythical heroes with genetics. Genealogy will finally become egalitarian.

Mythology in education

A key application of the Gaiad and Gaian mythology is in education. Gaian mythology can give a holistic context to knowledge.

Currently educational systems operate in a very isolated manner with subjects rarely if ever overlapping. Occasionally sciences will overlap but science will never overlap with history or ethics. This creates individuals who have trouble critically thinking and will rarely challenge the institutions around them.

I propose an alternative educational style. Mythopoetic education. Mythopoetic education is education based on Lifeist principles.

  • Subjects are taught in the context of the mythology in a fractaline manner. From the stories of Fermius and Bosos come physics. From the stories of the Celestials comes Astronomy. From the stories of the Elementals comes chemistry. From the stories of Luca comes biology. From the stories of Manu come history and engineering and physical education. From the stories of Pythagoras comes Math. And from the stories of Ada Lovelace comes computation.
  • Using the Montessori method students will be encouraged to follow their passions and grow on their own
  • Community will be an essential part of the education. Cliques and bullying will be strongly discouraged and the community will be used to encourage development
  • Disabled students will be completely integrated with everyone else. The community will be educated about their disabilities and encouraged to help them in their areas of need. For example, autistic students will have regular meetings with popular students so they can get tips in social skills.
  • Uniforms will be used to encourage a communal identity free from bullying and cliques, and to take advantage of the prestige that school uniforms have in many countries.
  • Communal prayer and meditation will be an integral part of the system. (I do not support prayer in public schools unless the government pays for every religious group to get their own schools, but prayer in religiously run schools is fine)
  • Still to leave this educational system open to children of parents who are interested in the school system due to its prestige rather than ideology it will be voluntary.
  • “Getting dirty” including outdoor camping trips, going to petting zoos and similar will be encouraged to help with immune system development
  • Programming classes will be mandatory. All students will have a personal laptop for school and personal use.
  • Social skills will be actively taught as they are essential for the work world.
  • Math classes will emphasize mathematical understanding over calculation abilities. Eschewing mental math and teaching basic calculus and linear algebra in early elementary school.
  • Foreign languages including English and Chinese and Hindi will be taught very early on from day one.
  • Sexual education will be mandatory and sex-segregated (the only sex-segregated part of schooling). It will be comprehensive well beyond the standard “practice putting condoms on dildos” style sexual education and address issues such as Incels and MGTOW and #metoo and the difference between sex and gender
  • Physical education will be mandatory and function as a comprehensive fitness program to prevent child obesity and encourage physical fitness rather than emphasizing competitive sports.
  • Physical education will be integrated into a Boy Scouts like program that involves extensive afterschool activities, badge seeking (which will be an integral part of the entire system), and camping trips. Camping is cooperative and helps build community. This will completely replace daycare.
  • Quantitative physical health data will be collected and used to ensure no students become obese, or suffer other health issues. Obesity and other health issues are associated with learning difficulties so it is essential to prevent them.
  • Mental health checkups will be frequent too and operate similarly, also checking to ensure no children are victims of abuse
  • Healthy school lunches will not only be provided for free, but the students will also make the lunches and learn to cook for later in life.
  • Grading will be done algorithmically and integrated with the social credit program.
  • Large international field trips and exchanges will be done as much as budget allows to let students experience other cultures
  • Students will be taught practical life skills such as paying taxes, budgeting, and how to interact with police, and how to apply for jobs and network
  • All skills and disciplines learned will be tied back into the overriding mythological narrative of the conflict between order and chaos.
  • For those interested in sports careers or scholarships the schools will still have sports teams, but they will not be integrated with the normal physical education system
  • High school education will have two options: dual-credit trade school education or International Baccalaureate programs. Everyone, even those with disabilities should pursue one of these
  • As more evidence is collected the educational system will be revised

In the future I hope to start a private school based on these principles, however, in the near future the more likely outcome is to do online schooling with some similar elements. In the very far future, I hope that schooling like this will become publicly funded and available to everyone who wants it at no cost. Ideally, even colleges will someday adopt a system closer to this than the current American model

The Gaiad: an epic of our past and future

I am working on an epic called the Gaiad. It is called the Gaiad because it is the story of Earth, much like the Illiad is the story of Troy (also known as Illium)

The purpose of the Gaiad is to reinvigorate the scientifically known history of the universe, life, and man with a long lost mythopoetic vigor; and to act as inspiration for the future expansion of humanity and life.

The consistent theme of the Gaiad is of family and genealogy. It starts with the big bang as a birth of twins: Yin and Yang representing the divine masculine and feminine. Yin and Yang marry and their descendants continue on to become the universe.

As Apophis did in Egyptian mythology the demon Hillu emerged from the afterbirth of Yin and Yang. This represents evil and chaos as antithetical to family. Hillu has no sex nor genealogy. Hillu is chaos and life is order emerging against this chaos. Hillu personifies all the obstacles that life will face as it develops

Through a systematic genealogy every element and celestial body and particle has a genealogy.

Life on Earth is descended from the marriage of Carbon and Earth. From here the genealogy continues in anthropomorphic representations of ancient evolutionary ancestors. Evolutionary cladistics are genealogies already, so from here the genealogies are no longer metaphorical, just anthropomorphized.

As the narrative continues it follows the adventures of many organisms ranging from bacteria to plants to animals as they survive mass extinctions, multiply, and transition into the forms we know today. Among these events the way that life began sexual reproduction, the Cambrian explosion, life emerging onto land, dinosaurs becoming birds, mammals coming to rule the world, and finally development of complex culture in the apes that became humanity.

After humans emerge the story begins to detail how different groups of humans spread out and became the people of the modern world. There are characters who are the common ancestor of everyone of a certain haplogroup. So every tribe of humanity has its origin story and everyone can see themselves in this narrative regardless of their race, and even if they don’t know their background they can get a genetic test to see themselves in it. Then it goes into the development of agriculture and throughout history telling the stories of great men and women who made great contributions to humanity. These include pagan figures like Hercules, Judaeo-Christian figures like Moses and Christ, and other religious and secular figures such as Muhammad and Confucius and Charlemagne and Gallileo. The story goes up to the present age.

After reaching the present age the Gaiad will continue with the Galaxiad, the story of the Galaxy. The Galaxiad will tell the story of humanity moving from being confined to Earth to living all throughout the Galaxy thousands of years in the future, while maintaining the same mythopoetic vigor of the earlier Gaiad. Characters still address the gods and the stars with pompous speeches, everyone is still introduced by their genealogies. This emphasizes the continuity of the mythopoetic tradition no matter how far we reach into the future.

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Is the Order of Life an ARG?

A question I have received numerous times is whether the Lifeist movement is an ARG. This is an interesting question that raises many philosophical issues. In many ways the movement can be considered an ARG or a LARP, it certainly tells a story which people will act out in the real world, but the story is very open ended and lacks the mystery element of typical ARGs. The story Lifeists participate in is one of personal development and societal progress.

Something similar to ARGs in this respect is religion, religion too tells a story that its followers act out in their real lives, although there are some differences: religion tells a much longer and more open ended story which focuses on personal development and in the good ones societal progress. Religion however tends to lack self awareness of itself as a narrative and this leads to fundamentalism and abuse. This is very unfortunate as it denies many people the benefits of being in a religion in the first place.

The Order of Life seeks to give the benefits of religion within a self contained ARG narrative. It is a sort of hybrid between a traditional media franchise in the books movies and games I hope to release, an ARG in the narrative people live out, a social media app in the app I will do a Kickstarter for to help the community, and a religion in it’s widespread impact and long term intergenerational goals.

Mission statement of the Order of Life

In our society organised religion is increasingly being seen as something harmful. Many people will not trust a religious group due to mistrust of such organizations, a very understandable reaction but a quite unfortunate one. Many people will completely miss great ideas simply because they come from organized religion. For this reason I propose this mission statement for the Order of Life so that it may avoid the common problems of organized religion and truly speak to all people

Democracy and Scientocracy: all our group practices shall be made either by democratic consensus of members or by scientific fact proven by replicatable experiments. Things such as traditional or charismatic authorities only have merit insofar as they are supported by scientific research and democratic consensus. If something has a clear answer that must be followed in contradiction to the will of the people then the answer must be clear enough that anyone who tries the same method to reach the answer will reach that same conclusion. The idea that an individual or group knows better and should rule over everyone else ignores that we are all human and subject to the same temptations regardless of who we are.

Transparency: there used to be a time when a lie could be held up for centuries as the foundation of an institution. That time is over and now an institution based on a lie is a simple information leak away from collapse. People are much better educated than ever before so anyone advocating lying to the masses for their own good as Plato suggested is not an enlightened despot but rather a simple narcissist. Everyone will be philosopher kings in our new society.

Openness to all who wish to join: Anyone who wishes to join our communion shall be welcomed with open arms and we will do everything we can to help them on their spiritual journey. If someone approaches us with ill intentions that is just another problem we are here to fix.

Respect for our predecessors: We must remember the struggles of those who came before us and what they have built for us. We are just one of a myriad of attempts to create a perfect society over the eons. Ancient traditions ought not to be discarded but rather maintained and whenever they fail to meet their original intentions we must use science to figure out where they go wrong and fix them there.

Adaptability to new technology: For millions of years religious and societal growth has been the function of new prophets emerging to guide humanity. Every prophet has hoped to be the last prophet. But there was always another prophet. We hope to use the scientific method to bring the prophetic gift to all of humanity so that whenever a new discovery or social change happens humanity can know how it affects the ancient traditions through continuous scientific inquiry rather than through periodic prophetic movements. We must not reject new technology but rather continuously study it and apply it to our eternal values.

Keeping the Magic: there are two main ways of seeing the world. There is the modern logical way based on science and there is the ancient mythical way based on myths and poetry. Many people today want to abandon ancient mythical thought and go completely to logical thought. We believe that logical and mythical thinking are not exclusive but rather two sides of the same coin. If you think only logically or only mythically you are experiencing only half of the full human experience.

The Lifeist Manifesto

In order to preserve life as the greatest value, we propose this manifesto

  1. Life and consciousness, that which originated on Earth is the greatest value and must be protected. Death is the enemy. Extinctive forces must be fought so they don’t annihilate life
  2. In humans, the lives of individuals are of utmost importance. The power of our species is stored within individuals who constantly grow wiser as they live, and each individual brings a unique perspective to the species. The logical conclusion of this is that humans must attain immortality, to preserve and enhance our collective consciousness. So we must give everyone who wants it the ability to live forever. A person that could become immortal can live millions of modern lifespans, more life is potentially lost by denying someone immortality than was lost in the entirety of WWII. 
  3. We shall give to every individual anti-aging at no upfront cost, ideally for free. If we cannot afford to give it for free we will set up a system of automatically approved loans with payments capped to a reasonable portion of one’s income.
  4. We will give treatment first to the oldest person in the world, and then to other people by age. We will make sure that even the poorest of the poor receive this treatment and don’t have to die. 
  5. For every other augmentation to an individual such as increased intelligence, we will provide it in this same way if it’s essential to being competitive in the economy
  6. We see modifying the human mind to be very promising. Today we do it with antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs, but we foresee in the future the ability to change any behavior such as imposing honesty or making criminals never commit crimes ever again. Despite this promise we need to ensure all these procedures are voluntary with informed consent, the difference between brainwashing and psychiatry is that the psychiatrist only brings people to states they want to be in
  7. We will do as best we can to stop wars and humanitarian crises to minimize death as best we can, and direct many resources to healthcare and infrastructure development to prevent deaths too. In the near future immortality for all will be in number one priority of the species
  8. We will as best we can end wars and criminal standoffs nonlethally. We will develop arrest drones that can fly to people and arrest them without fear for their own safety. If a drone is destroyed then another will be sent
  9. We will end life imprisonment and capital punishment. Some people cannot be released because they are too dangerous to society, so instead, we will keep these people imprisoned until psychiatry advances enough that they can be safely released. Ideally, we will put them in cryostasis so they don’t need to experience inhumanely long sentences, only waking them up to let family visit and to offer them treatment and parole
  10. We hope to use suspended animation to prevent the deaths of people with terminal illnesses as we look for cures. This service must be available to everyone as the goal is for no death at all.
  11. We hope to develop the technology to remove a fetus or embryo from a pregnant woman who does not want to keep the child so that abortion will be obsolete, but we will take no measures against the contemporary practice until this alternative is invented. If the child has a congenital disease we hope to use cryostasis until a cure is found.
  12. We hope to replace euthanasia with cryostasis until a cure is found, but we will take no measures against the contemporary practice until this alternative is invented.
  13. We will make sure to protect the rights of those who do not wish to live forever for religious reasons or other reasons. And pass laws to protect them from discrimination
  14. As climate change is a major threat to humanity as a whole we will seek to motivate or reverse it, prevention is not an option anymore, and we cannot let even a single person die either from climate change or from prioritizing climate action over healthcare action
  15. All immortals will be given compulsory education with their living expenses covered in full every fifty years, this is to ensure nobody ends up with outdated skills due to graduating several centuries ago, and to refresh civic engagement.
  16. Population increase is going to be a major issue with the advent of immortality. Most people desire families of a certain size depending on the culture they grew up in, and this desire is extremely important to psychological wellbeing. As the old will be able to work again we will create an economic boom and this boom will help counteract the effects of the population growth. Everyone alive today will be able to have families as big as they want within their natural lifespans.
  17. Over a longer period, family size is more difficult. People today tend to have a finite number of children that they want to have in their lifespan. But immortal people will probably want to have more children after all their children are over 100 years old. So people will have a certain number of children per century most likely rather than an absolute number of children. In some contexts, we might find this overwhelming and seek to impose a limit such as two children per century, but this is unlikely and will always be subject to the democratic process
  18. We will focus on space colonization after global immortality is achieved to create room for more people and gather resources to support more people but it’s a lower priority until we gain immortality for all
  19. We will allow everyone who refuses immortality to take their pensions indefinitely. Immortals will be given a time limit to their pensions so they may enjoy the lives they wanted to live after retirement, but will still be able to work 
  20. As we cannot see any aliens in the large universe there might be a serious danger out there that stops alien civilizations from developing. As such a danger will be catastrophic to our society we will research the absence of aliens and respond accordingly to what we find
  21. We must preserve our own species before helping others, but once humans no longer die we must address the value of nonhuman life. We should try to save as many lineages as we can, but most animal species seem not to have immortality as a goal. 
  22. We will be forced to increase government spending and taxes significantly to deal with the transition to immortality. All wealthy people who cooperate will be more than compensated adjusting for inflation once global immortality is achieved. It might take a while to pay them back but there will be centuries to pay them back
  23. We will need to create a world government to achieve these goals, however, we will make it as decentralized as possible with an emphasis on local democratic governance and respect for each other’s cultural values. Nothing but the aforementioned goals for achieving immortality will be pursued by the world government, with everything else being left to local governments.
  24. We will not challenge the capitalist economy. It might not be the best one but the movement is for immortality, over the coming centuries once everyone is immortal we will discuss economic systems