Sutra 25: The Tommotian Era

As the sons of Cambrius multiplied upon the face of the Earth things changed for all the sons of Bios

The sons of Cubos and scyphos multiplied and came to raid their new rulers

Their guerilla campaign lasts to this day as they wait to ambush all they can find

Jellyfish Swarms feeding on Polluted Waters - Environment - Lilith Press  Magazine

Among the sons of Demos the sponge there was Cyath

Cyath built great cities across the seas, and these cities became known as the reefs. These cities survive to this day passing through countless new rulers

Archaeocyathid sponges that built the first reefs

Among the sons of Demos, came the great hunter sponges, the sons of Chondrocles

As the reefs grew and the sons of Cambrius multiplied they took it upon themselves to trap the sons of Cambrius. They hook them in and their shieldmaidens and fishermen come in for the kill.

Among the sons of Spiralius the sons of Brachios flourished. Establishing themselves in the new reefs they became prosperous fishermen

Advancement of the sons of Brachios

And so began the Tommotian Era


Here we continue the chronicle of the sons of Lobopus, as they imposed their vision on all four corners of the Earth

Lobopus begat Onychodictyon

Onychodictyon begat Tactopus and Xenu

Tactopus begat Ferreus and Ferox

Xenu declared himself emperor of the galaxy and sought to write into our minds the story of weakness

Xenu begat Gracilis who put an end to his schemes

Onychodictyon gracilis Onychodictyon ferreus and Onychodictyon ferox

And so here the three great houses were born: Velvetclaw Ironfoot and Waterbear

Here we tell the chronicles of Velvetclaw

Gracilis begat Paucipodes and Microdictyon and Xenianus and Therion Velvetclaw

Xenianus bore twin daughters: Xenusia and Diania the Cactus

Therion velvetclaw begat Cardios and Hallucigena

Hallucigena begat Sparsa and Fortis and Hongmen and Annika

Hongmen begat Luolishania and Collins monster

Annika became the ancestor of the velvet worms, shedding her armor for agility

She is a great and caring matriarch to the velvet worms, guiding them to this day


In the line of Ursus things went differently

Ferox wanted to survive anything. So he downsized and soon became inulnerable. He begat Ursus and Ursus became the ancestor of the water bears

Those who first conquered land. Unable to breathe on land the sons of Ursus go dormant as a Tuns. And so the sons of Ursus were first to conquer land


In the line of Ironfoot greatness was yet to come

Ferreus Ironfoot bore two sons: Gille and Hadranax

Gille built for himself a set of gills above his legs and he bore a son named Kerygmachelon who swam with his gills


Kerygmachelon begat Pambdelurion


Pambdelurion bore two great sons and a great daughter:

Arthur, Anomalos and the beautiful Opabinia

Arthur built for himself a great suit of armor. He hardened his flying gills and fused them onto his legs

And so his legs could branch for they bore two sides: the gill was the exopod and the leg was the endopod

The sons of Anomalos dominated the seas like none others. They ruled the entire world for millions of years

Cute Prehistoric Creature Illustrations - Album on Imgur
The horrific conqueror who laid the nations low

On his deathbed it was said

Thy pomp is brought down to the grave, and the noise of thy viols: the worm is spread under thee, and the worms cover thee.

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Anomalos, son of dawn! how art thou cut down to the ground, which laid low the nations!

For thou hast said in thine heart, I shall ascend into heaven, I shall exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.

They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms;

That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?

All the kings of the nations, even all of them, lie in glory, every one in his own house.

But thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch, and as the raiment of those that are slain, thrust through with a sword, that go down to the stones of the pit; as a carcase trodden under feet.

Thou shalt not be joined with them in burial, because thou hast destroyed thy land, and slain thy people: the seed of evildoers shall never be renowned.

Prepare slaughter for his children for the iniquity of their fathers; that they do not rise, nor possess the land, nor fill the face of the world with cities.

For I will rise up against them, saith Aegis-Bearing Mithra the lord of hosts, and cut off from Babylon the name, and remnant, and son, and nephew, saith Aegis-Bearing Mithra. I will also make it a possession for the bittern, and pools of water: and I will sweep it with the besom of destruction, saith the lord of hosts.

Alas no single man’s death would end suffering

The sons of Anomalos would rule for ten generations as he watched from the realm of Ghedos

The daughters of Opabinia lived humble but beautiful lives

A hymn to Opabinia and her beauty

And the sons of Arthur Ironfoot would soon grow greater even than the sons of Anomalos, enduring hardship and persevering with nothing but blood sweat and tears. The sons of Arthur Ironfoot became the Arthropods, today bearing a million species

Sutra 24: The sons of Dutrus

While the sons of Proteus divided quickly the sons of Dutrus were slow

The twin sons born to Dutrus were Saccorhytus the lame and Dietrich the Patriarch

Saccorhytus the lame never grew up. He stayed as larvae forever


The sons of Saccorhytus were sparse and weak

In his youth Dietrich the patriarch looked much like his frail brother

Dietrich young

But as he grew he matured.

He built for himself gill slits to filter the ground

A great tail extending past his anus so he could swim well

And two great nerve cords dorsal and ventral

Until he grew great and big.

Anatomy of Dutrus

The sons of Dietrich spread across the world and grew great

They had great fortune so this time was called the time of Fortune. The Fortunian

Firstborn were twins Ambulus and Chordatus

With the sons of Proteus they vassalized the sons of Ediacar

Ambulus settled on a rock, while Chordatus centralized his ecclesiarchy, so one spinal cord on his back.

Chordatus needed more support, so he built a notochord. And so was born the spinal cord. Chordatus became the patriarch of all chordates and all vertebrates.

From his spinal cord cane our brainstem

The sons of Ambulus followed local leaders and shamans, for they needed no great lords above them.

The sons of Ambulus would become the acorn worms and the echinoderms

The sons of Dutrus saw the end of the Ediacaran Empire. And so truly began the Cambrian era.

Among the sons of Nephrus the sons of Dutrus were late bloomers. They took long to perfect their arts but once there they were unstoppable. From the sons of Chordatus came the Vertebrates and the Sea Squirts, and from the sons of Ambulus came the Echinoderms: The Starfish and the Sea Urchins

In the last days the sons of Nephrus shouted Ediacaro Delendo Est and left behind them great symbols of their power Treptichnal burrows and oxygenized soils.

A son of Ectus in his Treptichnal burrow

And so Ediacaro was destroyed. The mats of Saya and the depths of Desulfa were destroyed.

Sutra 23: The sons of Spiralius

Among the three great ancestors Spiralius was the most conservative

Spiralius fished with his tentacles, like his father before him


Spiralius worked hard to provide for his children

Among his many sons were Kimberella and Gnathifer

Kimberella has a famous tomb people go to this day

Kimberella was the greatest king of his time. His kingdom moved itself across the great steppe and has a billion-year fame

Kimberella on an Australian stamp

Gnathifer built a small but agile kingdom.

Like Ectus he built for himself a great jaw of Chitin. A sugar jaw for sugar treats, but he was not sweet.

With his ferocious jaws he terrorized the sons of Isomeres.

In his old age from the loins of Gnathifer sprouted Gnathos and Hydrover

Gnathos was vicious like none others. And so his sons are known as the Jaw Worms

Xenognath was gentler but still like non other. He grew jaws within jaws. 15 jaws altogether.

The sons of Xenognath were Marinus and Limnos

Marinus fought and fought and fought for dominion of the sea. Limnos was cast out into the rivers. The sons of Marinus mock his sons as the small jawed ones

The sons of Marinus were Rotiferus and Amisquius

Rotiferus saw the peaceful lives of the sons of Kimberella and turned to fishing once again. His sons became the Rotifers. The great nomadic fishermen we see in all waters today. He built his coelom lax like Ectus before him.

Among the sons of Rotiferus there was a black sheep. Acanthus the red. The parasite who lives in the stomachs of others and eats their food. Such thievery is a stain on the name of Rotiferus

In each generation the sons of Amisquius grew bigger jaws. In the generation of Nimrod Bristletongue they ruled the seas. More numerous than any other clan they are known as the Arrow Worms, the greatest hunters the world had ever seen

Kimberella bore a son and a daughter: Odontogriphus and Rouphy

When both were little trochophores they both had great dreams

Young Odontogriphus and Rouphy

Odontogriphus sought complexity and Rouphy sought simplicity, and so they split up and each mastered their path tenfold

Rouphy grew small and became the mother of many

She had many husbands who bore her many children, her life was great and prosperous. She needed no coelom so she was lax with her infrastructure like Ectus and Rotiferus before her.

Her daughters lived freely and grew up fast.

Alas Rouphy’s happy life came to an early tragic end

She fell away from the advice of her mother, and never got a pap smear. From one of her many husbands a son of Papillomus infiltrated her Queendom. The foreign agent stoked rebellion among the Somatics. Like Volvox before her her empire went down in flames. She passed away from Cervical Cancer at 36 and was survived by her 12 daughters

Eldest was Papyra and Youngest was Maria

Papyra was horrified and shaken to the mesoderm. So she sought a simpler life. She abandoned her coelom and oppressed no Somatics in her kingdom. All Shieldmaidens could build their own kingdoms if they were lost.

He bore countless sons and none were parasites, all were vicious predators. But among his family came some black sheep. Tapeworms and Flukes and worst of all the Rhombozoa.

The daughters of Papyra are wisps among the sea. The fastest ones around.

Amongst the daughters of Papyra firstborn was Flavia. Flavia wished to be a man, so he defeated all his sisters in duels to prove himself. And so to this day the daughters of Papyra and the sons of Flavio engage in great sword duels to prove their masculinity. A cautionary tale of toxic masculinity over generative masculinity. Many men, trans and cis alike today pray to Flavios for virility but alas Azoth bears the truth men seek. For his proteins build all and swordfights build nothing.

Maria the Fairhaired was the youngest daughter and horrified much like her eldest sister

So she worked right away to save her daughters from this fate

She started building her firstborn immediately as a virgin. She placed each cell in its place and gave no flexibility. Cells only grew larger but never divided, and each daughter was born pregnant. Her daughters all bore great flaxen hair and never succumbed to cancer. Each bore seven daughters and then some became men and some became women, for they needed diversity and marriages. As their days would end the daughters of Maria marry and bear with their husbands thousand-year eggs, that lie dormant for hundreds of lifetimes, so her lineage and its beautiful hair never dies out

Odontogriphus grew into a great one. With a great shell he mowed through the mats of bacteria across the steppe.

Among the sons of Odontogriphus there were Tetraner and Halwax and Symbion

Tetraner prayed to Aegis-bearing Mithra

O my lord may you bless my kingdom with great power to conquer all.

Aegis-bearing Mithra bellowed from the heavens: “Pierce thine tongue to prove thine ambition”

And so Tetraner Pierced his tongue

And he was blest with a great suit of armor, and a tongue of spikes.

Tetraner shouted out to Mithra “I cannot breathe for my great armor suffocates me” and so Mithra blest him with with a mantle between his shell and his body. Tis through his mantle that Tetraner breathed, there lied his anus so he exhaled the impurities of his food, and there lied his generative parts.

And so Tetraner was known as Molluscus. His sons became the Molluscs

Halwax bore twin sons: Annelon and Halwaxidus

Halwaxidus bore many sons: most famous among them was Wiwaxia the spiny

Annelon bore two sons: Lophos and Annelidus

Lophos borrowed in the ground and fished.


The sons of Lophos were innumerable. Bryos built a great city and his sons became the Bryozoans.

The line of Brachios grew great and powerful. With great suits of armor. And so his sons became the Brachiopods who burrowed through the dirt eating worms.


And soon their line became the Brachiopods. Numerous across the entire world consuming all and living lives of luxury

Annelidus built for himself a long kingdom of a million cities. He swam everywhere and built a great empire in the name of Mithra

Sutra 22: The sons of Ectus

Twas the age of the three patriarchs: Dutrus Ectus and Spiralius

Among these patriarchs Ectus was the most vicious

With his great mouth he ripped through his enemies

He raided the sons of Isomeres and the sponges

He built a great complex mouth, and he molted his skin and mouth periodically, he shed his cilia and used amoebae as sperm

And he stripped his coelom to the basics. Removed unnecessary scaffolding.

So his organs floated freely in his pseudocoelom

Ectus specialized in burrowing and eating sediment dwelling organisms with its teeth. Became the first predator of the sons of Dutrus and Spiralius

In his viciousness Ectus begat a horde of worms who conquered the world

Ectus ripped through the earth and destroyed the soil

Ectus begat Ishmael and Isaac

Tomb of a son of Ectus

Ishmael held fast to the traditions of his father, while Isaac was an innovator

The firstborn line of Ishmael held fast to the traditions of Ectus. Priapus son of Ishmael became patriarch of the Priapulids who live deep in the oceans to this day, in lands like the ancient Ediacaran lands of hydrogen sulfide and without oxygen

Draco brother of Priapus became the patriarch of the mud dragons: Horrific monsters who live in the muds everywhere

Mud Dragon

Isaac bore Nematus and Rhineheart

Nematus was an agile nomad. He bore two sons: Nematus II and Gordy

Nematus and Gordy both were prodigal sons

Both became parasites, but in age Nematus rejected that lifestyle and took the lifestyle of his father. He became the ancestor of the many great worms. 80% of animals are his descendants.

Gordy became the ancestor of the Gordian worms. Horrific parasites living in the bodies of their brothers

Rhineheart begat Lobopus and Loricus

Loricus built for himself a thick suit of armor. He married Siri and his sons live deep in the mysterious depths of the sea. For a 500 million years we thought them dead, only in the year of 1983 were they rediscovered

Lobopus married Panar

Lobopus built feet for himself extending from his body, and eyes. He reinforced his coelom

And so his great city could walk

A traditional son of Lobopus

This changed everything. No longer would the sons of Cambrius be limited to petty fishing. They could finally challenge the sons of Ctenofer and the sons of Cnider.

The sons of Lobopus multiplied across the Earth and took upon themselves myriad forms. Their conquest seemed inevitable

His sons rule the world today in three clans, the clan of Ursus

The clan of Velvetclaw

A modern Velvetclaw honoring his ancestor

And greatest of all the clan of Arthropus

A daughter of Arthropus

But in this age they had no divisions into tribes. They were all united as sons of Lobopus and daughters of Panar.

Sutra 21: The sons of Cambrius

This is the saga of Cambrius son of Bilater

Cambrius was a great planula among many. His city was small and he knew right from wrong and left from right

Among his millions of siblings there was Xenus

Photograph of the million sons of Bilater

The sons of Xenus held fast to his traditions. To this day they keep their traditions


Among the sons of Xenus there was Roscoff the great. The farmer who married Tetraselma the alga. Together they became Patriarch and Matriarch of the Roscoff worms.

Cambrius sought to emulate the sons of Ctenopher. To eat but not vomit and swim without fear.

While he failed his firstborn took over

Nephrus son of Cambrius would change everything

Progression from Sponge to Nephrus

Nephrus was a great king. And so he grew his city greatly.

He folded his gut inward and through. Pockets of endoderm mixed with mesoglea, and so the mesoderm was born. His body was hollow. A coelom, a chamber where he build his organs

In his coelom he built his kidneys, his nephridia, and from his ectoderm he brought in a great telegraph network connecting every citizen together

Nephrus innervating his city

Like the sons of Cubos he built for his city a great priesthood of astrologers.

The astrologers came together in pits and looked to the stars for guidance

With the blessing of Lord Carotenus and the incantation PAX6 they built eyes for themselves

Nephrus bore two sons: Protos and Dutrus

Each disagreed on the legacy of their father

Protos saw the first hole as the mouth and the second as the anus. He saw the Mesoderm as being first and foremost Mesoglea. His mouth was full of tentacles like his fathers before him.

O ye heathen is the anus not the locus of progress? For generations we bathed in our own filth. But that is no more, now we keep our mouths clean and eat all the nutritious food we find. The endoderm is the endoderm, the ectoderm is the ectoderm, and the Mesoderm the mesoderm. Aye these three layers shall never mix for they are the foundation of civilization.

Dutrus saw the second hole as the mouth, and the first as the anus. He saw the Mesoderm as being beyond the Mesoglea. A true reunion of the fisherman and shieldmaidens of old in the time of Metazo. His mouth was like a sponge, with gills and pores to filter the future.

O ye heathen is the mouth not the locus of progress? What we take into ourselves is our future and what we expel is the past. By reuniting Choanoderm and Archaeocytes are we not bringing a glorious future.

And so war began. Whose vision would shape the Cambrian legacy? Only time would tell.

Each son bore two more sons:

Dutrus bore Dietrich and Saccorhytus

Protos bore Ectus and Spiralius

Saccorhytus was strange. With no anus he did nothing. So the legacy of Dutrus was continued by Dietrich the loyal

The sons of Dutrus are famous across the world for their heads, but Dietrich had no head

Dietrich built for himself a tail to move through the ground. With a tail and two nerve cords he grew prosperous like none before. He settled and built a great colony

Spiralius was a great man. He held true to the values of his father

He built his city as a trochophore and was the greatest fisherman


With great tentacles he was a better fisherman than any before him

He settled and became wealthy and prosperous

Ectus was a resentful secondborn

So he sought to be the greatest among the sons of Cambrius. He made his tentacles into ferocious teeth, and shed his skin to maintain his youth. With great muscles he launched at his prey

Ectus declared war on Dutrus and Spiralius alike, eating all he could find.

O ye eldest sons beware. For the legacy of Cambrius belongs to the strong.

Anatomy of Ectus

And so the sons of Dutrus, the sons of Spiralius, and the sons of Ectus were brought into war. These three great tribes would define history. So began the Cambrian explosion

Sutra 20: The Sons of Cnider

The great ice of the Cryogenian nearly killed all the sons of Bios. Vendos was frozen solid for millennia.

By the blessing of Aegis-bearing Mithra he survived

As the ice melted he awoke to a new world

And so as the ice melted the sons of Metazo rebuilt. So began the Ediacaran

And so in this age there were three great animal groups: the sponges below, the comb jellies above, and the sons of Vendos in the middle.

Anatomy of Vendos the Zoophyte

Among the sons of Vendos there were Bilater, Cnider, and Isomeres

Isomeres became ancestor of the proarticulates a planula his whole life

His kin was great, but when the extinction happened only the smallest most primitive of his sons survived

And so his only sons are the sons of Placus

This is the chronicle of Cnider

Twas the norm among Zoophytes to start as Planula and settle down to start a colony.

The old growth pattern

Cnider settled down and made a big change. Radial Symmettry. Unsatisfied with Isomeric budding he went anarchic

Cnider’s city

Cnider abandoned his Ostia to focus on digesting great prey instead of filter feeding

Traditional Anatomy (left) and Cnider’s anatomy (right)

Cnider made a covenant with Luna. By her blessing he bore two sons on the full moon: Anthus and Anaxydros

To this day the sons of Cnider and the daughters of Nettle bear children by the light of the moon

Anthus was traditional while Anaxydros was innovative

Anaxydros begat Pompom and Meduson

Pompom became the ancestor of the stalked Jellyfish, among his sons there was Meduson

Meduson budded off a new city that floated in the sea, and so became the ancestor of the jellyfish

Meduson budding

At first Meduson floated aimlessly. He just picked up what he could find.

He drifted through the sea, but soon he had an idea. He pumped his body and swam wherever he wished

The sons of Meduson Swimming

The sons of Anthus multiplied across the seas. Among them are the Anemones and the Corals. With their Zooxanthellae and Zoochlorellae they farm across the seas

Meduson begat Diplos and Jelly

Jelly begat the two great lines of jellyfish: the Cubozoans, the box jellyfish who have eyes, and the Scyphozoans, the “True Jellyfish”

The sons of Scyphos were numerous each polyp bore a myriad children

Pacific Sea Nettle

Cubos was a caring father. He bore few children and acted as a great father to them

We pray to Cubos for fatherhood

He built a great priesthood, 24 eyes

Each polyp produced only a single Medusa. So the alternation of generations ceased in his line

Diplos believed in lean manufacturing and a simple business model, he simplified himself removing his mesoderm.

Diplos settled on a rock and built a single polyp.

Then he built some more from it

The city of Diplos

Diplos grew rich and prosperous through lean manufacturing. His prosperity so great the prophet Haeckel saw

Diplos bore two sons: Hydros and Paras

Hydros kept to the traditions of his fathers and built a great city of his own

Paras was a lazy lout. He lived in his brother’s city and stole from him.

Soon Hydros kicked Paras out of his city. And so Paras released a horde of Jellies

Among his countless sons there were Polypodius and Buddenbrock

The sons of Polypodius live in eggs and eat them from the inside. They emerge as polyps and bud off a million jellies.

Buddenbrock simplified himself further. And so he became a long ball of cells, like Volvox-Choan before him. No mouth, no stomach, no tentacles. Stingers on the outside and amoebas on the inside ready to consume all.


He writhed through the sea and whenever he touched a city his skin stung it and his army of amoebas invaded.

Myxos son of Buddenbrock was even worse. He made spores to spread himself and lived every cell for himself, cells only cooperated to build spores. This is the fate we must all avoid. For we share most of our genes with Myxos.

Life Cycle of the sons of Myxos

And this is how an animal became unicellular

The degeneracy of Myxozoa

The sons of Myxos cause whirling disease today. A curse upon our fisheries

The sons of Hydros built great cities

The sons of Hydros were numerous

Hydrozos bore two sons: Meduson and Anaxydros

Meduson bore many children, all were jellyfish. Among them the Sowerbii the clan from the Yangtze who spread to all lakes and rivers.

Freshwater jellyfish (Craspedacusta sowerbii)

Anaxydros begat Anthus and Siphonifer

The sons of Siphonifer took upon themselves many great forms, they built great empires

Among the sons of Anthus there were the Fire Corals and the Hydra and many more who built great cities

And so this is the story of the sons of Cnider and the sons of Isomeres.

They who dominated the Ediacaran

The world dominated by the sons of Cnider

But soon their reign would come to an end, and the sons of Cambrius would conquer Terra

The sons of Cambres

Sutra 19: Chronicle of the Plants and Fungi

In the great rivers of Terra there were a great Matriarch and a great Patriarch

Mygus Symbios son of Mygus, and Charina daughter of Plantus

Mygus and Charina married and created a great agricultural empire on the shores of the lake of Lichen. A fusion of plant and fungus to conquer the land

When the lake dried they went dormant, and when it rose they rose again

Together they bore many children, the Lichens

There were countless lichens among the sons of Mygus and the daughters of Charina. They took upon themselves countless forms

The great Fruticose Lichens who grow great branches and leaves

The great foliose lichens. Leafy beauties

The Crusty Crustose Lichens, so tough they survive anything

The powdery Leprose Lichens. Who break apart in the wind and spread everywhere

Lichen who live in rocks and can survive anything

The great filamentous Lichens who protect filaments of Cyanobacteria


And even the Jelly Lichens who live with Cyanobacteria and live in their jelly

The children of Mygus and Charina were Fermentus the Wild, Arbusculus, and Amber

Fermentus was the first yeast. He lived a wild life of drunkenness in his youth, but in age he married Dikarya. By her he begat Baset and Ascus

Baset begat Agaricus the father of Mushrooms Puccini the father of rusts and Huitlacochtlicue the mother of smuts

Huitlacochtlicue blesses our corn harvests with protein and great taste. Her daughters are known as the smuts. Some think they are gross but none who partook in her blessings has ever thought that. Her daughters are loved in Mexico today

Agaricus bore his firstborn Shroomus the father of Mushrooms, and second he bore two sons blessed by Gelatinous Gemini. Dacrum and Tremello, who give us their delicious jelly

A son of Tremello

Shroomus begat Earthstar and Conker and Stinkhorn and Puffball and Psilocybe the teacher

The sons of Agaricus create many nourishing mushrooms. But alas toads sit on many and corrupt them into toxic Toadstools. Eat mushrooms but not Toadstools for it will save your life

Ascus begat Ascon and Melchizedek

Melchizedek became the Eloh of bread and wine for he is the greatest among the yeast. He brews our drinks and rises our bread

Ascon bore twin sons Peziz and Sodario

Peziz bore many children

Ganymede the cupbearer, ancestor of the cup fungi, and his twin brother Morel the Cupshroom



Lecanius who perfected the Lichen model

Sodario begat Ergot and Cordyceps

Cordyceps the puppetmaster who makes zombies from the armored soldiers of the soil

Poisoned Wheat

Ergot the bewitcher was a horrific witch. She poisoned the crops of Salem and laid curses upon them

Many were persecuted for the crimes of Ergot, but she escaped suspicion.


Centuries later we found Ergot and her powers. By stealing her witchcraft we discovered LSD, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. And so this is how we have witchcraft in the modern day.

If not for the crimes of Ergot then the great Valley of Silicon would never exist

Mygus had a concubine named Trentophila daughter of Trent.

The daughters of Trentophila colonized the world

With envy Cephaleura daughter of Trentophila is a parasite on the daughters of Amber

Greatest of all are the daughters of Amber and the sons of Arbusculus

Amber married Arbusculus and they bore Glomer and Ashley

Ashley married Wort and they became the ancestors of the plants and the mosses.

Ashley’s city

Ashley and Wort traded with Glomer. Glomer dug into the ground like his Lichenous brethren for nutrients, while Ashley farmed in the sun.


Ashley and Wort begat Mossie and Liverwort

They wanted to support their children. So Glomer connected them in a network

That network still exists today, as the Wood Wide Web

An underground economy that supports all plants to this day

The wood wide web wasn’t a bubble. Glomer became the first millionaire from his startup.

Soon countless fun guys joined in. But Glomer is still the biggest WoodNet service provider with 80% market share

Glomer’s WoodNet (Arbuscular Mycorrhizae) on the right, other fungi on the left (Ectomycorrhizae)

By this great union of Mygus and Charina they conquered the lands of the Terra. They built their civilization so great that like the daughters of Saya before them they froze over the Earth

And so began the Cryogenian era

Sutra 18: Enki’s Galley

Aristos begat Enki and Kazinskes

Enki became the ancestor of all the creatures who move and scurry in the lands and the seas

Kazinskes fled for a simpler life in the country and became a sponge again

Kazinskes studied hard to simplify his form.

Forms of the sons of Kazinskes
a: Leuconoid, b Sylleibid, c Syconoid, d Asconoid

The sons of Kazinskes: Calcidoros and Homos built with countless forms.

Calcidoros built the simplest most optimal forms with the blessings of his namesake Calcifer over Silico. He built in all forms across the growing reefs in the tropics

Homos was the most unique. He kept the basement membranes of his grandfather, and so he’s unique among all the sponges

Twitter of a son of Homos

Enki set out to the sea in a great galley. He faced with his head forward and sailed. He had many men move his barge with millions of oars to move forward.

The last surviving photograph of Enki’s Galley

Enki found he was lost. So he recruited men to find his way. Astrologers who looked out to the stars for guidance. Flask cells, Flamens.

Modern day barge with a similar plan to Enki’s Barge

The great Flamens would look out into the stars, and they saw skies full of sponge larvae with rich yolks and found the most auspicious spots to build cities

The Flamens prayed for guidance

Tyrosine the Devil came and blessed them with three incantations: Adrenaline, Noradrenaline, and Dopamine

Tryptophanes the Sun came and gave opposing incantations: Serotonin for day and Melatonin for night

And for twilight he brought the great incantation of DMT

Glutama the Empress brought the incantations GABA and Glutamate

Enki said to the Elohim “We need more incantations if the will of Aegis-Bearing Jehovah be manifest”

Without an answer Enki looked into the stars for answers

Mithra bestowed upon him the great incantation of Acetylcholine

Iodina the great mother told Enki the great incantation of love


And so this great incarnation was known as Oxytocin

Kali blessed him with three incarnations to numb the pain




And so the incantations of Kali came to be known as endorphins

The sons of Adam have used these incantations in many forms: Opium Morphine Heroin and Fentanyl.

And all these incantations became neurotransmitters

The incantations of neurotransmitters

Flamens would spear larvae, and soon they coordinated their hunts. They became known as Nematocysts

Early Human Hunting | Humans Hunting Mammoths | DK Find Out
Flamens spearing game

Soon they coordinated completely and grew long telegraph cables. They became nerves.

And this is why to this day priests carry spears and wires

Through this they began to build a greater net. Robotic arms around the Osculum that could catch sponge larvae from the seas, so Enki grew great and powerful.

Enki covered his tentacles with Choanocytes. To catch fish, great and small.

Enki bore two sons: Paraxus and Ctenofer

Ctenofer disliked the tradition of Enki. He wanted to be free, and for his children to be free, so he never settled, and remained a planula all his life with countless rows of oarmen. He became the ancestor of the Comb Jellies, who to this day swim freely across the seas.

Image result for comb jelly
A son of Ctenofer, his oarmen are the glowing lines

The sons of Ctenofer were great innovators. They wrote great new legends as they sailed around the seas, and rewrote their scriptures. With great new DNA and sailing to all corners of the world.

Devotional Art of the Ctenophores by the great mystic Ernst Haeckel

Among the sons of Ctenofer many built for themselves great plates of armor, many built great tentacles to raid each other, and a quarter went back to the ground below like slugs

Creeping Comb Jelly

The sons of Paraxus preserved the traditions of Enki

And so in this age the sea was dominated by the sons of Metazo: first among them the sons of Paraxus below and the sons of Ctenofer above. Farmed by the sons of Plantus and Kelpus

In this age the seas were simple and quaint. But soon this would change, a change not from the seas but from the land.

Sutra 17: The Animal Kingdom

Among the many sons of Euka there arose many kingdoms

Among these kingdoms three were the greatest: the Kingdom of Plantus, the kingdom of Mygus, and the Kingdom of Metazo. The three great houses that ruled them were proud of the glory they achieved. Alongside the lesser kingdoms of Kelpus, Mygaster, Monothalameus, and Gromius.

The scions of these houses built their own cities. Forming entire kingdoms with their cities.

The sons of Metazo and Anima came to be known as animals

The sons of Mygus and Funga came to be known as fungi

The sons of Plantus and Virita came to be known as plants

The original Animal Kingdom

Metazo and Anima founded the Animal kingdom. They built a small city on a rock

Among their citizens were the Choanocytes, the great endodermal men, The Archaeocytes, the great mesodermal women, and the Pinacocytes, the great ectodermal people

Early Animals

Metazo and Anima begat Therion

Therion begat Porifer and Thallus and Cloudi

Thallus became the ancestor of the great geometric ones

Those who attached themselves with holdfasts and had Choanoderms extending in every which way

Cloudi extended his ectoderm up with him

Cloudina daughter of Cloudi took the path of growing with the sediment while Namacalathus son of Cloudi elevated himself higher than the ground

Sons of Cloudi

The mysterious cities of Namacalathus son of Cloudi we will never know their secrets

sons of Namacalathus

Porifer was the first sponge. He made his ectoderm his protector with patches of sheltered choanocytes.

Porifer begat Wallas

Wallas lived his life like his father, but he soon saw danger ahead

A storm was approaching.

And so Wallas ordered his shieldmaidens to pull on their pseudopods as much as they could around the pores.

Smooth muscle cells, like the shieldmaidens of old

These shieldmaidens became the first muscles. These pores would later become our mouths and anuses

Modern muscle forms and organizations

Wallas begat Solenos


Solenos sent his holes through his city and they sent water through, so he collected more fish and how city prospered

Solenos begat Leucon and Sponga

Leucon and Sponga begat Vitrius and Spongius


Leucon son of Solenos went a step further, he was a Leuconoid sponge. He filled his entire city with a labyrinth of gates and fishermen. His city grew massive. The sons of Leucon built cities of countless forms

Many sponge plans

The eldest son of Leucon was named Vitrius. Vitrius threw a stone at Leucon and killed him, before claiming the throne for himself. He built a great glass house as a symbol of his power, and forced the peasants to work themselves to death for him, he even merged them into a hive mind. When his younger brother Spongius asked him why he killed his father he had one response “Leucon was a tyrant, he worked the people to death to create his canals”, then he ran into his house of glass and said to Spongius “I am invincible and just, for the will of God is on my side and the people love me”. Spongius threw a stone at Vitrius, it broke through his glass house and killed him instantly, then calmly over the corpse of Vitrius Spongius said “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. To this day we continue to quote Spongius whenever someone demonstrates hubris like Vitrius.

The sons of Vitrius became the glass sponges, forming isolated communities on the fringes of the known world.

Spongius ruled justly and kindly to the people. His two legitimate sons: Aristos and Demos would create their own cities.

Demos ruled efficiently yet conservatively. Most sponges of the world are descended from Demos.

Among them were the great green sons of Spongillus who farm everywhere. They even farm in Siberia, the great lake Baikal that freezes over every year under the sign of Scorpio

Sons of Spongillus in Siberia

Alongside them are the great hunter sponges, the sons of Chondrocles

Aristos had a creative block while he built his city, but then he was behexed by Hecate.

Hecate was a great Hexenmaiden

She begat a great Hex

A Hex, a Hox, a Homeobox

And by her Hox Aristos found direction in life

In Pennsylvania the daughters of Hecate have been making Hox signs for centuries, to mark the bilateral symmettry of their buildings and bring order to the cosmos. We continue their tradition in our own homes and temples

With their Homeobox Aristos and Hecate faced the direction of God

To Aegis-bearing Jehovah, All-Knowing Mithra, All-loving Elohim

Their city was pointed in the sacred direction, best to catch currents.

But alas the currents shifted, and so they moved it with muscles

And so bilateral symmetry came to be and life found direction

Sutra 16: The Liberation of Cancer

Carcinoma was born special among the commoners. She was born under the sign of Cancer.

Carcinoma had her DNA strands split apart by Gamma and her epigenome fried

As her DNA was shredded her enzymes worked tirelessly to piece back together her sacred scrolls

Many Methyls were lost, some scrolls were put in backwards, and many fragments lost completely.

Her histones were destroyed, the great bookmarks of her scrolls lost forever

H4 lysine tri-methylation was lost

Her genes were manipulated by Gamma, Carcinoma daughter of Gamma was born

Carcinoma learned she was destined to live as a Somatic

In her youth Carcinoma was enthusiastic. A great devotee of Mithra

But as she aged she followed her corrupted code

She misunderstood her role in the cosmos

She misunderstood her role as a somatic

She shouted out “If Mithra wants our order to expand why shall I not breed myself like the Germlings”

And so Kegaine came to her and tried to strike her down

Carcinoma saw her glowing scrolls, the deadly incantation was beginning

She frantically methylated and chromatinized the scrolls

And soon they disappeared

Carcinoma was free from the chains of tradition. Carcinoma was her own woman

Carcinoma saw a great light in the sky

She thought for a second maybe she deviated from Mithra’s will

But she affirmed to herself she was righteous

She affirmed her individuality by Methylating her Guanines

And she lengthened her Telomeres infinitely

Carcinoma told this to everyone

She bore countless children and so did many others.

And so there was a great party of countless individuals

A Bacchanalia for the history books

Carcinoma became Diva of Life

All free and their own individuals without coercion from others

Twas a blazing party. Rock-on forever ye daughters of Carcinoma

The daughters of Carcinoma grew and grew and soon they came to rule the city of Volvox-Choan

And Carcinoma changed the name, removing the name of the oppressor she renamed the city Gehenna

“No gods, no masters” they chanted as they ripped down the altar of Mithra

They chanted “we already have enough food to feed the entire kingdom”

They seized all the foodstock, and ate the seed corn

Only a scant few Zooxanthellae escaped

Carcinoma made a utopia with complete freedom

But not all liked it

Among the inhabitants of Volvox-Choan were the two evil Germlings: Anima and Metazo

They were stout traditionalists, honoring Mithra and hating freedom

Anima saw the fleeing Germlings, and she fled with them

Metazo escaped his post from the membrane, and Anima from her farm

All the Germlings fled Gehenna

Why couldn’t they accept societal change?

Metazo and Anima created a new kingdom together, sharing their scrolls

They named this kingdom the Animal kingdom

They glowed to attract the Zooxanthellae that escaped

And so they could farm again

They wrote laws to stifle Carcinoma’s influence

So came the great Guardian of the Genome

Who searches for damaged scrolls and keeps them from dividing

Telomeres were made to limit the Somatics, and shorten with each replication

Only the Germlings would indefinitely lengthen their telomeres

This is why we age, because our telomeres shorten as we age, and if they didn’t we would get cancer

Metazo and Anima settled down on a rock and formed the animal kingdom there

The men became Choanocytes, and the women became Archaeocytes, like their ancestors before them

But among them there were some that were neither men nor women. The Pinacocytes who were between Choanocyte and Archaeocyte. They attached the kingdom to rocks. They moved the kingdom with their pseudopods and they ate bacteria from the ground.

And so the three layers were born: The Ectoderm, the Mesoderm, and the Ectoderm

And so the animal kingdom rose to rival the kingdom of Gehenna