Sutra 24: The sons of Dutrus

While the sons of Proteus divided quickly the sons of Dutrus were slow The twin sons born to Dutrus were Saccorhytus the lame and Dietrich the Patriarch Saccorhytus the lame never grew up. He stayed as larvae forever The sons of Saccorhytus were sparse and weak In his youth Dietrich the patriarch looked much likeContinue reading “Sutra 24: The sons of Dutrus”

Sutra 23: The sons of Spiralius

Among the three great ancestors Spiralius was the most conservative Spiralius fished with his tentacles, like his father before him Spiralius worked hard to provide for his children Among his many sons were Kimberella and Gnathifer Kimberella has a famous tomb people go to this day Kimberella was the greatest king of his time. HisContinue reading “Sutra 23: The sons of Spiralius”

Sutra 22: The sons of Ectus

Twas the age of the three patriarchs: Dutrus Ectus and Spiralius Among these patriarchs Ectus was the most vicious With his great mouth he ripped through his enemies He raided the sons of Isomeres and the sponges He built a great complex mouth, and he molted his skin and mouth periodically, he shed his ciliaContinue reading “Sutra 22: The sons of Ectus”

Sutra 21: The sons of Cambrius

This is the saga of Cambrius son of Bilater Cambrius was a great planula among many. His city was small and he knew right from wrong and left from right Among his millions of siblings there was Xenus The sons of Xenus held fast to his traditions. To this day they keep their traditions AmongContinue reading “Sutra 21: The sons of Cambrius”

Sutra 20: The Sons of Cnider

The great ice of the Cryogenian nearly killed all the sons of Bios. Vendos was frozen solid for millennia. By the blessing of Aegis-bearing Mithra he survived As the ice melted he awoke to a new world And so as the ice melted the sons of Metazo rebuilt. So began the Ediacaran And so inContinue reading “Sutra 20: The Sons of Cnider”

Sutra 19: Chronicle of the Plants and Fungi

In the great rivers of Terra there were a great Matriarch and a great Patriarch Mygus Symbios son of Mygus, and Charina daughter of Plantus Mygus and Charina married and created a great agricultural empire on the shores of the lake of Lichen. A fusion of plant and fungus to conquer the land When theContinue reading “Sutra 19: Chronicle of the Plants and Fungi”

Sutra 18: Enki’s Galley

Aristos begat Enki and Kazinskes Enki became the ancestor of all the creatures who move and scurry in the lands and the seas Kazinskes fled for a simpler life in the country and became a sponge again Kazinskes studied hard to simplify his form. The sons of Kazinskes: Calcidoros and Homos built with countless forms.Continue reading “Sutra 18: Enki’s Galley”

Sutra 17: The Animal Kingdom

Among the many sons of Euka there arose many kingdoms Among these kingdoms three were the greatest: the Kingdom of Plantus, the kingdom of Mygus, and the Kingdom of Metazo. The three great houses that ruled them were proud of the glory they achieved. Alongside the lesser kingdoms of Kelpus, Mygaster, Monothalameus, and Gromius. The scionsContinue reading “Sutra 17: The Animal Kingdom”