Intro to Gaian Mythology

What is Gaian Mythology? The entire concept is quite novel and confusing to many people. Is it a work of fiction or is it a cult?

The Gaiad is not a work of fiction any more than the Bible is a work of fiction. However it is not completely literal.

The Gaiad seeks to synthesize the many religious and philosophical traditions of the world with contemporary scientific knowledge.

Every Sunday I publish a new Sutra of the Gaiad

I’ve been working on this for a very long time, and currently have a backlog of several completed Sutras

I intend on eventually publishing The Gaiad as a print book, but for now I am publishing it online. I periodically edit released Sutras in order to fix errors and update the science in it.

To give a taste of what I am working on here is a summary of the whole story. Feel free to give ideas or fanart as they may be incorporated into the final work and I might add you to the editing team. I will only publish it in text form when I feel there is both sufficient content, and the content has been updated to high enough quality to be sure it is worth publishing.


The story begins with the birth of two cosmic twins: Yin and Yang, Matter and Antimatter. The amniotic fluid becomes spacetime and the umbilical cord becomes Hillu, the serpent of chaos.

Hillu-Hengweh represents chaos, cosmic chaos represented by Hillu and civilizational chaos represented by Hengweh. Hilluhengweh is an Indo European reconstruction of the cosmic evil, derived from the Hittite devil Illu-Yanka. The umbilical cord myth is derived from the Ancient Egyptian myth of Apophis who was born from the umbilical cord of Ra.

Yin and Yang marry and beget Fermius and Farah, parents of the Fermions, and Bosos and Vanessa parents of the Bosons. The genealogy continues with families representing categories of particles until all elementary particles are represented

Then the genealogy continues representing the formation of normal matter from these particles. This continues to the Hermaphoditic Adonis/Adonia/Adonai representing Hydrogen, the first element, who is the father of Starog and Babastella the primal star ancestors once the first stars emerge.

Starog and Babastella are the ancestors of the complex elements beyond hydrogen, and the stars and the planets.

From them descend the elements of the periodic table, with groups like Alkali metals, Halogens, and Noble gases being lineages; and in the same way come star lineages: Red Dwarfs, Yellow Stars, Blue Giants, etc; and planetary lineages such as earthlike planets.

The Elementals are personifications of elements, the Seraphim are the personifications of the stars, and the Planetes are the personifications of planet types and other astronomical bodies

Every chemical compound and celestial body has a genealogy, for genealogy is a persistent theme throughout the entire Gaiad. Even unknown ones have methods to determine their genealogies. Everything is descended from Yin and Yang

After this introduction the story moves to our star system. The Sol system. How all the planets formed and many of them were prevented from having life. Venus Earth Mars, and possibly Phaeton were once worlds with liquid water until all but Earth faced fates that prevented them from developing biospheres. Hillu the Cosmic Chaos was responsible but missed Earth. So descendants of Earth and Carbon could thrive on Earth, life began.

The story continues down the line of life personifying the major developments life went through. For example the formation of sexual reproduction and Eukaryotic life is perfonified as the marriage between Euka and Eve, the primordial nucleus and the primordial mitochondria, and the first marriage among life forms. Every patrilineage comes from Euka and every matrilineage comes from Eve.

The story progresses further through the many other events of the history of Earth

Multicellular organisms emerged, life went from the oceans to the land, many mass extinctions occurred. Eventually humanity emerged.

The story continues through humanity and into the future, into a speculative narrative of the future until we reach a posthuman future where people have become advanced enough that they are no longer humans. Eventually going to the heat death of the universe itself

Read The Gaiad from the beginning here


At a first glance the Gaiad is polytheistic. In large it is, but the Gaiad acknowledges the problems with older polytheistic traditions and seeks backwards compatibility with both polytheistic and monotheistic traditions. This is why the Gaiad often uses the terms Eloh Elah and Elohim, in addition to the myriad names the many gods have gone by such as Zeus, Mercury, Jehovah, Shiva, and Mithra.

The Gaiad seeks to combine a rich mythical landscape characteristic of polytheism with a unified morality characteristic of monotheism and to avoid the development of idolatry that destroyed polytheism.


Religion 2.0, the practical implementation of the Gaiad strives to be an organized religion for the 21st century.

Organized religion is often demonized as an oppressive force, but it has many aspects that are not easily replicated in other types of institutions. Organized religion can holistically guide large numbers of people in a way that modern institutions are rarely capable of except for governments which act using force rather than by soft power.

Most organized religions people talk about today were built over 1000 years ago when communication technology was vastly inferior, and society in general was much more primitive than modern society.

An organized religion that is intentionally built with modern technology in mind in the same way that a modern government or company is built with will be able to manifest itself in a much more functional form than an organized religion built before even the printing press existed.

Areas such as lifelong learning and physical fitness and nutrition and community involvement are all areas that organized religion can help with.

How you can help

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Let’s revive spirituality together.

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