Sutra 23: The sons of Spiralius

Among the three great ancestors Spiralius was the most conservative

Spiralius fished with his tentacles, like his father before him


Spiralius worked hard to provide for his children

Among his many sons were Kimberella and Gnathifer

Kimberella has a famous tomb people go to this day

Kimberella was the greatest king of his time. His kingdom moved itself across the great steppe and has a billion-year fame

Kimberella on an Australian stamp

Gnathifer built a small but agile kingdom.

Like Ectus he built for himself a great jaw of Chitin. A sugar jaw for sugar treats, but he was not sweet.

With his ferocious jaws he terrorized the sons of Isomeres.

In his old age from the loins of Gnathifer sprouted Gnathos and Hydrover

Gnathos was vicious like none others. And so his sons are known as the Jaw Worms

Xenognath was gentler but still like non other. He grew jaws within jaws. 15 jaws altogether.

The sons of Xenognath were Marinus and Limnos

Marinus fought and fought and fought for dominion of the sea. Limnos was cast out into the rivers. The sons of Marinus mock his sons as the small jawed ones

The sons of Marinus were Rotiferus and Amisquius

Rotiferus saw the peaceful lives of the sons of Kimberella and turned to fishing once again. His sons became the Rotifers. The great nomadic fishermen we see in all waters today. He built his coelom lax like Ectus before him.

Among the sons of Rotiferus there was a black sheep. Acanthus the red. The parasite who lives in the stomachs of others and eats their food. Such thievery is a stain on the name of Rotiferus

In each generation the sons of Amisquius grew bigger jaws. In the generation of Nimrod Bristletongue they ruled the seas. More numerous than any other clan they are known as the Arrow Worms, the greatest hunters the world had ever seen

Kimberella bore a son and a daughter: Odontogriphus and Rouphy

When both were little trochophores they both had great dreams

Young Odontogriphus and Rouphy

Odontogriphus sought complexity and Rouphy sought simplicity, and so they split up and each mastered their path tenfold

Rouphy grew small and became the mother of many

She had many husbands who bore her many children, her life was great and prosperous. She needed no coelom so she was lax with her infrastructure like Ectus and Rotiferus before her.

Her daughters lived freely and grew up fast.

Alas Rouphy’s happy life came to an early tragic end

She fell away from the advice of her mother, and never got a pap smear. From one of her many husbands a son of Papillomus infiltrated her Queendom. The foreign agent stoked rebellion among the Somatics. Like Volvox before her her empire went down in flames. She passed away from Cervical Cancer at 36 and was survived by her 12 daughters

Eldest was Papyra and Youngest was Maria

Papyra was horrified and shaken to the mesoderm. So she sought a simpler life. She abandoned her coelom and oppressed no Somatics in her kingdom. All Shieldmaidens could build their own kingdoms if they were lost.

He bore countless sons and none were parasites, all were vicious predators. But among his family came some black sheep. Tapeworms and Flukes and worst of all the Rhombozoa.

The daughters of Papyra are wisps among the sea. The fastest ones around.

Amongst the daughters of Papyra firstborn was Flavia. Flavia wished to be a man, so he defeated all his sisters in duels to prove himself. And so to this day the daughters of Papyra and the sons of Flavio engage in great sword duels to prove their masculinity. A cautionary tale of toxic masculinity over generative masculinity. Many men, trans and cis alike today pray to Flavios for virility but alas Azoth bears the truth men seek. For his proteins build all and swordfights build nothing.

Maria the Fairhaired was the youngest daughter and horrified much like her eldest sister

So she worked right away to save her daughters from this fate

She started building her firstborn immediately as a virgin. She placed each cell in its place and gave no flexibility. Cells only grew larger but never divided, and each daughter was born pregnant. Her daughters all bore great flaxen hair and never succumbed to cancer. Each bore seven daughters and then some became men and some became women, for they needed diversity and marriages. As their days would end the daughters of Maria marry and bear with their husbands thousand-year eggs, that lie dormant for hundreds of lifetimes, so her lineage and its beautiful hair never dies out

Odontogriphus grew into a great one. With a great shell he mowed through the mats of bacteria across the steppe.

Among the sons of Odontogriphus there were Tetraner and Halwax and Symbion

Tetraner prayed to Aegis-bearing Mithra

O my lord may you bless my kingdom with great power to conquer all.

Aegis-bearing Mithra bellowed from the heavens: “Pierce thine tongue to prove thine ambition”

And so Tetraner Pierced his tongue

And he was blest with a great suit of armor, and a tongue of spikes.

Tetraner shouted out to Mithra “I cannot breathe for my great armor suffocates me” and so Mithra blest him with with a mantle between his shell and his body. Tis through his mantle that Tetraner breathed, there lied his anus so he exhaled the impurities of his food, and there lied his generative parts.

And so Tetraner was known as Molluscus. His sons became the Molluscs

Halwax bore twin sons: Annelon and Halwaxidus

Halwaxidus bore many sons: most famous among them was Wiwaxia the spiny

Annelon bore two sons: Lophos and Annelidus

Lophos borrowed in the ground and fished.


The sons of Lophos were innumerable. Bryos built a great city and his sons became the Bryozoans.

The line of Brachios grew great and powerful. With great suits of armor. And so his sons became the Brachiopods who burrowed through the dirt eating worms.


And soon their line became the Brachiopods. Numerous across the entire world consuming all and living lives of luxury

Annelidus built for himself a long kingdom of a million cities. He swam everywhere and built a great empire in the name of Mithra

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