Sutra 22: The sons of Ectus

Twas the age of the three patriarchs: Dutrus Ectus and Spiralius

Among these patriarchs Ectus was the most vicious

With his great mouth he ripped through his enemies

He raided the sons of Isomeres and the sponges

He built a great complex mouth, and he molted his skin and mouth periodically, he shed his cilia and used amoebae as sperm

And he stripped his coelom to the basics. Removed unnecessary scaffolding.

So his organs floated freely in his pseudocoelom

Ectus specialized in burrowing and eating sediment dwelling organisms with its teeth. Became the first predator of the sons of Dutrus and Spiralius

In his viciousness Ectus begat a horde of worms who conquered the world

Ectus ripped through the earth and destroyed the soil

Ectus begat Ishmael and Isaac

Tomb of a son of Ectus

Ishmael held fast to the traditions of his father, while Isaac was an innovator

The firstborn line of Ishmael held fast to the traditions of Ectus. Priapus son of Ishmael became patriarch of the Priapulids who live deep in the oceans to this day, in lands like the ancient Ediacaran lands of hydrogen sulfide and without oxygen

Draco brother of Priapus became the patriarch of the mud dragons: Horrific monsters who live in the muds everywhere

Mud Dragon

Isaac bore Nematus and Rhineheart

Nematus was an agile nomad. He bore two sons: Nematus II and Gordy

Nematus and Gordy both were prodigal sons

Both became parasites, but in age Nematus rejected that lifestyle and took the lifestyle of his father. He became the ancestor of the many great worms. 80% of animals are his descendants.

Gordy became the ancestor of the Gordian worms. Horrific parasites living in the bodies of their brothers

Rhineheart begat Lobopus and Loricus

Loricus built for himself a thick suit of armor. He married Siri and his sons live deep in the mysterious depths of the sea. For a 500 million years we thought them dead, only in the year of 1983 were they rediscovered

Lobopus married Panar

Lobopus built feet for himself extending from his body, and eyes. He reinforced his coelom

And so his great city could walk

A traditional son of Lobopus

This changed everything. No longer would the sons of Cambrius be limited to petty fishing. They could finally challenge the sons of Ctenofer and the sons of Cnider.

The sons of Lobopus multiplied across the Earth and took upon themselves myriad forms. Their conquest seemed inevitable

His sons rule the world today in three clans, the clan of Ursus

The clan of Velvetclaw

A modern Velvetclaw honoring his ancestor

And greatest of all the clan of Arthropus

A daughter of Arthropus

But in this age they had no divisions into tribes. They were all united as sons of Lobopus and daughters of Panar.

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