Sutra 20: The Sons of Cnider

The great ice of the Cryogenian nearly killed all the sons of Bios. Vendos was frozen solid for millennia.

By the blessing of Aegis-bearing Mithra he survived

As the ice melted he awoke to a new world

And so as the ice melted the sons of Metazo rebuilt. So began the Ediacaran

And so in this age there were three great animal groups: the sponges below, the comb jellies above, and the sons of Vendos in the middle.

Anatomy of Vendos the Zoophyte

Among the sons of Vendos there were Bilater, Cnider, and Isomeres

Isomeres became ancestor of the proarticulates a planula his whole life

His kin was great, but when the extinction happened only the smallest most primitive of his sons survived

And so his only sons are the sons of Placus

This is the chronicle of Cnider

Twas the norm among Zoophytes to start as Planula and settle down to start a colony.

The old growth pattern

Cnider settled down and made a big change. Radial Symmettry. Unsatisfied with Isomeric budding he went anarchic

Cnider’s city

Cnider abandoned his Ostia to focus on digesting great prey instead of filter feeding

Traditional Anatomy (left) and Cnider’s anatomy (right)

Cnider made a covenant with Luna. By her blessing he bore two sons on the full moon: Anthus and Anaxydros

To this day the sons of Cnider and the daughters of Nettle bear children by the light of the moon

Anthus was traditional while Anaxydros was innovative

Anaxydros begat Pompom and Meduson

Pompom became the ancestor of the stalked Jellyfish, among his sons there was Meduson

Meduson budded off a new city that floated in the sea, and so became the ancestor of the jellyfish

Meduson budding

At first Meduson floated aimlessly. He just picked up what he could find.

He drifted through the sea, but soon he had an idea. He pumped his body and swam wherever he wished

The sons of Meduson Swimming

The sons of Anthus multiplied across the seas. Among them are the Anemones and the Corals. With their Zooxanthellae and Zoochlorellae they farm across the seas

Meduson begat Diplos and Jelly

Jelly begat the two great lines of jellyfish: the Cubozoans, the box jellyfish who have eyes, and the Scyphozoans, the “True Jellyfish”

The sons of Scyphos were numerous each polyp bore a myriad children

Pacific Sea Nettle

Cubos was a caring father. He bore few children and acted as a great father to them

We pray to Cubos for fatherhood

He built a great priesthood, 24 eyes

Each polyp produced only a single Medusa. So the alternation of generations ceased in his line

Diplos believed in lean manufacturing and a simple business model, he simplified himself removing his mesoderm.

Diplos settled on a rock and built a single polyp.

Then he built some more from it

The city of Diplos

Diplos grew rich and prosperous through lean manufacturing. His prosperity so great the prophet Haeckel saw

Diplos bore two sons: Hydros and Paras

Hydros kept to the traditions of his fathers and built a great city of his own

Paras was a lazy lout. He lived in his brother’s city and stole from him.

Soon Hydros kicked Paras out of his city. And so Paras released a horde of Jellies

Among his countless sons there were Polypodius and Buddenbrock

The sons of Polypodius live in eggs and eat them from the inside. They emerge as polyps and bud off a million jellies.

Buddenbrock simplified himself further. And so he became a long ball of cells, like Volvox-Choan before him. No mouth, no stomach, no tentacles. Stingers on the outside and amoebas on the inside ready to consume all.


He writhed through the sea and whenever he touched a city his skin stung it and his army of amoebas invaded.

Myxos son of Buddenbrock was even worse. He made spores to spread himself and lived every cell for himself, cells only cooperated to build spores. This is the fate we must all avoid. For we share most of our genes with Myxos.

Life Cycle of the sons of Myxos

And this is how an animal became unicellular

The degeneracy of Myxozoa

The sons of Myxos cause whirling disease today. A curse upon our fisheries

The sons of Hydros built great cities

The sons of Hydros were numerous

Hydrozos bore two sons: Meduson and Anaxydros

Meduson bore many children, all were jellyfish. Among them the Sowerbii the clan from the Yangtze who spread to all lakes and rivers.

Freshwater jellyfish (Craspedacusta sowerbii)

Anaxydros begat Anthus and Siphonifer

The sons of Siphonifer took upon themselves many great forms, they built great empires

Among the sons of Anthus there were the Fire Corals and the Hydra and many more who built great cities

And so this is the story of the sons of Cnider and the sons of Isomeres.

They who dominated the Ediacaran

The world dominated by the sons of Cnider

But soon their reign would come to an end, and the sons of Cambrius would conquer Terra

The sons of Cambres

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