Sutra 19: Chronicle of the Plants and Fungi

In the great rivers of Terra there were a great Matriarch and a great Patriarch

Mygus Symbios son of Mygus, and Charina daughter of Plantus

Mygus and Charina married and created a great agricultural empire on the shores of the lake of Lichen. A fusion of plant and fungus to conquer the land

When the lake dried they went dormant, and when it rose they rose again

Together they bore many children, the Lichens

There were countless lichens among the sons of Mygus and the daughters of Charina. They took upon themselves countless forms

The great Fruticose Lichens who grow great branches and leaves

The great foliose lichens. Leafy beauties

The Crusty Crustose Lichens, so tough they survive anything

The powdery Leprose Lichens. Who break apart in the wind and spread everywhere

Lichen who live in rocks and can survive anything

The great filamentous Lichens who protect filaments of Cyanobacteria


And even the Jelly Lichens who live with Cyanobacteria and live in their jelly

The children of Mygus and Charina were Fermentus the Wild, Arbusculus, and Amber

Fermentus was the first yeast. He lived a wild life of drunkenness in his youth, but in age he married Dikarya. By her he begat Baset and Ascus

Baset begat Agaricus the father of Mushrooms Puccini the father of rusts and Huitlacochtlicue the mother of smuts

Huitlacochtlicue blesses our corn harvests with protein and great taste. Her daughters are known as the smuts. Some think they are gross but none who partook in her blessings has ever thought that. Her daughters are loved in Mexico today

Agaricus bore his firstborn Shroomus the father of Mushrooms, and second he bore two sons blessed by Gelatinous Gemini. Dacrum and Tremello, who give us their delicious jelly

A son of Tremello

Shroomus begat Earthstar and Conker and Stinkhorn and Puffball and Psilocybe the teacher

The sons of Agaricus create many nourishing mushrooms. But alas toads sit on many and corrupt them into toxic Toadstools. Eat mushrooms but not Toadstools for it will save your life

Ascus begat Ascon and Melchizedek

Melchizedek became the Eloh of bread and wine for he is the greatest among the yeast. He brews our drinks and rises our bread

Ascon bore twin sons Peziz and Sodario

Peziz bore many children

Ganymede the cupbearer, ancestor of the cup fungi, and his twin brother Morel the Cupshroom



Lecanius who perfected the Lichen model

Sodario begat Ergot and Cordyceps

Cordyceps the puppetmaster who makes zombies from the armored soldiers of the soil

Poisoned Wheat

Ergot the bewitcher was a horrific witch. She poisoned the crops of Salem and laid curses upon them

Many were persecuted for the crimes of Ergot, but she escaped suspicion.


Centuries later we found Ergot and her powers. By stealing her witchcraft we discovered LSD, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. And so this is how we have witchcraft in the modern day.

If not for the crimes of Ergot then the great Valley of Silicon would never exist

Mygus had a concubine named Trentophila daughter of Trent.

The daughters of Trentophila colonized the world

With envy Cephaleura daughter of Trentophila is a parasite on the daughters of Amber

Greatest of all are the daughters of Amber and the sons of Arbusculus

Amber married Arbusculus and they bore Glomer and Ashley

Ashley married Wort and they became the ancestors of the plants and the mosses.

Ashley’s city

Ashley and Wort traded with Glomer. Glomer dug into the ground like his Lichenous brethren for nutrients, while Ashley farmed in the sun.


Ashley and Wort begat Mossie and Liverwort

They wanted to support their children. So Glomer connected them in a network

That network still exists today, as the Wood Wide Web

An underground economy that supports all plants to this day

The wood wide web wasn’t a bubble. Glomer became the first millionaire from his startup.

Soon countless fun guys joined in. But Glomer is still the biggest WoodNet service provider with 80% market share

Glomer’s WoodNet (Arbuscular Mycorrhizae) on the right, other fungi on the left (Ectomycorrhizae)

By this great union of Mygus and Charina they conquered the lands of the Terra. They built their civilization so great that like the daughters of Saya before them they froze over the Earth

And so began the Cryogenian era

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