Sutra 18: Enki’s Galley

Aristos begat Enki and Kazinskes

Enki became the ancestor of all the creatures who move and scurry in the lands and the seas

Kazinskes fled for a simpler life in the country and became a sponge again

Kazinskes studied hard to simplify his form.

Forms of the sons of Kazinskes
a: Leuconoid, b Sylleibid, c Syconoid, d Asconoid

The sons of Kazinskes: Calcidoros and Homos built with countless forms.

Calcidoros built the simplest most optimal forms with the blessings of his namesake Calcifer over Silico. He built in all forms across the growing reefs in the tropics

Homos was the most unique. He kept the basement membranes of his grandfather, and so he’s unique among all the sponges

Twitter of a son of Homos

Enki set out to the sea in a great galley. He faced with his head forward and sailed. He had many men move his barge with millions of oars to move forward.

The last surviving photograph of Enki’s Galley

Enki found he was lost. So he recruited men to find his way. Astrologers who looked out to the stars for guidance. Flask cells, Flamens.

Modern day barge with a similar plan to Enki’s Barge

The great Flamens would look out into the stars, and they saw skies full of sponge larvae with rich yolks and found the most auspicious spots to build cities

The Flamens prayed for guidance

Tyrosine the Devil came and blessed them with three incantations: Adrenaline, Noradrenaline, and Dopamine

Tryptophanes the Sun came and gave opposing incantations: Serotonin for day and Melatonin for night

And for twilight he brought the great incantation of DMT

Glutama the Empress brought the incantations GABA and Glutamate

Enki said to the Elohim “We need more incantations if the will of Aegis-Bearing Jehovah be manifest”

Without an answer Enki looked into the stars for answers

Mithra bestowed upon him the great incantation of Acetylcholine

Iodina the great mother told Enki the great incantation of love


And so this great incarnation was known as Oxytocin

Kali blessed him with three incarnations to numb the pain




And so the incantations of Kali came to be known as endorphins

The sons of Adam have used these incantations in many forms: Opium Morphine Heroin and Fentanyl.

And all these incantations became neurotransmitters

The incantations of neurotransmitters

Flamens would spear larvae, and soon they coordinated their hunts. They became known as Nematocysts

Early Human Hunting | Humans Hunting Mammoths | DK Find Out
Flamens spearing game

Soon they coordinated completely and grew long telegraph cables. They became nerves.

And this is why to this day priests carry spears and wires

Through this they began to build a greater net. Robotic arms around the Osculum that could catch sponge larvae from the seas, so Enki grew great and powerful.

Enki covered his tentacles with Choanocytes. To catch fish, great and small.

Enki bore two sons: Paraxus and Ctenofer

Ctenofer disliked the tradition of Enki. He wanted to be free, and for his children to be free, so he never settled, and remained a planula all his life with countless rows of oarmen. He became the ancestor of the Comb Jellies, who to this day swim freely across the seas.

Image result for comb jelly
A son of Ctenofer, his oarmen are the glowing lines

The sons of Ctenofer were great innovators. They wrote great new legends as they sailed around the seas, and rewrote their scriptures. With great new DNA and sailing to all corners of the world.

Devotional Art of the Ctenophores by the great mystic Ernst Haeckel

Among the sons of Ctenofer many built for themselves great plates of armor, many built great tentacles to raid each other, and a quarter went back to the ground below like slugs

Creeping Comb Jelly

The sons of Paraxus preserved the traditions of Enki

And so in this age the sea was dominated by the sons of Metazo: first among them the sons of Paraxus below and the sons of Ctenofer above. Farmed by the sons of Plantus and Kelpus

In this age the seas were simple and quaint. But soon this would change, a change not from the seas but from the land.

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