Sutra 17: The Animal Kingdom

Among the many sons of Euka there arose many kingdoms

Among these kingdoms three were the greatest: the Kingdom of Plantus, the kingdom of Mygus, and the Kingdom of Metazo. The three great houses that ruled them were proud of the glory they achieved. Alongside the lesser kingdoms of Kelpus, Mygaster, Monothalameus, and Gromius.

The scions of these houses built their own cities. Forming entire kingdoms with their cities.

The sons of Metazo and Anima came to be known as animals

The sons of Mygus and Funga came to be known as fungi

The sons of Plantus and Virita came to be known as plants

The original Animal Kingdom

Metazo and Anima founded the Animal kingdom. They built a small city on a rock

Among their citizens were the Choanocytes, the great endodermal men, The Archaeocytes, the great mesodermal women, and the Pinacocytes, the great ectodermal people

Early Animals

Metazo and Anima begat Therion

Therion begat Porifer and Thallus and Cloudi

Thallus became the ancestor of the great geometric ones

Those who attached themselves with holdfasts and had Choanoderms extending in every which way

Cloudi extended his ectoderm up with him

Cloudina daughter of Cloudi took the path of growing with the sediment while Namacalathus son of Cloudi elevated himself higher than the ground

Sons of Cloudi

The mysterious cities of Namacalathus son of Cloudi we will never know their secrets

sons of Namacalathus

Porifer was the first sponge. He made his ectoderm his protector with patches of sheltered choanocytes.

Porifer begat Wallas

Wallas lived his life like his father, but he soon saw danger ahead

A storm was approaching.

And so Wallas ordered his shieldmaidens to pull on their pseudopods as much as they could around the pores.

Smooth muscle cells, like the shieldmaidens of old

These shieldmaidens became the first muscles. These pores would later become our mouths and anuses

Modern muscle forms and organizations

Wallas begat Solenos


Solenos sent his holes through his city and they sent water through, so he collected more fish and how city prospered

Solenos begat Leucon and Sponga

Leucon and Sponga begat Vitrius and Spongius


Leucon son of Solenos went a step further, he was a Leuconoid sponge. He filled his entire city with a labyrinth of gates and fishermen. His city grew massive. The sons of Leucon built cities of countless forms

Many sponge plans

The eldest son of Leucon was named Vitrius. Vitrius threw a stone at Leucon and killed him, before claiming the throne for himself. He built a great glass house as a symbol of his power, and forced the peasants to work themselves to death for him, he even merged them into a hive mind. When his younger brother Spongius asked him why he killed his father he had one response “Leucon was a tyrant, he worked the people to death to create his canals”, then he ran into his house of glass and said to Spongius “I am invincible and just, for the will of God is on my side and the people love me”. Spongius threw a stone at Vitrius, it broke through his glass house and killed him instantly, then calmly over the corpse of Vitrius Spongius said “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. To this day we continue to quote Spongius whenever someone demonstrates hubris like Vitrius.

The sons of Vitrius became the glass sponges, forming isolated communities on the fringes of the known world.

Spongius ruled justly and kindly to the people. His two legitimate sons: Aristos and Demos would create their own cities.

Demos ruled efficiently yet conservatively. Most sponges of the world are descended from Demos.

Among them were the great green sons of Spongillus who farm everywhere. They even farm in Siberia, the great lake Baikal that freezes over every year under the sign of Scorpio

Sons of Spongillus in Siberia

Alongside them are the great hunter sponges, the sons of Chondrocles

Aristos had a creative block while he built his city, but then he was behexed by Hecate.

Hecate was a great Hexenmaiden

She begat a great Hex

A Hex, a Hox, a Homeobox

And by her Hox Aristos found direction in life

In Pennsylvania the daughters of Hecate have been making Hox signs for centuries, to mark the bilateral symmettry of their buildings and bring order to the cosmos. We continue their tradition in our own homes and temples

With their Homeobox Aristos and Hecate faced the direction of God

To Aegis-bearing Jehovah, All-Knowing Mithra, All-loving Elohim

Their city was pointed in the sacred direction, best to catch currents.

But alas the currents shifted, and so they moved it with muscles

And so bilateral symmetry came to be and life found direction

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