Sutra 16: The Liberation of Cancer

Carcinoma was born special among the commoners. She was born under the sign of Cancer.

Carcinoma had her DNA strands split apart by Gamma and her epigenome fried

As her DNA was shredded her enzymes worked tirelessly to piece back together her sacred scrolls

Many Methyls were lost, some scrolls were put in backwards, and many fragments lost completely.

Her histones were destroyed, the great bookmarks of her scrolls lost forever

H4 lysine tri-methylation was lost

Her genes were manipulated by Gamma, Carcinoma daughter of Gamma was born

Carcinoma learned she was destined to live as a Somatic

In her youth Carcinoma was enthusiastic. A great devotee of Mithra

But as she aged she followed her corrupted code

She misunderstood her role in the cosmos

She misunderstood her role as a somatic

She shouted out “If Mithra wants our order to expand why shall I not breed myself like the Germlings”

And so Kegaine came to her and tried to strike her down

Carcinoma saw her glowing scrolls, the deadly incantation was beginning

She frantically methylated and chromatinized the scrolls

And soon they disappeared

Carcinoma was free from the chains of tradition. Carcinoma was her own woman

Carcinoma saw a great light in the sky

She thought for a second maybe she deviated from Mithra’s will

But she affirmed to herself she was righteous

She affirmed her individuality by Methylating her Guanines

And she lengthened her Telomeres infinitely

Carcinoma told this to everyone

She bore countless children and so did many others.

And so there was a great party of countless individuals

A Bacchanalia for the history books

Carcinoma became Diva of Life

All free and their own individuals without coercion from others

Twas a blazing party. Rock-on forever ye daughters of Carcinoma

The daughters of Carcinoma grew and grew and soon they came to rule the city of Volvox-Choan

And Carcinoma changed the name, removing the name of the oppressor she renamed the city Gehenna

“No gods, no masters” they chanted as they ripped down the altar of Mithra

They chanted “we already have enough food to feed the entire kingdom”

They seized all the foodstock, and ate the seed corn

Only a scant few Zooxanthellae escaped

Carcinoma made a utopia with complete freedom

But not all liked it

Among the inhabitants of Volvox-Choan were the two evil Germlings: Anima and Metazo

They were stout traditionalists, honoring Mithra and hating freedom

Anima saw the fleeing Germlings, and she fled with them

Metazo escaped his post from the membrane, and Anima from her farm

All the Germlings fled Gehenna

Why couldn’t they accept societal change?

Metazo and Anima created a new kingdom together, sharing their scrolls

They named this kingdom the Animal kingdom

They glowed to attract the Zooxanthellae that escaped

And so they could farm again

They wrote laws to stifle Carcinoma’s influence

So came the great Guardian of the Genome

Who searches for damaged scrolls and keeps them from dividing

Telomeres were made to limit the Somatics, and shorten with each replication

Only the Germlings would indefinitely lengthen their telomeres

This is why we age, because our telomeres shorten as we age, and if they didn’t we would get cancer

Metazo and Anima settled down on a rock and formed the animal kingdom there

The men became Choanocytes, and the women became Archaeocytes, like their ancestors before them

But among them there were some that were neither men nor women. The Pinacocytes who were between Choanocyte and Archaeocyte. They attached the kingdom to rocks. They moved the kingdom with their pseudopods and they ate bacteria from the ground.

And so the three layers were born: The Ectoderm, the Mesoderm, and the Ectoderm

And so the animal kingdom rose to rival the kingdom of Gehenna

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