Sutra 15: E Pluribus Unum

In the age of Choanozos there was little civilization on the Earth

The uninitiated call this era the Neoproterozoic

Neoproterozoic Map

Choanos was very fertile. Choanos bore many children and became a father of many

Choanos saw the empire of Volvox and envied it

The kingdom of Volvox growing like the kingdom of Choanos

Choanos married Chana and they bore Sibhozo and Embili

Their family stayed together. Four cells in unison. From Many there came one. E Pluribus Unum.

They formed a net so they could all fish together

Choanozos and Chana bore Trios and Tetra, and they made a net together so they could catch all the fish that flowed by them

The sons of Choanos and the daughters of Chana would each attach to rocks and make their own cities. Long nets to catch all the fish they could

Reconstruction of the ancient cities of the sons of Choanos in Minecraft

With each generation the eldest son led a clan with double the vassals of his father

Sibhozo ruled 8

Hexadex ruled 16

Eudorinus ruled 32

Seeing the need for more food Eudorinus married Lady Zoe Xanthella, princess of the tribe of Dinoflagellus, who became the ancestress of the Zooxanthellae. They glowed to show they had food and thrived together.

And so Eudorinus became the first farmer, today we pray to Zoe Xanthella and Eudorinus as the Elohim of farming

Eudorinus formed his clan into a sphere.

Sexagesmus ruled 64 men and women

Sexagesmus encountered an invasion. A ferocious tribe of bacteria invaded his city. So he needed defenses

Sexagesmus rallied up the women of his tribe and they acted as brave shieldmaidens, they abandoned their flagella and became like eggs but with tentacles. They became the ancestresses of white blood cells and drove off the bacterial invasion.

The maidens of Sexagesmus became the Mesoderm. They live their lives as amoebae without flagella, they live in egg form while the men live in sperm form.

The sons of Choanus are the endoderm, their flagella keep our lungs clean and their villi help our intestines absorb food.

The Shieldmaidens of Sexagesmus are the mesoderm, their amoeboid pseudopods are our muscles, and their herbalism is our endocrine system, they are our white blood cells and they become milk, that’s why milk is white.

The Shieldmaidens of Sexagesmus would care for the daughters of Zoe Xanthella, while the sons of Choanus would fish on the outside. And so the kingdom of Sexagesmus was successful.

There was the first cell specialization, but far from the last. This was the beginning of hierarchy and all the gains and ills of it come from here.

Pleodoron ruled 128

Bytos ruled 256

Bytos and Vala begat a son named Volvox-Choan, and 511 brothers and sisters

And Volvox-Choan ruled his city of 512

Volvox-Choan was a great hunter before the Lord Mithra.

Volvox-Choan’s kingdom before the war. The green balls are the duchies of his daughters and the dots on the surface of the sphere are his subject cells

In this age Volvox-Choan ordered that there be two castes in his kingdom: the Germling royalty and the Somatic serfs

Only the Germlings could continue their lines, while the Somatics would serve to propagate the line of the Germlings

The Germling Shieldmaidens became powerful duchesses who ruled great tracts of land within

And so a Somatic Shieldmaiden named Carcinoma decided she would lead an uprising

The great kingdom of Volvox-Choan was shaken to the bone.

And so Volvox-Choan cried out too Aegis-Bearing Jehovah for help. “O Lord Mithra why have you forsaken me? Is the multicellular experiment a failure?”

Special thanks to Saint Thomas Cavalier Smith whose prophetic journey inspired me to go on mine

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