Sutra 14: The Mighty Men of Old, Men of Renown

The Wrath of Hilluhengweh

In the 13 billionth year  Hilluhengweh struck at Terra with a great burst of gamma ray

Before Hilluhengweh struck the seas were red since the sons of Rhodes were everywhere. But after there were only two survivors Lifthasir and Embla. They tried to rebuild their race but alas their children needed to inbreed, they lost much of their traditions and genes and their scrolls degraded beyond repair. Among their children Queen Florida and her consort Florida man build to create a kingdom, the kingdom of Floridea

A daughter of Florida today

The sons of Lifthasir and the daughters of Embla never created a culture like their ancestors. This is why plants are green not red.

Stromatolites before the Holocaust of 13 billion

In that time the Stromatolites nearly vanished. But the ancient ruins of their great cities still survive to this day

And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

Among these sons of God was Rhizar the great hero who thrived in the post-apocalyptic world

Rhizar son of Chromizer bore two sons: Cercus and Retar

Cercus bore countless children: Among them Gromius and Chlorar and Paul

Gromius grew huge. So huge the sons of Adam can see the sons of Gromius without microscopes.

The sons of Gromius bear millions of Nuclei.

The garbage dump of Gromius circa 13b-12020

Although the sons of Gromius are great they keep their waste in Garbage dumps within their cells. So is the curse of Gromius that they can’t manage their waste


Chlorar brother of Gromius married a daughter of Virita and became the ancestor of a line of Algae.

Paul was not photosynthetic, but for almost a billion years his line envied the line of Chlorar

Long after the others married into the house of Saya a son of Paul named Paulinellus married a different daughter of Saya. This is the second time only that endosymbiosis of Cyanobacteria happened

Retar begat Foramer and Radios

Foramer bore many children. Among them Nummulus Esther and Monoth

Nummulus became the ancestor of the Nummulites and Eloh of coins

Monoth son of Foramer had many sons. Whenever he had a new son he added a new room to his house for the son. His kingdom grew massive.

Some of his sons founded their own kingdoms and they became the Xenophylophores

Among the Xenophylophores were Spiculus and Oceana

Spiculus and Oceana

They built a unique kingdom in the ruins of sponges. Marine biologists had thought for millennia that they were sponges.

Esther became the ancestress of the Star Sand. She built great beaches in Okinawa, and build the Great Pyramids of Egypt. There were no aliens involved, only a billion-year-old Elah of Kawaii. If you want Esther’s help in building a great tomb for your father you can buy some Star Sand here

The daughters of Esther

Myxo daughter of Delta daughter of Protea saw the sons of Euka growing and wished to rival them. So she founded a Queendom of her own. She was a great woman of old, a woman of renown. A great conqueress.

Myxococcus xanthus.png

Among the daughters of Saya many formed their own Queendoms.

We call her Queendoms the Maidenhair of the Ocean

Plantus son of Virita founded an unstable kingdom. When he died his two sons Charos and Chloros fought over his domain.

After a great war Chloros won and pushed Charos up a river.

Charos cursed Chloros so that his sons may never form a great dynasty

Chloros begat Chlorovos and Pyramona who would be stolen by Euglenon

Chlorovos begat Chlorophyceus and Ulvophyceus and Chlorodendrus

Chlorophyceus claimed the throne and begat two sons: Volvox I, and Chlorococcus.

Volvox I succeeded the throne and tried to establish a kingdom. Seeing the success of Metazus he formed a Virus Corps to suppress dissent. With each generation a few sons escaped but soon his city grew. Each generation was led by another Volvox: Volvox II, Volvox III, and so forth. Volvox XIX had 50,000 subjects, in massive spheres with his sons ruling duchies within the sphere.
The sons of Volvox ruling their kingdoms

Chlorodendrus became the father of Tetraselma

Ulvophyceus begat many children. Among them many chose not to create kingdoms, and many did following the example of Metazus.

Valonius son of Ulvophyceus chose not to make a kingdom. Instead he ate his children and did so so much that he grew to a massive size. Occasionally he splits in two and these descendants became the bubble algae.

Sons of Valonius, all individual cells

Acetabuler likewise chose not to found a kingdom. Instead he just grew so large he became a kingdom in himself.

Codius founded a kingdom that he named Codium, but others call it the deadmans fingers.

Image result for codium

Lettus founded the kingdom of sea lettuce

Image result for sea lettuce

Caulerpus absorbed his children.

Image result for caulerpa

Meanwhile Charos flourished in the rivers, founding his kingdom there.

Among the great men of renown there were Amorpheus and Unika, our ancestors

Amorpheus married Unika and together they bore two sons: Obazo and Amoebus

Amoebus was a father of many shapeshifters

Sons of Amoebus

Among the sons of Amoebus there was the great conqueror Mygaster

Mygaster son of Mycetos son of Semicon son of Conos son of Evos son of Tevos son of Amoebus

Mygaster was a brutal commander and a military genius. He led his legions to victory with great intelligence and will. He created an advanced civilization that became the greatest empire the world had ever seen, and his sons continue his legacy to this day. We know the sons of Mygaster as the Slime Molds

Us sons of Choanus study the sons of Mygaster to learn the sacred arts of intelligence they created

Obazo begat three sons: Brevitus the Witty, Apus, and Opisthus

Opisthus begat Holozos and Holomys

Holomys was an amoeba with great filamentous pseudopods, like mycelium and hyphae

Holomys begat Cristis and Mygus

Cristis kept his hyphae traditional

Fungi developed their pseudopods into complex networks of hyphae

Image result for mycelium
The Mycerlium of Mygus

Mygus was the ancestor of the Fungi, he founded a logging network known as a mycelium

The sons of Mygus

Holozos begat Icthyosper and Filozos

Icthyosper would become a parasite in the future

Filozos begat Filaster and Choanozos

Filaster was a flagellated amoeba, he used pseudopods

Choanozos was a great hero. After years of brutal warfare his descendants would consolidate and become the animals


The great wars of Choanozos will be remembered for trillions of years to come

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