Sutra 12: Sharing our Scrolls

Zygos looked through his scroll and said to his half sister Dipla

Our Chromosomes that inherit from Mardöll’s Nucleolus

“I have two of each scroll, which one shall I read from”

Dipla said “Why not read from both? If one is wrong you will have protection”

And so each read from each of their scrolls

They saw some passages differed.

Zygos saw that the scrolls he inherited from Golgi had instructions to build the endoplasmic Reticulum and an Apparatus like Golgi’s

Zygos couldn’t find these in the scrolls from his mother

But within the scrolls of his mother he found instructions for a more powerful flagella and a vault of Ribose

Dipla looked at her scrolls and found the same, but no Vault of Ribose

Dipla said to Zygos “Let us bear children so they may all have Vaults”

Zygos saw the scrolls were fraying. He said to Dipla “Wait we must repair our scrolls lest they be damaged as we know each other”

And so they built robots to tend to their books. Telomerase, the original book scorpions.

Telomerase wrote the ancient inscription of youth on either side of each scroll


And so we meditate with the mantra TTAGGG to gain eternal youth and renewal

And so by viruses Zygos impregnated Dipla

And he bore her Quattro and Tetra

And so this generation was Tetraploid.

Each bore children asexually and their Chromosomes merged

A chromosome of Shiva merged with a Chromosome of Mardoll in each lineage

So each lineage bore three pairs of scrolls and a mitochondrial scroll

From Left to Right Chromosomes 1, 2, and 3

Chromosome 1 came from Mardoll entirely. It coded many of the most important things, and from it came the nucleolus

Chromosome 2 being formed by a chromosomal merger

The longest scroll was chromosome 2. It was a fusion of two extra copies of chromosomes 1 and 3. Not everything worked right but it contained the vault, and backup copies of most genes on the first and third scrolls

Chromosome 3 was the shortest scroll, for it only had the genes of Shiva. Chromosome 3 had instructions for Mitosis, the nucleus, and the Endoplasmic Reticulum.

After ten asexual generations there was a gamma ray burst and many sons of Quattro and daughters of Tetra found themselves mutants

In fear they decided they needed marriage to ensure diversity and preserve their scrolls

Many increased their copies to unsustainable levels. Cento had 100 copies of each chromosome and was so overwhelmed reading he did nothing else

Meios and Maia saw the plight of Cento and knew not to follow him. So they decided their children would each get half of their genes, not all of them.

Both were tenth generation descendants of Quattro and Tetra

They followed these steps together

They dissolved their nuclei and began mitosis

First they looked at their scrolls and Maia had an idea. She said each of them should cross over their scrolls to spread their data further

And so they crossed their scrolls over

After crossing over they lined up their scrolls in the middle

Their centrioles attached to each chromosome, but this time each pulled a single copy to their side, rather than both

And each of them split in two cells like it had been Mitosis

Each cell had three scrolls, but they saw they were already partially duplicated

If they merged these cells there would still be too many scrolls

So each cell split again

Each of the four sons of Meios merged their membrane with a daughter of Maia

And so each received their Mitochondria from Maia, three chromosomes from Meios and three chromosomes from Maia

So were Primus, Segunda, Trito, and Tetra

Primus died young, for his Golgi Apparatus didn’t form.

Meios and Maia were horrified. They cried out to Mithra “Why did Primus die”

Mithra said unto them “Read his scrolls and read the scrolls of his siblings”

And so Meios read the scrolls of all his children. He saw that Primus had no instructions for the Golgi Apparatus

He saw Segunda and Tetra had a scroll with instructions and a scroll without

And he saw that Trito had two copies of instructions

Both Meios and Maia were carriers who bore this gene

Primos had two copies so he was affected by this horrific disease

Segunda and Tetra each were carriers too

And Trito bore no copies. But as they looked closely they saw one of his scrolls was missing centrioles. It seemed the gamma rays damaged that part.

So to this day we follow the tradition of Meios and Maia. We read through our own scrolls to ensure we pass no diseases to our offspring, if we are carriers we don’t marry carriers.

And as each generation brings new mutations, we avoid marrying close relatives for risk we are both carriers of an unknown disease

Trito married Segunda and Tetra

And so was born the Gene Pool where scrolls would be shared

Segunda did a calculation. She calculated the family of Meios could grow larger if they didn’t marry.

But Tetra pointed out that without sex good ideas would be limited to one line

Two lines with good genes might annihilate each other instead of merging

Clonal interference, the biological concept Tetra referenced

Then Trito pointed out he became a carrier of a new disease from radiation, he didn’t know what it was but it looked bad. So with sex he could pass on his other genes and let that gene die out

And so they decided they would continue the tradition into eternity

But they missed some mutations: Segunda bore a damaged mitochondria, and Tetra bore a thirty-fold CAG repeat

And so within Tetra there was a Polyglutamine tower growing

The Trinucleotide curse

Trito and Tetra knew each other and they synthesized Twazina, Huntington, Tycho, Fortuna, and Aneta

The scribes had trouble with the long repetitive sequence, so those who inherited it had it grow longer

CAG repeat expansion

Twazina had thirty repeats, Huntington 50, Tycho and Fortuna had none, and Aneta had 75

Huntington was a great hunter. He lived life passionately, but when he was young he developed problems.

His arms moved erratically, but he compensated for it. He had trouble sleeping and planning his life, but he prayed to Mithra for help.

His disease became known as Huntington’s disease. Soon after his mother started showing symptoms too. It was dominant and grew in severity with each generation.

In the underworld Huntington watches over the disabled, inspires them to live great lives, and have children responsibly. One day he will help us use gene therapy to liberate us from genetic diseases once and for all. He also protects the disabled from eugenics and those who seek to victimize them

With Segunda Trito begat Vahide and Bruno and Darja and Miroslava

All her children inherited the curse of Segunda

Bruno married Twazina. They disobeyed the will of their parents.

They bore 40 children together and all inherited two copies of the disease of Trito. All their 40 children died in infancy. This is the curse bestowed upon those who ignore his commandment.

The world of heredity is a cruel one, but by staying righteous in their marriages Eziz and Oenone were liberated

Eziz son of Hugo son of Huntington was free of Huntington’s disease by luck and avoiding incest, but he carried the curse of Segunda

As he was a man he couldn’t pass down her curse, so he married Oenone who lacked the curse

Oenone’s father bore the curse himself, but her mother didn’t, so Oenone escaped the curse

Oenone daughter of Celinda daughter of Fortuna daughter of Tetra had the mitochondria of Tetra, so she was pure and healthy

Eziz and Oenone married and became the ancestors of all Eukaryotes. We must thank them for liberating us from their genetic curses

To this day we pray to Eziz and Oenone for guidance in having healthy children

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