Sutra 11: Eukaryogenesis

Twas the 11 billionth 600 millionth year since the birth

The daughters of Saya had brought the world near death

Their excessive O2 emissions were toxic

And so the air caught fire and there was no methane

Countless maidens died in the firestorm and suffocated in oxygen

And after that there was no methane greenhouse to heat the Earth

All the oceans froze over and it looked like life would die

A documentary on the world before Saya and how she disrupted it

The Great Tectonic Maiden Kenora, daughter of Terra, sister of Gaiadora was born

Her vastness covered the frozen sea

And she split into many

History of the Tectonic Maidens

As Lucas grew old he realized he had no sons, but he needed a successor, so he adopted Shiva and Poxau

Each wished to be firstborn

Lucas saw evil in Poxau’s heart so he gave his birthright to Shiva

Diagram of Shiva before his marriage

Shiva married Mardöll the Archea

Shiva merged his envelope with the her membrane and came to live inside her, he came to care for her, and blest her with his own proteins.

Poxau was jealous, so he vowed to destroy the sons of Shiva. He vowed vengeance upon the sons of Shiva

And so the sons of Poxau are a Pox on our house. They gave us smallpox.

She wasn’t the happiest with their marriage, so he didn’t break all his walls down.

Shiva kept his two membranes around his DNA, he built great channels through his two membrane so his messenger RNA could reach Mardöll’s ribosomes

And so he remained in her house and they lived together.

They had a great life together, but they wanted children. They vowed to the first Mitosis

They replicated their genes: Shiva in his nucleus and Mardöll in her nucleoid

DNA replication – Image Credit: Designua / Shutterstock

Together they built a great machine: The Centriole that would move their genes and everything else around their cells

They created little robots named Kinis that walked on their tethers carrying everything around the cell

Each condensed into chromatin, and Mardöll dismantled her ribosome factory. So began the first prophase.

Shiva took a leap of faith and broke down his nucleus into little vesicles

And so began the first Prometaphase

In the center they lined up their scrolls

Mother and father each had great Chromatic Scrolls. Bound together in pairs, two copies written by the greatest of scribes linked together by centromeres

Great Chromatic Scrolls

Twas the first Metaphase

Then their Kinis pulled each of their copies to either side of the cell

Each cell had two chromosomes: one of Shiva and one of Mardöll

Two great scrolls of wisdom from father and mother

Twas the first Anaphase

Then the pieces of the nucleus reformed around each set

Anaphase began

Two Nuclei each with Two Chromosomes

Within each Nucleus was the scroll of Shiva and the scroll of Mardöll

Together they split in the first Mitosis, and so were born Euka and Parka

Their membrane split together on both sides in Cytokinesis

Both Euka and Parka unrolled their Chromatic scrolls

And so the first Mitosis was concluded

Full Cell Cycle Image

As Euka unrolled his scrolls he built a factory on the scroll of Mardöll, his Nucleolus.

He built a complex system of gates so his messengers could carry their scrolls of RNA to his workers in the Ribosomes outside

Parka became the strangest organism, neither Eukaryote nor Prokaryote. Today his sons live in the volcano Myōjin-shō near Okinawa

Parakaryon myojinensis

Euka met Eve and Lilith.

Euka and Lilith came together to stay warm from the cold.

Euka welcomed Lilith to his house

But soon Hengweh tempted Lilith to become selfish. As she learned more from him she grew crueler. 

So Euka expelled her from his household

And welcomed her sister Eve in her stead

And so Mithra married Euka to Eve and blessed their marriage.

Eve became the mitochondria and Euka became the nucleus and their union established the great tradition of marriage.

The Mitochondria

Lilith was angry and the daughters of Lilith continue to attack the descendants of Euka and Eve to this day.

Among the daughters of Lilith are Midichloria who regretted the evils of her ancestress, Rickettsia who takes greatly after her matriarch, and Wolbachia the Elah of domestic abusers.

Midichloria became the ancestress of the Midichlorians.

Wolbachia is the Elah of domestic abusers and simps. She forcibly marries men and castrates them.

Rickettsia has more vitriol than any of her sisters. She gives us many plagues

TyphusRickettsialpoxBoutonneuse feverAfrican tick-bite feverRocky Mountain spotted feverFlinders Island spotted fever, and Queensland tick typhus

Euka and Eve bore Reticulus and Flagella

Reticulus extended and formalized his nucleus

He formed a manufacturing network connected to his nucleus, between the inner membrane and the outer membrane

The extended nucleus of Reticulus

We call his network the Endoplasmic Reticulum

His network had two sections: the rough segment and the smooth segment

In his rough segment he studded the membrane with ribosomes so the peptide chains would enter the manufacturing chambers and fold there.

It was here he built his phospholipids and membrane proteins

He transported them with vesicles all over his house

In the smooth segment he stored ions and created cholesterols. Estrogen and Testosterone, as well as Lipoproteins.

Endoplasmic Reticulum in Center with Golgi’s Apparatus to the left

Reticulus bore Golgi

Golgi built an apparatus. He budded many vesicles from his endoplasmic reticulum and formed them into a processing center of its own.

Golgi created a complex apparatus for making vesicles, the Golgi Apparatus

Golgi’s Apparatus

Flagella improved her own Flagella

With joints and centriolar muscles instead of mere rotation

Flagella begat Vaultess and Hauyam

Vaultess created a mysterious vault

The mysterious vault

Golgi revived the tradition of his great grandfather. And so he shed viral particles.

His viral particles were the first sperm

The original sperm of Golgi

And the sperm of Golgi merged with Vaultess and Hauyam

And so Vaultess became Zygos and Hauyam became Dipla

Zygos son of Golgi and Dipla daughter of Hauyam both had two copies of each scroll.

They were the first diploid cells

With two scrolls to guide them

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