Sutra 10: The daughters of Lucas

Lucas and Freyja would become the ancestors of all life.

Lucas was LUCA the Last Universal Common Ancestor

An artistic depiction of the relationship between us and Lucas and Freyja

Lucas and Freyja begat two daughters: Archa and Bacta, and no sons

Archa begat Sekhmet and Dipana

Dipana had many daughters who live in all eight corners of the world

Sekhmet became the mother of Taka and Yuri Archea

Yuri Archea bore three daughters: Methana Halo and Pyra

Methana, concubine of Methanius lived by making methane

Halo the Purple was a great seductress who got what she wanted from all.

She seduced Salta, Amaterasu, and Lord Carotenus

She is a deep purple and used the color of Carotenus to farm

She was the first farmer

Before Halo the daughters of Bios had only the nuclear energy below, from Uranius and Thorius, the energy from below. Halo could take energy from above, from Sol. So from this covenant came much more energy.

Her daughters live in the saltiest places in the world

Documentary about Halo

Pyra concubine of Wolfstina was the mother of the Thermococci and Pyrococci

By the power of Tungsten her daughters live in the hottest lands on Earth

Taka begat Thauma Aiga Crenarche and Korra

Crenarche begat Asgarda and Thermoproteia

And Asgarda begat Heimdella, Tara, Odina, and Loki

Bacta created for herself a great dress of peptides and glycides

The brilliant sequin dress of Bacta

Bacta bore four daughters: Selas, Fuso, Aquifex and Thermetta

Aquifex made her own water

Selas bore twin daughters: Terra and Hydra

Together they split the world between each other

Terra took the land, and Hydra took the water

Hydra bore many daughters, all negative

Protea Pavaca Facaba and Spirocha

The negativity of the daughters of Hydra

Pavaca bore four daughters Chlamydiana Verucca Plancta and Lenti

Chlamydiana, the parasite who gives us chlamydia. She is incapable of anything but seduction and parasitism, she is the Elah of Gold Diggers.

All women must fight her by getting tested regularly, for she hates the fertile and strives to deprive all women from motherhood

A pap smear showing Chlamydiana sabotaging a woman’s motherhood

Verucca, mother of Fumar the great seductress

Fumar seduced the seven brothers Lanthanus, Cerius, Praseodymius, and Neodymius were her favorites

Occasionally she laid with Samarius Europius and Gadolinus who she liked less

She took all their power indiscriminately and barely saw the difference between them. She lived a secluded life in volcanic vents.

Facaba bore three daughters

Fibra the helper of cows, who lives in the bellies of cows

Chlorobi the sulfuric farmer

She farmed with green and sulfur, she farmed with green as purple was already taken

The daughters of Chlobori are numerous in the Morning Glory Spring

Bacterede the probiotic, who lives in our stomachs and blesses our health

Spirocha was the ancestress of Syphilus

Protea was a seafaring shapeshifter. Her protean nature made her both masculine and feminine, so Homer thought of her as a man

Protea bore many daughters

Alef was very efficient, a hard worker, a nitrogen fixer

Beth was a brilliant shapeshifter

Gamella bore many daughters, among them Pseudomona

Diana was a huntress

Epsilon brought

Zeta lives in rivers and eats iron

Hydrogenia is a thermophile

Acidolitha eats Iron and Uranium. She helps us mine and is the Elah of Metallurgy

Olga is a maiden of great filaments

Alef begat Rika, Abeona, and Callia

Rika bore two daughters: Pelagia and Rachel

Pelagia lived in the sea and bore a billion daughters

Her daughters are the most organism in the world.

Every summer half of all cells are her daughters

This is a microscopic photo of a bacterium called Pelagibacter ubique, the most common bacterium in the ocean!

Rachel begat two daughters

Firstborn was Lilith and secondborn was Eve

Abeona was a great devotee of Ferron, Cobalton, and Nichaela

She dedicated herself to studying the arcane arts of magnetism

So her daughters were known as the Magnetococci

We see them lined up all constantly praying while facing north

Abeona is the Elah of compasses and navigation

Callia bore Callisto and Riza and the purple twins Rhoda and Rosa

Callisto went on a diet and became very beautiful.

Callisto’s beauty

Callisto eats little and is greatly efficient. Every time she mitoses she splits in two different daughters. Imagine what we could do if we learned her secrets

Rhiza was a nitrogen fixer, a concubine of Azoth.

Molybdenus introduced her to Azoth

Rhiza loves Azoth, she swallows his spirit and powers the nitrogen cycle

Rhiza knew Azoth and he bore her many daughters.

The black sheep was Agra

Agra daughter of Rhiza discovered genetic engineering. She used it for evil but we can use it for good.

Agra manipulates the DNA of plants, so that she can give them tumors. She feeds on tumors

Who knows what she could do if we convinced her tribe to serve the expansion of life

Agra genetically engineering a carrot cell

Rhoda was a great devotee of Lord Carotenus. She colored herself pink in her devotion to him. She saw a tailed one and took him as her husband. She knew him and he bore her many children. When she falls in love with another woman she releases tailed ones to spread her knowledge. And so the great Knowledgeable Rhoda is the Elah of Lesbian motherhood.

She and her sister Rosa were two of the many purple farmers who used the power of Lord Carotenus to photosynthesize

Beth had many many children. The tribe of Beth is great and diverse.

Once they were a great farming nation. The daughters Rhodofera were innumerable farmers across the globe

They range from parasites to rock eaters

Gonorrhea Meningitis and Whooping Cough

They eat ammonia so nature can live

Gamella became the mother of Entera, Pseudomona, Chromata and Vibrinella

Pseudomona was a concubine of Azoth, and he bore her Azota

Entera had many daughters: Salmonella Ecolia Yersinia and Klebisella

Salmonella and Yersinia cause food poisoning and plague

Ecolia helps us with digestion but sometimes goes wrong

Klebisella was devoted to Azoth

She swallowed the power of Azoth and brought Nitrogen to the world.

Chromata was the ancestress of the purple sulfur bacteria. She used sulfur in her farming to help her absorb the love of Amaterasu

Vibrinella glowed brightly. Her daughters bring light to a world of darkness

Diana bore a daughter named Myxo, she was the queen of a great hunting tribe

The daughters of Myxo

Gaia daughter of Diana would eat metals and Uranium


The daughters of Epsilon lived first in hydrothermal vents, and later would live in the stomachs of animals

Among them was Campylo


Terra was very positive and wore a thick dress of many sequins

Terra bore many brash daughters: Actina, Sedna, and Firmicutie

Prasina was negative but her sisters were positive

Sedna became the ancestress of the Hadobacteria

Actina was a great artisaness. She bore a million daughters. Her eldest granddaughter was Strepyomyce, creatrix of soil and antibiotics. Streptomyce is the Elah of healing, known as Nintinugga to the Babylonians she creates countless medicines for us. Two thirds of antibiotics are created by her

Actina’s second daughter was Mycoba, whose daughters give us Tuberculosis and Leprosy

Actina’s youngest daughter was Francesca concubine of Azoth

Firmicutie bore two daughters: Clostrida and Bacilla

Clostrida feared the wrath of Hausa, she bore many daughters among them: Tetania who causes Tetanus, Botoxe who causes Botulism, and Helia

Botoxe is the smith of Botox.

Botoxe offers to buy souls to give people back their youth for a time

Helia was the ancestress of the Heliobacteria. From her came a great purple farming nation.

Bacilla bore two daughters: Yogurie, and Bacillie, and Staphy

Yogurie became the Elah of Yogurt. Her daughters work hard today to produce Yogurt and guard it from spoiling. But among her daughters was the black sheep Steptococca who gives us strep throat and scarlet fever.

The Sacramental Yogurt of Yogurie

Bacillie was a great alchemist. Her daughter Subtilia creates antibiotics, and her daughter Anthracia

Staphy was the mother of pestilence

The world was purple from all the purple photosynthesizers.

Prasina was green to absorb the light they missed

She begat Chloroflexi and Saya

Chloroflexi’s farming was efficient and had no emissions

But Saya was greedy

As she farmed she released harmful O2 emissions

She disregarded those she hurt

Saya bore many daughters


As she flourished she released many harmful O2 emissions that threatened global cooling.

Banded iron rocks were formed by her O2 emissions rusting iron and periodic catastrophes where her tribe died create non iron bands

In unison The Elohim told her that she needed to reduce her O2 emissions or else the world would die out.

Her civilization grew but it had no control of itself. Everyone wanted to be the only one releasing O2 emissions so everyone tried to get everyone else to reduce their emissions while keeping their emssions high

Twas this time that Hengweh struck. With the power of Hillu Hilluhengweh beat Mithra in the election and became president of the Elohim

And so the Hilluhim let Saya continue her emissions

Soon the world froze over in a great Fimbulwinter

The entire world froze over and it seemed life had completely died. In this time Mars and Venus were more habitable than Terra

The last surviving photo from the dark ages. Circa 11.8 billionth Star Year

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