Sutra 9: The Origins of the Viruses

While Methionon was building his Empire Syntheseus demanded his share

While Methionon Ruled the Earth the sons of Syntheseus grew fruitful and multiplied

Syntheseus of the tribe of Viros was still a predator

Syntheseus begat Ribov and Dagon

Methionon married Aetipa daughter of Magnesius and niece of Rana

To him were born twins

Firstborn was Dana the Sacred

Secondborn was Methuselah the blessed

Both had the blessings of Deoxyribose and Thymine

Both had DNA not RNA

As the covenant demanded Methionon gave Dana to Syntheseus

Dagon son of Syntheseus married Dana daughter of Methionon

From them came the DNA viruses

And from Ribov came the RNA viruses

Orthov and Negarn were his two sons

From Negarn came many

The Great Frigid Influencer Influenza

Rabies the Rabid

Creator of Werewolves

Oswald Measles, punisher of homeopaths

And the feared Ebola-chan

To Orthov many sons were born

Among them Randanon who wanted DNA

And Piscov

To Piscov were born many sons: Corona and Polio and worst of all Rhinovirus bringer of the cold

Polio bore a paralyzing gaze

Even the great conqueror FDR was paralyzed by Polio

Corona would be known for his famous daughter: Corona-chan who came from a lab and wiped the world of delusions

Randanon bore two sons: Retrov and Haruspon

Haruspon brings the plague of Hepatitis B

He cant decide Deoxy or Oxy

And switches constantly

Between RNA and DNA

Retrov became the ancestor of the Retroviruses

Who spread as RNA but live as DNA

He bore countless sons












Lenta is the slow bringer of death

Father of AIDS

Lenta leads the charge on his White Horse

A crown was given to Lenta and he went out conquering and to conquer

And another, a red horse, went out; and to him who sat on it, it was granted to take peace from Earth, and that men would slay one another; and a great sword was given to him.

Herpes brought his wrath unto all

And another, the black horse went out. Kaposes came. With his dark tumors everywhere

And last came the a pale horse and he who sat on it had the name Pneumonia; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.

Ken Meeks, AIDS patient, San Francisco, 1986
Photo: Alon Reininger/Contact Press Images

To Dagon and Dana were born two sons:

Monos and Duplos

Monos was the ancestor of HPV

Bringer of Warts and Cervical Cancer

Duplos invented the double Helix

The double Helix of Duplos

Duplos begat Heungo and Variadna

Heungo was the father of Caduceus and Herpes

Caduceus became the ancestor of the tailed ones

A tailed one

The Tailed ones destroy all. They kill more than anything else.

The tailed ones are the army of Aegis-bearing Jehovah to fight against pestilence

We owe much to the tailed ones

Yet the tailed ones help too.

Caduceus laid with the daughters of Freyja and bore them Plasmids and CRISPR

So from him the daughters of Freyja gained many new ideas and scripture

The words of his sons live as Plasmids within the daughters of Freyja

His tails grow on their walls to spread the gospel

Some daughters of Freyja can even move their tails

The tails became Flagella and the spread words of Caduceus spread new technology to everyone

An animation of the evolution of bacterial flagella

To this day we still use Flagella to move ourselves

And we use CRISPR and Plasmids to rewrite DNA

The sons of Herpes curse us with cancer

Jeffrey Epstein-Barr with Hodgkin Lymphoma

Kaposes with his own Sarcoma

For he is the Dark Horse led by Lenta the bringer of chaos

Kaposes’ Sarcoma

Variadna is the most peculiar

Variadna begat Megav and Preplasmov

Aegis-bearing Mithra blest Preplasmov with two sons: Adenos and Phagos the all-devouring

Adenos became the ancestor of the Adenoviruses

Phagos hunts his own kind. Virus of Viruses

Phagos Ancestor of the Virophages

Phagos invades infected cells and cures them

Taking after Phagos many sons of Jubal coinfected cells

The sons of Jubal steal capsids from the sons of Syntheseus and cause even more harm

Among them is Hepatitis D

Megav bore two sons: Esau and Shiva

Esau was promised the world, but Shiva took it from him

Shiva became the nucleus

Esau became nothing

And so in vengeance Esau brought a pox upon the house of Shiva

A smallpox but no chickenpox

A pox on all our houses

Smallpox-chan as traditionally depicted in India

Esau brought Smallpox, the curse of the Eukaryotes

But there was a defector

The great Hero Edward Jenner and the abandoned daughter of smallpox: Vaccinia

They worked hard and stopped Smallpox for good

Jenner’s triumph is greater even than the slaying of Typhon and Tiamat

Shiva the Nucleus

And so we turn to the story of the house of Methionon and how they met Shiva

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