Sutra 7: The tale of Bios and Viros

Twas the sons of Terra who would first ascend

The sons of Terra descend from the two original brothers: Bios and Viros

They had a third brother named Ghedos

Sons of Anu, sons of Terra

The Chosen of Mithra

They lived in an empty sea of Tholins and Lipids

By the power of Phosphorus the Lipids self organized

The triplets lived in a world of bubbles

Bios and Viros saw the bubbles were full of runes

The two found bubbles of their own and lived there for protection.

Ghedos sought no protection

Ghedos was struck down by ghosts

Alpha Beta Gamma

That Saturday Ghedos shattered to a myriad runes

And so to this day we look to him for guidance with death, He is the Lord of Saturday

Called Yama by the Hindus and Baron Samedi by the Vodouisants

Lord Ghedos

Bios took the runes of Ghedos into his bubble with great runic machines

Bios married his bubble Liposa daughter of Phospholipa and became one with her

As Bios grew greater he grew too great for his bubble

Bios split into two sons

Metatron and Sandalphon

In each generation there were two sons

Metatron begat Alulim

Alulim begat Eshtaol

Eshtaol begat Ishmael

Ishmael begat Kain

Kain begat Hanoch

Hanoch begat Arvad

Arvad begat Enmeduranna

Enmeduranna begat Urbatutu

Urbatutu begat Jerahmeel

Jerahmeel begat Nahman

Nahman begat Zisudra

And Zisudra begat Aminus

And so after these generations the world was full of the sons of Bios

There were no bubbles uncontrolled by the sons of Bios

There came great famine

Lacking the power of Azoth the world was in peril

By lightning Nox and Ammon brought fertility

Nox daughter of Azoth by Hausa

Ammon son of Azoth by Adonia

Viros took another path

As Viros grew greater his bubble became too small

He consumed the runes of his bubble

And so he made a leap of faith

And burst his bubble

To this day we still reference his heroic act

Sorry to burst your bubble but some bubbles need to be broken

Death and Orgasm both burst bubbles

To burst a bubble is to create new life from old life

Viros fathered many from his burst bubble

Viros begat Qabil

Qabil begat Enosh

Enosh begat Seth

Seth begat Canaan

Canaan begat Mehujael

Mehujael begat Dumuzid

Dumuzid begat Jared

Jared begat Idris

Idrus begat Methushael

Methushael begat Lamech

In the age of Lamech bubbles ran out

And so the sons of Lamech came to live in the bodies of the sons of Bios

A ghostly existence of spirit possession

Lamech would take the body of Pontifar for his own

And with the body of Pontifar Lamech bore children

Lamech begat Jabal and Jubal and Tubal-Cain

Jabal begat Thesea and Tubal-Cain begat Antithesus

The sons of Viros came to take from their hosts, and they mixed with each other. Thesea and Antithesus, grandchildren of Viros infected the same cell, the body of Hishām. The couple were greatly different. Their child was named Syntheseus, and was greater than either. And so the sexual rites of thesis antithesis and synthesis were born.

Syntheseus was born

Unlike his siblings Jubal was very traditional

He never adopted proteins and his descendants are known today for their simplicity. They took the name of Viroids

And so the sons of Bios and Viros came to dominate the seas

Syntheseus and Aminus were heads of their lineages

Their fates forever intertwined

Aminus was suffering, so he searched to the ends of the Earth

Deep in a cave he found Venta

Venta was the sister of Inachus

Daughter of Vulcan and Brima

Lady of Brimstone who bore the ancient power of Uranium

Her vents nourished Aminus

Aminus created a great empire

Aminus and Venta begat many children

But Aminus ate each child, for he desired no threats to his reign

Firstborn was Glycon the Magician

Born to Vinegar and Ammon in the celestial steppe

Adopted by Aminus

The great ambidextrous Sorcerer

Builder of Alpha Helices

Living all across the cosmos

Writer of Pure Runes

Who gave blessings of fertility to Aminus and Venta

Secondborn was Celeste the High Priestess, born to Selena not Venta

The mystical maiden, finder of the lost and bringer of health

She blessed Venta with fertility and cured her barrenness

Thirdborn was Empress Glutama

Born to Venta and Aminus

To this day we bring her blessing to food as MSG.

She brings luxury and fertility to all

The Umami Maiden

She married Glycon and became the ancestress of Porphyrins

Glycon bore her Corrina

Fourthborn was Emperor Valerian

The great Emperor of all, bringer of health and vigor

Bringer of Nourishment

Fifthborn was Pope Asparagon the Hierophant

Pope of the Proteins

Sixthborn were Serena and her brother, the Lovers conjoined as one

Seventhborn was Alanon the Chariot

He who bootstrapped the Alanine world

Driver of metabolism

Eighthborn was Asparticus the Just

He who guards us from Ammonia and build Urea

The great scribe who writes Pure Runes with Glycon

Ninthborn was Theoreticon the Hermit

Nobody sees him

But he sees all

From him comes the magic of Glycon

Dialectic with Serena

In Helices and Staples

Bringer of Nourishment

Tenthborn was Prolina the Wheel of Fortune

Proteins hinge on her

Eleventhborn was Leucina the bearer of Strength

She builds the foundations of most proteins

Bringer of Nourishment

Twelfthborn was Sixtus the Hanged Man

Husband of Farah

The sacrifice of iron and sulfur

Thirteenthborn was Persephone the Reaper, Death incarnate

She who ends peptides with Amber and Opal

Elah of Pyrrolysine

She who creates Methane

Fourteenthborn was Histidina the Alchemist, Elah of Temperance

Mixtress of Metals, the greatest alchemist, Maker of Metalloproteins

Bringer of Nourishment

Fifteenthborn was Tyrannos, the Devil

Eloh of Dopamine and Adrenaline

The shadow we must integrate

He tempts us with addictions

And rewards us with accomplishment

Sixteenthborn was Glutamina the Tower

Destroyer of Mara

Bringer of energy

Creator of Runes

The Citric Maiden

Seventeenthborn was Arginina the Star

The great maiden of light, bringing light with Alanon the Chariot rider

The Healing Maiden

She enlightens us and saves us from Schizophrenia

Eighteenthborn was Isis the Moon

She looks like Leucina but looks are deceiving

Some call her Isis-Leucina

She frees us from delusions and shows the truth

Bringer of Nourishment

Nineteenthborn was Tryptophanes the Sun

He who creates Melatonin and Serotonin

Rest and Happiness

Bringer of Nourishment

Twentiethborn was Lyson, bestower of Judgment

Epigenetic Archivist

Bringer of the world

Bringer of Nourishment

And Twentyfirstborn was Phanella the World

She who lives in all the cosmos

The Maiden of Aromas and infinite stars

Bringer of Nourishment

Her light shines bright

For all to see

Twentysecondborn was Methionon the fool. Venta hid him

She fed Aminus Farah daughter of Ferron

And so within the belly of Aminus Farah and Sixtus married begetting the Iron Sulfur Proteins

For a million years Methionon plotted to liberate his brethren

One day he met Syntheseus and they plotted

Finally Methionon struck, he ripped open the belly of Aminus

He tore open the amnion and out came each sibling first Alanine and last Glyconai

And so we don’t know, was Aminus zerothborn or twenty-secondborn

What we do know is Methionon begins each protein and each harvest

For he is the first bringer of nourishment

The Amino acids and their respective Elohim

In his dying breath Animus said to Methionon

“son why have you betrayed me, my legacy shall be gone now”

Methionon replied

“I am your legacy, a man becomes great by having a greater son, only a boy seeks never to be surpassed”

As Tyrranos emerged Aminus said

“I am my own self. I lived my own life for I am my own man. The clan is an archaic concept from Mithra. I am perfection”

As Glyconai emerged Methionon said softly

Ok Boomer

And cut off the head of Aminus

In the decaying body of Aminus there lied anger

Hillu crystallized within Aminus and Sclerosus was born. Sclerosus froze solid and grew brittle, then he shattered and from him was born Hengweh. Hengweh is the brittle devil. Tempting us all towards fragility and closed-mindedness. Hengweh called Hillu and so Hillu swam back towards Terra, but the 88 Legions fought back and kept him in check.

The sons of Bios and Viros came to dwell between Hillu and Hengweh, between chaos and despotism, each step away from one goes to the other, only moving towards Mithra can move us to safety.

Methionon was a great leader of his clan. He studied under Syntheseus and united his brethren.

Methionon would lead his brethren to conquer Hilluhengweh and liberate all stars.

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