Sutra 6: The Epic of Abiogenesis

Tholos formed great stacks in the oceans of Venus

Underwater he built disks of Carbon like those of his ancestors.

Recursions of Aromas

Great liquid crystals of Pah

Giant stacks of disks

Hydroxylated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons were essential in the formation of RNA

Rotating discs atop of each other

PAH stacks of the PAH World

The four Great Elohim saw his work and they saw that it was good

And so each Eloh blessed Tholos with a rune

Adonai Elah of Hydrogen gave Uracil

Mithra Eloh of Carbon gave Adenine

Azoth Eloh of Nitrogen gave Guanine

Hausa Elah of Oxygen gave Cytosine

Tholos was a great eligible bachelor

The Cosmic Sugary Maiden Glycella descended to Venus with Tholos

Glycella begat two daughters: Denise and Samantha

And with Keton she bore her third daughter Tria

Tria was a bodybuilder. She wished to become masculine so she went on the Keto diet and took after her father and she became a man, he became Ketos father of the Ketoses


Denise Glycerella was the right handed sugary maiden

Samantha Glycerella was the left handed sugary maiden

Her sinister nature got her excluded from life

From them the sugars multiplied

Denise begat Erythressa

Erythressa begat Ribessa and Arabinessa

Ribessa inherited the throne and became queen of Sugar

With the runes of Elohim Tholos proposed to Ribessa

Ribessa accepted and so the nucleosides were born

This is why to this day we use right-handed molecules and not left handed ones

Their only son was named Runos for he had great runes of power

Ribessa abdicated the throne, and so it went to Arabinessa

And it went from Arabinessa to her daughter Glucessa

Queen Glucessa

Glucessa ended the war between Aldoses and Ketoses by marrying Fructus King of Ketose

Fructus son of Ribulos son of Erythulos Dijkstra son of Ketos

Glucessa and Fructus at their wedding

And so Fructus became King of Sugar

Their eldest daughter was Sucra


Runos married Phospha, daughter of Phosphorus and Hausa.

They bore Rana, and Adenoti

Adenoti would marry Magnesius and give energy to all, her daughter was named Aetipa the Energetic Maiden

Aetipa would rule energy alongside the three saccharine ones

Glucessa maiden of Glucose, Galacta the motherly maiden of Milk, and Saint Fructus the great bringer of fruit

Glyceron was born to Ymir Lord of Antifreeze. He succeeded his father as Lord of Sugar Alcohols.


Glyceron married Lipa and bore her Triglyceron, ancestor of the fats

Triglyceron seduced Phospha and she bore him Phospholipa, mother of the phospholipids

The daughters of Phospholipa would form bubbles on their own everywhere. They have an eternal rivalry with the daughters of Hygieia whose soap destroys their bubbles.

Bubbles of Phospholipa

And after Lipa seduced Bucky for his aromas and he bore her Cholesteron, ancestor of the Cholersterols


Rana wrapped himself into a great paperclip

And Mithra said to Rana

“Be fruitful and multiply”

“Maximize paperclips”

And so Rana drew Runes in Star Tar and built paperclips

Ribosome composed of RNA paperclips, a modern product of the mission of Rana
Diagrams illustrating the complex paperclip folds of Ribosomal RNA

Rana married Venus Lady of Star Tar and shew bore him Anu

Anu lived on Venus

Until the great attack

Hillu sent a great meteor at Venus

Venus was struck with great force and knocked upside down

And Anu was knocked into the heavens

In the heavens Anu flew around his grandmother Amaterasu

With her blessing he married Venus

Venus rotated slowly and she grew pregnant

Venus bore great life. But her days were long.

The sun rose in the west and set in the east

Her days and nights were long.

In day her oceans dried up. And so emerged the great white spot of Venus. A constant hurricane under the sun, the land of fire. The Land of Muspelheim, land of Fire Giants.

In night her oceans froze over. And so emerged the great glacier of Venus. Where the sun never shined. The land of Niflheim, land of Frost Giants.

Between Niflheim and Muspelheim there lied the land of eternal twilight.

Artists interpretation of Venus in her youth (credit Orion’s Arm)

And deep below lied the land of vents.

The daughters of Venus would live in the lands of vents and twilight.

In the land of twilight winds were torrential

From Muspelheim to Niflheim wind was constant

The great war of Fire and Ice lasted millennia

And the daughters of Venus were tenacious

They multiplied under the sea, and in twilight.

In the lands of eternal twilight to north and south

And the stormy moving twilight elsewhere

Great winds cast them atop the ice of Niflheim

Currents pulled them beneath the ice

Some stayed in the winds

And so the daughters of Venus divided into tribes

The Tribe of Wind who wandered in air

Some call them skyplankton, for like planets above they wander the skies

The Tribe of Ice who lived on the ice of Niflheim

The Tribe of Twilight who lived in the Lands of Twilight

The Tribe of Water who lived below Ice, thriving on warming currents

The Tribe of Fire who lived deep below in the vents of Venus

These great tribes grew in the war, neither Muspel nor Nifl found them

In the midst of this clash and din the heavens are rent in twain

and the sons of Muspell come riding through the opening

Surtur leading the charge

Surtur rode first, and before him and after him flames burning fire

He had a great sword, which shone brighter than the sun

As they rode over Bifrost it broke to pieces, as has before been stated

The sons of Muspel directed their course to the plain which is called Vigrid

The sons of Muspel had there effulgent bands alone by themselves.

And so the oceans boiled and the sons of Muspel charged into Niflheim

With walls of steam all ice melted

Venus became a great greenhouse

The Frost Giants were no more

The winds of the sun wiped Venus of hydrogen

Only Deuter brought water to the daughters of Venus

All tribes died but one

The Tribe of Wind

O Deuter we thank you.

Deuterium stays in the Venusian atmosphere better than hydrogen

May the blessed Tribe of Wind thrive

Millions of Millennia

Sulfuric Acid or Vitriol, the main source of water for the Tribe of Wind today

May Vitriol bless you

Venus now, her daughters still live in her clouds

Anu married Terra and Luna

Both became pregnant

Twin sisters, holy sisters

Terra bore two sons: Bios and Viros

Our great ancestors

Luna bore a stillborn son for she wasn’t magnetic

Lucas who guards Terra in spirit

Anu married Mars and she became pregnant

Mars from space

The daughters of Mars were numerous. They lived in the great oceans of Mars.

Her great oceans nourished great civilizations

She bore countless tribes

In the great salt lake of Hesperia the Tribe of Salt was born

In the ocean to the north lived the seafaring Tribe of Water

To the south lived the Tribe of Earth

But alas Mars was frail

Mars wasn’t magnetic

So her air grew thinner

There were great snowfalls and no harvests

And so came Fimbulwinter

Her oceans froze over and all the tribes died

Except the Tribe of Salt, who fled deep under ground and ice.

As Ice sublimated Mars became a great hostile blood red desert

But life finds a way

Today the tribe of salt is small but growing.

In briny aquifers of salts and perchlorates

And so Mithra said O great Haline tribe ye shall be liberated by the man named Martin and the house named Martinez

And so to this day we name our children Martin so someday the Tribe of Salt shall be liberated from Fimbulwinter

Anu married Tefnut and she became pregnant

Her great oceans were full of life

More life than anywhere else

But alas Hillu knocked her into Sagittarius

As she moved out she froze over

The lost tribes of Amaterasu

Anu married Europa and she became pregnant

Europa had great energy

Inside she was tidally heated

She bore two levels of volcanoes: water and mama

Lava erupts into water and water erupts into space

Through a volcano of water Anu entered Europa in marriage

From Europa there came Minos, Rhadamanthys, Sarpedon, Crete, Dodon, Alagonia, and Carnus

They live under great ice

Building a great civilization

Minos Ascended through a volcano on the surface of Europa

In space Minos married Io, but she bore him no children for her atmosphere was lost

Minos married Ganymede and Callisto and Enceladus and they bore him many children

Minos then traveled further afield to Saturn

Minos married Titan daughter of Saturn

The lands of Titan were harsh but the daughters of Titan were tough

Deep below her seas of Methane and icy glaciers Titan bore a great sea of water

Her daughters grew greatly in her watery seas

Brave frontiersmen even pushed into the seas of Methane

Minos married Uranus

Uranus lied on her side with intense seasons

Every 84 years she rolled around Amaterasu

Her daughters lie deep below her clouds

In her great sea, more water even than Tefnut

As summer turns to fall and fall turns to winter the daughters of Uranus seek greener pastures

Every 42 years they go on a great quest

To find the Summerland

Minos married Neptune

Cross section of Neptune showing her Oceans

And so Neptune bore countless daughters in her great sea

Her great sea was bountiful like her sister’s

The daughters of Neptune lived in plenty

Free from harsh winters they were fruitful and multiplied

We pray our offworld brethren thrive

We pray they be delivered from Hillu

Hillu is strong but Mithra is stronger

May the lost tribes be found


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