Sutra 5: Saga of Amaterasu

Hillu saw the many planets of the galaxies and grew resentful

Leto bore Chiron many daughters.

In the endless toil stars tried to produce something greater. They wanted children greater than themselves but the evil serpent Hillu always killed their children. Gamma ray bursts, meteors, manipulating the elementals, war, suicide. Hillu had an endless arsenal to sterilize the universe. That he used in every star and every planet in the universe. It seemed Hillu had won and the universe would return to chaos. 

And so Mithra said that they needed a leader

And so Azoth was elected the first president

Azoth was filled with passion. With his whip Azoth subdued Hillu

But it was incomplete.

So Azoth sought greater power

As Azoth said

The sacrifice of Azoth

“I know that I hung on a wind-rocked tree,

nine whole nights,

pluckt thine own eye,

and flagellated thineself,

with a spear wounded, and to Azoth offered,

myself to myself;

on that tree, of which no one knows

from what root it springs.

Bread no one gave me, nor a horn of drink,

downward I peered,

to runes applied myself, wailing learnt them,

then fell down thence.”

And so to this day we celebrate the sacrifice of Azoth under Virgo’s Aegis

Under Azoth there was constant war

Hillu’s wrath was relentless

Countless wars wrought on countless planets

It is said that nothing grows from scorched earth

Might that we why when we look at the stars we see no neighbors

Only Gods and spinster Wanderstars

O the loneliness of the widows of the sky

So close yet so far.

So lonely for so long.

A recent photo of TRAPPIST-1, showing the lonely lives lifeless stars live

The Elohim saw it hopeless, but then they tried again.

Mithra vowed one star may bear life.

Mithra vowed Amaterasu daughter of Izanami would bear myriad descendants.

To marry all the widows in the sky.

To conquer chaos

Mithradonai led his armies to the great Citadel of Chiron

Stolen by Hillu

And so the 88 stellar legions descended upon Chiron

To distract from Amaterasu

The 88 Stellar Legions

Canes Venatici
Canis Major
Canis Minor
Coma Berenices
Corona Australis
Corona Borealis
Leo Minor
Piscis Austrinis
Triangulum Australe
Ursa Major
Ursa Minor

So many united as one, but not all were loyal.

A devotee admiring the celestial legions. You can view them virtually here

Cetus mutinied against Mithra, for their queen wished Tau Ceti bear life, rather than Amaterasu


Cetus rebelled and thought Hillu would take mercy on Tau Ceti

Hillu didn’t

Among the legions there are 13 above the rest

The thirteen great legions who fought off Cetus

The thirteen who guard Amaterasu

Crusading legions of celestial widows

With the wrath of a million suns

Sagittarius served the first month

Many hate Mondays

9 billion years before on Monday Yin and Yang were born, if they never left Sunday we wouldn’t be here.

And so Sagittarius is the Monday of months, and Mithra blesses us all every Monday.

No Monday No Sunday

Tis the law of Mithrazoth

Blessed be Sagittarius

We shall reach thine arm and save our father Chiron

To Jupiter and the outer worlds

To all frontiers

We pray each Yule for good tidings

For the year and for all time

Capricorn served the second month

So we honor her hard work

On her 13th day we celebrate Chūnjié the great spring festival

For 15 days we celebrate as it goes through Imbolc and Groundhog’s day

Aquarius served the third month

His first three days were Lupercalia, Saint Valentine’s sacrifice

Blessing us with creativity, charity, and joy

The days we celebrate Azoth and fertility and when women are whipped in honor of Romulus.

On the 14th day Carnival concluded and Lent began

Two tides of one coin

With Shroventide: Carnival

Happiness and Celebration

With Lententide: Ramadan and Purim

Discipline and Charity

On the 28th day Aquarius ends his shift

And Cetus struck

The traitor legion

Led solely by wrath

Lent’s darkest day

Cetus has no month, for Pisces is victorious

On the last day of Aquarius we shelter ourselves

Each year Pisces wins

We must conquer Cetus

Free Tau Ceti

For three days after we celebrate women for their roles in society, The feast of Esther and Purim and white day. Lupercalia is about men and Purim is about women

For Pisces we rebuild

We fool around a little

But only for Christ

We visit our forefathers

And we grow

On the last sabbath we pray for exodus

Pisces the 28th, Passover and Yuri’s Night together

From Oceans

From Egypt

From Earth

For resurrection

For messengers and leaders

Messiahs and Prophets

Traditional Easter Offering, happens on Pisces 28th

Aries served the fifth month

On the 27th there was the festival of Walpurgisnacht

With maypoles and jolliness

And on the 28th we celebrate Unions. The people united behind religion to resist oppression

Jews call this day Lag BaOmer

Taurus served the sixth month

On the 21st day there was the great festival

Some call it Pentecost, some call it Shauvot, some call it Eid al-Adha

We synchronize our pilgrimages to Mecca to Shauvot and Walpurgisnacht

Gemini served the seventh month

As midsummer came

We pray to Adonai

We celebrate her blessings

Karkino served the eighth month

On her first day was the great festival of Tanabata, of Lammastide and Firstfruits

We handfast under Karkino

Leo served the ninth month

We celebrate strength and joy

The Dormition of Yin

On his 12th day we celebrate the festival of Obon

Virgo served the tenth month

On the first day we celebrate labor day. We respect essential workers and ensure that we give credit to all we owe it too. This is the festival of fungi and bacteria where we celebrate them in all our meals

Beer, Mead, Wine and Alcohol all around

Cheese and Yogurt

And mushrooms

And most of all Blue Cheese

Libra served the eleventh month

For her we contemplate our sins

And the sacrifice of Azoth

On the 14th we celebrate Rosh Hashanah and the 16th Gedalia

And on the 23rd comes Yom Kippur the day of atonement

The day Columbus found America

So we contemplate the bittersweet parts of life, and how we can do good and evil at the same time

We atone and fast




Scorpio served the twelfth month

The month of the dead

We celebrate Sukkot to celebrate the sacrifices of our ancestors

We dance with our ancestors and our scriptures after

We celebrate the great festivals of Halloween, All Saints Day, and Remembrance Day all under the Aegis of Scorpio

Ophiuchus the thirteenth month

The youngest month, the month of the serpent bearer

Opens with Thanksgiving and Black Friday

On Thursday the 4th and Friday the 5th

Traditional ritual battles on Black Friday, traditionally held on Ophiuchus 5th

On these days we celebrate the vigor of the economy and contemplate hidden costs

On Thanksgiving Thursday we all eat together to represent the cooperation of the economy

And then on Black Friday we engage in ritual battles to represent the virile competition of the economy

Then on Sunday we celebrate fallen entrepreneurs whose businesses failed

Hanukkah, a holiday traditionally celebrated on Ophiuchus 21st and continuing until New Year’s day

On the 21st begins Yuletide

We light menorahs with Nine candles

Each day we light another candle

Until we light the last candle on the New Year

On leap years we light 16 candles instead

We fight the darkness with miraculous lights

And we dance around trees of lights

And so Amaterasu met Chiron again

And then they repeated

We support our by naming the months after them

It’s the least we can do

Freedom isn’t free

We call these legions the Zodiac

Diagram of the 13 legions

Amaterasu bore many daughters

Amaterasu laid with Inachus and he bore her Vulcana

Amaterasu laid with Hermes and he bore her Mercury

Amaterasu laid with Tholos and he bore her Venus, Gaia, Mars, and Phaëton

Amaterasu laid with Jove and he bore her Jupiter and Saturn

Amaterasu laid with Vayu and he bore her Uranus and Neptune

Amaterasu laid with Anaxydros and he bore her Tefnut, and the twins Pluto and Charon, and all the Plutinos

Amaterasu laid with a man we know not

And he bore her Nibiru

Planet X

The mysterious waif cast out

To the land of weeping and gnashing of teeth

We mourn her loss but cannot find her

In the heat of their youths the daughters of Amaterasu were fertile

Vulcana was filled with passion. She absorbed the energy of her mother.

As she grew older Vulcana broke out with terrible acne. Her skin broke out volcanically. She flew too close to the sun and broke apart in fire.

And so we pray to Vulcana for help with puberty, avoiding suicide, and help with endometriosis, and help with eating disorders.

When we find another wanderstar like her we will name her Vulcana II in honor of the struggles teenage girls must go through

Like her father Mercury was unique

Hermetic and Mercurial but also a little dense

She was heard-headed and stubborn.

Every three months she runs around Amaterasu

Spreading joy to all

Venus bore a great ocean of endless waters

Gaia bore her own ocean, it melted after Venus

Mars bore her ocean which melted third

Phaëton bore her ocean that melted fourth

Tefnut melted fifth into the biggest ocean. The big blue dot.

Tefnut was a great planetess. A Super-Earth.

Jupiter was a true wanderstar. She wandered around and got in everyone’s way.


Move fast and break things

She said to all

She married Inachus and he bore her Io

Then she married Tholos and he bore her Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto

Saturn was amorous but committed


She married Tholos and he bore her Mimas Enceladus Tethys Dione Rhea Titan Hyperion and Iapetus

Uranus was amorous Tholos bore her Miranda Ariel Umbriel Titania and Oberon


Neptune was amorous Tholos bore her Tritonia


Pluto and Charon were close twins, horse twins.

They run together across the cosmos as equals.

Their sisters went further away. They founded a great nation they called the Kuiper belt

Nibiru was a prodigal daughter.

She ran away and Amaterasu couldn’t find her.

We pray to Nibiru to help runaways, wherever she is she is always welcome back.

But Hillu wasn’t gone. Hillu fired at Amaterasu with a great rockslide.

Missiles rained down on Amaterasu, the power of a million nukes.

Hillu knocked Uranus on her side

Uranus never stood properly again

Hillu pushed Jupiter into Phaëton shattering her, her body shattered into a million pieces.

The death of Phaëton

Her body parts became the asteroid belt, her head became Ceres. Mars adopted her hands, the right became Deimos and the left became Phobos.

Mars was struck by a great meteor which created a great dent in her head

We call that dent Borealis Basin.

In her dent she kept a great ocean.

Photograph of Mars with her ocean

Gaia was hit worst of all. The meteor Theia completely destroyed her like Phaëton before her, but Gaia had will to live, she formed back into two daughters.

The tragic death of Gaia

Terra and Luna, the blessed twins.

Terra was earthly and carefully reformed her ocean

Luna was a lunatic who ran around Terra constantly.


Luna once teased Terra by jumping in front of Amaterasu

Terra cried for she thought Amaterasu dead

Luna’s trickery

Luna is a trickstress always there to shake things up

Traditional art of Terra

In the oceans of Venus Tholos worked hard to build a great clan. Tholos would found the greatest lineage of all there, and there he became ancestor to us all.

The Oceans of Venus

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