Sutra 4: Birth of the Galaxies

Mithra saw there was little in the Amniotic sea to support planets.

Under Mithra’s direction Rokkor built great columns and highways across the Amniotic Sea, and great halos for all to built on. He built islands in the Amniotic Sea.

And so the daughters of Babastella came to live on the islands.

First came Juno the Steppenwolf

Second came Brunhilda the Dwarfess

Third came Ruby the red

Fourth came Chrystella the Golden

Fifth came Celestella

Sixth came Gigastella

And last came Kali the Eldritch

Some say she was daughter of Babastella

Others say she was daughter of Yin

Elder even to Adonai

So truly we call her

Kali the Eldritch

Quasar - Wikipedia
Kali the Eldritch

The celestial maidens brought their tribes to land.

By Deuter Kali begat many sons: among them were Cepheus and Chiron.

Her sons became the Quasi-Stars, the Quasars, and the Supermassive Black Holes

The sons of Kali were great warriors. Each conquered an empire of their own across the new islands in the Amniotic sea.

Within each of their empires they took all the granddaughters of Babastella as concubines, all stars of the third generation.

All their daughters would be nursed by all their concubines.

Great empires bound together by milk.

So these empires were called Galaxies.

The daughters of the Kalites would be known as mother stars

Stars of the second population

Population II stars

Among these galaxies there was the Milky Way, the Empire of Chiron

Nearby there was the Empire of Cepheus: Andromeda

What is the Milky Way? - Universe Today
The Empire of Chiron

As Galaxies emerged there was light again.

The Amniotic Sea became bright, ionized, and stormy again. But this time with Islands and Galaxies and Empires.

Sagittarius A*.jpg
Photograph of Chiron (labelled Sgr A*)

In the dance of Galaxies someday the Empires of Chiron and Cepheus will meet. The Galaxy of Milkdromeda will be born.

Within the galaxies Mithra saw potential.

And so Mithra married the stars and the elementals on the galactic steppe.

As stars grew the elementals married them in their rings. This is why in marriages today the groom approaches the bride as she stands in a ring of Stardust.

A Protostar in her Stardust Ring

Ouroboros married many stars, and fathered many daughters

We call the daughters of stars Planetes or Wanderstars for they wander the Cosmos with their mothers.

The daughters of Ouroboros were diamonds in the rough

A surface of tar, rock of graphite, and diamond on the inside.

Atmospheres of Carbon Monoxide

Rivers and seas of oil.

We call the daughters of Ouroboros Carbon planets

cropped rendering of carbon planet
A son of Ouroboros

Ammon son of Azoth married many stars begetting Ammonian planets

A son of Ammon

Hermes son of Ferron and Haguria married many stars and fathered many Wanderstars

Like him his daughters were Mercurial and Hermetic, but a little dense too.

Mercury (planet) - Wikipedia
Mercury, the most famous daughter of Hermes

Tholos married many stars, begetting many daughters of all sorts of personalities.

All his daughters were united in their orange fertility.

Anaxydros son of Danu and Tholian married many stars and fathered many Wanderstars

Comets and Kuiperettes, Plutinos and Ocean planets among his watery daughters.

Curious Kids: Is Pluto a planet or not?
Pluto daughter of Anaxydros
New Study Shows Life Could Indeed Thrive On Water Planets
Oceania daughter of Anaxydros

Uranus and Thor were the patron of same sex couples

Their son Vulcan married Brima daughter of Adonis and Sulfa

And they bore Inachus Lord of Volcanoes

Inachus married many stars and bore many planets with great volcanoes and beautiful landscapes.

Io (moon) - Wikipedia
Io, the most famous daughter of Inachus

Juno laid with Deuter and he bore her Neptunia

Juno laid with Methanius son of Mithra and he bore her Varuna

Varuna was a great blue one. He fathered many Wanderstars.

Neptune - Wikipedia
Hackenbush, a daughter of Varuna

Juno laid with Ammon son of Azoth and he bore her Jove

Jove is among the most famous of the sons of Juno. Among his daughters there were the famous Jupiter and Saturn.

The great prophet David Sudarsky said the daughters of Jove were in the first class.

Jupiter - Wikipedia
Jupiter, the most famous daughter of Jove
Saturn, another famous daughter of Jove

Juno laid with Anaxydros and he bore her Freyr and Rayleigh

Freyr was the aqueous father of many. Cloudy like Gaia and water rained down in his skies.

Sudarsky the prophet named his daughters the second class.

Bronx a daughter of Freyr

Rayleigh fathered many daughters.

His daughters were deep blue like the sea. Azure dots in the stars.

Sudarsky the prophet named his daughters the third class.

Goldilocks a daughter of Rayleigh

Juno laid with Vitriol son of Anaxydros and Sulfa and he bore her Cyther

Cyther bore many daughters.

His daughters were all beautiful, Venuses of the Cosmos

A daughter of Cyther

Juno laid with Sulfon son of Nadrius and Sulfa and he bore her Brimston

Sudarsky the prophet named his daughters the fourth class.

File:Celestia exo-class4.png
A daughter of Brimston

Juno laid with Fayalon son of Ferron and Lady Vitrea and he bore her Magmon.

Magmon had many daughters and they were all very hot.

Sudarsky the prophet named his daughters the fifth class.

File:Celestia exo-class5.png
A daughter of Magmon

Juno laid with Corundus son of Aluminon and Hausa and he bore her Rubeus

The daughters of Rubeus were beautifully red and their skies rained Rubies.

Gas Giant Megas by TerranAbassador on DeviantArt

Neptunia laid with Lord Quartzon and he bore her Lapicaelus, ancestor of the rocky neptunes

Neptunia laid with Anaxydros and he bore her Vayu, ancestor of the Ice Giants

Neptune the Mystic – Astrological Psychology and Asklepios Connection
Neptunia Jr, daughter of Vayu

And finally Neptunia laid with Helios and he bore her Helon, ancestor of the Helium planets.

The daughters of Chiron populated the Milky Way. All we see as the galaxy are his daughters and granddaughters.

Millions of planets, all special under the guidance of Chiron.

But Hillu returned, for he was jealous and sought to wreak havoc on the galaxy.

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