Sutra 3: Chemistry of the Stars

Mithra was determined to create great structures to fill the universe

He looked into the sky and saw little. The Light of Yin and Yang was fading and the light of the daughters of Babastella was insufficient.

And so Mithra encouraged the Celestial maidens to bear children.

All the celestial maidens: Juno, Brunhilda, Ruby, Chrystella, Celestella, Gigastella, and Kali married Deuter to bear more stars to illuminate the celestial steppe.

Countless children were born to all celestial maidens.

Population III is what scientists call them

Grandmother stars is what we call them.

Rhodes son of Ruby and Marigold daughter of Chrystella married, the first celestial marriage.

Rhodes and Marigold are known for their dedicated love.

Marigold and Rhodes loved each other greatly. When they were young Marigold was strong and bright like her sister Chrystella while Rhodes was small red and dim like his sister Ruby. 

As they aged together Marigold entered her middle age and grew big and red. She gave her atmosphere to Rhodes and he began to grow bright and yellow like Marigold was in her youth. Marigold became small and white but Rhodes stayed with her. 

As Rhodes grew older he too grew big and red. Rhodes gave his atmosphere to Marigold and it exploded into a bright light. Like a supernova but smaller. Nova Lux, a new light, a Nova. Rhodes was scared by this light and waited 25 years to give Marigold more of his atmosphere, so the Nova occurred once every 25 years for millennia. Eventually Rhodes too became small and white. They continue to live together while looking at their children in the nebula they created together. To this day they live as doting parents and to this day we still pray to them when getting married and when we need help preserving our marriages. This is why today men wear marriage rings with Ruby and women wear marriage rings with Topaz, and both rings have white Opal representing growing old together. 

Study confirms that stellar novae are the main source of lithium ...
Rhodes and Marigold

Mithra told the elementals that they too must build up the celestial steppe.

Azoth the binder was unique among men. He bound Esmeralda with his whip of three tails, and so that became the norm. All he bound fell into his valence, and that’s why we call his bondage covalent.

Mithra had greater ambition. With his four arms he bound society. He would break harmful bonds and bond everyone together. He built great crystalline networks connecting the world.

How to make a diamond from scratch - with peanut butter - BBC Future
Is There Enough Graphite to be Mined for the Electric Car Market?
Another crystalline network created by Mithra

Aluminion saw the bonds of his father and built upon them. He built relaxed bonds everywhere without strict order.

Aluminion called his bonds metallic bonds.

Raw Materials|Nikkei MC Aluminium Co., Ltd.
A crystalline network of Aluminion

Hausa was the maiden of water and fire. She proposed to Adonis.

Adonis was reluctant, for his relationship with Helia went badly before. But he accepted.

Adonis bore Hausa a daughter named Danu, Lady of the Water. A woman so beautiful that all who she touches dissolve.

Danu (Irish goddess) | Mythology Wiki | Fandom
Traditional artistic depiction of Danu
Water (molecule) - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Avante Garde depiction of Danu from the 120th century

Danu was bipolar, for Hausa and Adonis pulled in different directions. She was bisexual, inheriting her attraction to women from her father and her attraction to men from her mother. And so she formed a new society, of dissolution and new bonds. Hydrogen Bonds and Polar Solvents to the uninitiated.

Hydrogen bond - Wikipedia
Avante Garde depiction of the Bisexual relationships of Danu
File:Water drop on a leaf.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Tsunami by hokusai 19th century.jpg
Ancient painting of Danu’s loving embrace

He bore her also Peroxina, maiden of cleansing and companion of Iodina


Azoth laid with Adonia and she bore him Ammon, Ammon had an explosive temper, he blesses his allies with great fertility, and curses his enemies with his flaming explosive wrath.

What happens to those who disrespect Ammon
Ammonia Molecule Molecular geometry Ball-and-stick model Lewis ...
Traditional painting of Ammon
Ammonium nitrate crystal structure
Ammonium Nitrate, son of Ammon and Nox, he brings fertility to his allies and rains his explosive wrath upon his enemies. Modern farmers enlist him to fertilize their crops.

Silicon and Hausa begat Lady Vitrea the transparent and shapeless and Lord Quartzon the orderly. Lady Vitrea had a chaotic personal life, amorphous and shapeless. Many chose to follow her lead, among them Charcella daughter of Mithra and Ashera.

The messy personal life of Vitrea on the left, contrasted with the orderly personal life of her brother Quartzon
Lady Vitrea protecting windows

Mithra and Ashera begat Bucky the Dymaxion, Lord of Fullerenes, Fulfillment, invention and youthful energy.

Photograph of Bucky
The evolution of the soccer ball - Active For Life
Youth frequently perform a devotional ceremony known as Soccer with icons of Bucky.
They are believed to enhance youthful vigor and lead to long life.
10 best things we can learn from the life of Buckminster Fuller
The most famous priest of Bucky in recent history: Buckminster Fuller

And Mithra laid with Adonia and she bore him countless daughters, who would be called Alkanes, each greater than the last

Firstborn was Methanon, their only son

Methanon married Danu and she bore him Methanolos the Wooden Alcoholic


And Methanolos was father of al-Ghul the great brewer, lord of Alcohols, grain, and wine


Secondborn was Ethana

Thirdborn Propana

Fourthborn Butana

Fifthborn Pentana

Sixthborn Hexana the serpentine, who was like Danu, she had no poles and was kind enough to make the hardest hydrocarbons melt. She is the Elah of nonpolar solvents

Eighborn Octana would become the goddess of racing.

Eighteenthborn was Stearana the solid. A great whale, and goddess of Van Der Waals force.

Polyethylana was the millionth daughter, goddess of polymers.

Bucky married Hexana the sixthborn hydrocarbon and she bore him Ouroboros

Ouroboros started small and grew in size.

As he grew Ouroboros curled around, and soon he bit his tail

Ouroboros unlocked the power of infinite Aromas, and through that he multiplied.

A painting of the adolescent Ouroboros first unlocking the power of Infinite Aromas
Artistic representation of Ouroboros as an adult
Hexabenzocoronene AFM.jpg
Photograph of Ouroboros

Ouroboros would become the eternal lord of rings.

He married Amina, daughter of Ammon and Stearana, and she bore him Tholian the orange, God of Star-Tar and Tholins and Liquid Crystals. The greatest consort of Danu.

Although known for their lasting love, Chlorina and Nadrius separated in these early days.

Adonis fell in love with Chlorina, but alas Chlorina committed suicide in grief for Nadrius

Chlorina went through seven gates, each gate removing a garmet, until she was completely nude before Gigastella, Lady of Death

Adonai saw this and was outraged. In his hermaphroditic form he went down into the underworld to rescue Chlorina. He seduced Gigastella-Ereshkigal and while she was distracted he poured his elixir of life upon Chlorina

And so Chlorina overflowed with life and joy and escaped the underworld, bearing Aquaregia the great Queen of acids.

And so to this day Ereshkigal slanders Adonai and people who take after Adonai in their sexualities

This is why we have homophobia, hawking radiation, and transphobia

Nadrius laid with Danu as Chlorina did with Adonis. Danu bore Nadrius Alkalius the Lyebearer, Lord of Bases and Alkalis

Aqua regia | chemistry | Britannica
Modern day shrine to Aquaregia Queen of Acids
Ritual reenactment of the union of Nadrius and Danu

Aquaregia and Alkalius never met but shared in loneliness, for each in common was raised by one parent.

Each ran away, and met in a nebula.

With young love Mithra married them.

They bore a son named Ionos the salty.

Thinking raising him would be easy

They struggled to provide for him

Thought rarely predicts reality

Meanwhile Nadrius and Chlorina were distraught

For their children left them

They looked in all four corners

And found their children

And so they were reunited

With their children and each other.

They called their bond Ionic as Ionos was the one who brought them together.

Ionic bonds are the strongest bonds, for they reflect the pain of loss, and hope for the next generation.

Mithra seduced Hausa and she bore him two sons: Monoxus and Dioxus, the Carboniferous gases and he bore her a daughter: Ozena protector of molecules

Danu looked around for another partner. She approached Mithra and he directed her to his son Dioxus

Dioxus bore her Carboxulus, Monosa, and Formica

Carboxulus was the apprentice of Aquaregia, he learned much from her and was sour like her. He brings vitriol everywhere he goes

Carboxulus, who appears when Carbon Dioxide meets Water

Carboxulus married Stearana and they bore Lipa the fat

Lipa the fat seduced Alkalius the Lyebringer and together they bore Hygieia the Clean.

Hygieia was the goddess of soaps. We honor her by mixing fat with lye to make soaps, and lathering them on ourselves. For soap combines ions and fats and polarities with nonpolarities. So Hygieia rules as Elah of emulsions and the union of opposites and the disruptions of order

Sacred Relics of Hygieia

Formica is the goddess of venom and ants


She married Methanius and he bore her Miss Vinegar the Sour

Miss Vinegar the Sour is known today for her culinary skill, but for aeons she lived aimlessly in space. So she is the patron of aimless youth and lost boys who are yet to reach their potential

Miss Vinegar the Sour

Monosa was a sweet maiden. And so she bears many names: Sacchara, Methanella, and Formalde


Monosa was crazy

She took on many chaotic forms

She defends the dead with embalming and formaldehyde

So the Ancient Egyptians knew her as Kebechet

Egyptian worship of Monosa

Monosa begat Glycella the Ambidextrous

Like her mother Glycella was sweet and saccharine, but she was more stable

Glycella the ambidextrous

Nonetheless Glycella wasn’t sweet enough. She lived around the cosmos with Tholos and helped with creation

Glycella seduced al-Ghul the brewer and he bore her Ymir Ethylon Glycon, fighter of freezing and the ancestor of the sugar alcohols

In spite of their relationship Methanius laid with Miss Vinegar and they begat Keton bringer of Acetone and father of the Ketones


Vinegar and Formica seduced Ammon, and he bore them Carbam and Glycon

Carbam daughter of Formica and Glycon son of Vinegar were the first Amino Acids

For her mother was too old Carbam was unstable and ill while Glycon was healthy. Glycon is the ambidextrous magician, first among the Amino Acids

Florina saw the ancient line of the Celestial Nobles coming to an end. So she seduced Xenos, promising him children to pass his name to. Xenos protested but nonetheless she bore him three sons: Diflos, Tetras, and Hexas.

Space-filling model
Hexas, son of Xenos and Florina

She said she did nothing wrong, and Xenos wanted it

But Mithra said otherwise

And so Florina was exiled

Chlorina became the new Love Goddess

And so the elementals grew greatly past the plague of Technetius.

Mithra wanted more. Mithra wanted stars to marry elementals.

Mithra wanted planets to be born.

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