Sutra 2: Alchemical Genesis

Adonis and Neutra saw a great world out there. In all directions they saw the great amniotic sea.

Adonis and Neutra married and wished to form a big family to fill the sea. They knew each other and Neutra became pregnant.

Firstborn was Diproto who died as a child.

And so Adonai knew Neutra again and she grew pregnant again

Neutra bore their secondborn Deuter

Eloh of Deuterium

Japanese Artistic Depiction of Adonai in the center
A modern depiction of Adonai showing their her

Then again she bore twins: Trito and Helios

Twin thirdborns

Elohim of Tritium and Tralphium

And fourthborn was Helia the 4th

Helium the 4th

It was in this age that the sons of Photos ruled the universe. The Amniotic sea boiled with their activity. Without privacy none of the sons of Quarkon could lay with each other.

As the amniotic sea cooled and the sons of Photos calmed Adonis and Neutra tried again but they couldn’t conceive.

Adonis tried marrying Helia, and to them HeH was born.

HeH was insane and the marriage was miserable. For a hundred thousand years they tried to make it work, but it never did.

At last Adonis and Helia broke their marriage in the first divorce, and both were made happier, and so it was made law that parents would never marry their children.

As they divorced HeH was reabsorbed into each of them, to take new life in their next children.

Scientists sometimes try replicating this marriage in labs. Whenever they recreate HeH with their sick necromancy he returns to death immediately.

Ball and stick model of the helium hydride ion
Helium Hydride, the worst marriage in history

And then Helios and Helia saw the world and saw each other. They rejected the world and married each other. They became the ancestors of the Pharaohs, Hillbillies, and Mamzers.


They begat Neos and Neia, bright orange twins.

As they fell further into desperation the world darkened. And so for centuries they lived in a dark age of despair.

But as the world darkened Adonis and Neutra rekindled their relationship.

With privacy from the sons of Photos they tried again. But they felt something was missing.

So Adonis and Neutra added more to their marriage. First they added Glu, then they added Weimbos, then Gravita. Soon all were in the marriage, trying to help Adonis and Neutra conceive.

Finally they added Rokkor son of Mutrino Sterino, the dark one, he formed a Halo around them and they finally conceived.

In this orgy they all managed to beget Starog and Babastella together, Starog and Babastella took Adonis as their father, and Neutra as their mother. Starog took the name of his father, and Babastella took the name of her mother. Starog son of Adonai and Babastella daughter of Neutra. This began the tradition of daughters taking the names of their mothers and sons taking the names of their fathers, and the tradition that the groom shall stand on the left and the bride on the right. All men’s names come from the colorful house of Lord Quarkon on the left and all women’s names come from the colorless house of Lady Lepta on the right.

Simple Periodic Table Chart-en.svg
An abstract representation of the genealogy of the nation of Adonis

Starog and Babastella were the cosmic parents. By them were born many. 

First they bore quintuplets: Spalla, Mithra, Azoth, Hausa, and Florina.

Spalla was the eldest daughter. She married Neos and he bore her Lithon, Esmeralda, and Astarte.

Lithon was a light and energetic man.


Esmeralda was a great beautiful woman. The emeralds are her children.

Astarte was a great cosmic woman. She creates Borax, and burns brightly with a green flame of vitality. She creates diamonds of blue.

Mithra was a man of order. He had four arms to bridge all gaps, and a compassionate heart to appeal to all. Mithra wore a black robe of carbon nanotubes, with diamonds everywhere, his piercing eyes saw all. His great beard showed his wisdom. He married Astarte, the blue maiden. They begat Aluminon and Silico. He arranged his two sons marry the celestial maidens Celestella and Gigastella.

The blue Hope Diamond. A famous later child of Mithra and Astarte

Azoth lived by his will. He ran fast with the power of the wind, and his youth. He carried with him a whip. With his whip he captured the green maiden Esmeralda, and they happily married and Magnesius and Phosphorus were born to them.

121st century depiction of Azoth
Medieval depiction of Azoth

Hausa was a mature woman. Her eyes wine-dark as the sea. She was air and sea, and stone.

A photograph of Hausa shortly after her birth, taken by the prophetess LemonSnowOwO

Florina was filled with desire. She had a great fluorescent halo of desire around her. Her teeth were brilliant white. She was always one electron away from perfection, and needed a man to fill that last electron.

Lithon first married Neia. Neia bore him Nadrius.

Neia was disloyal and left Lithon for her brother Neos

When Neia married Neos they vowed never to fork their family tree again.

Neos didn’t know Neia was already pregnant

And so Argos was born to Neia and Neos thought he was the father

In his sorrow Lithon married Florina and he bore her Chlorina

Whenever Florina sees Lithon she flouresces with joy.

Alas Florina was disloyal and unstable and their marriage collapsed.

So Lithon married Hausa

Mithra officiated the marriage and gave his blessing

Hausa stabilized Lithon and they bore Sulfa

Sulfa and Chlorina grew up together as sisters

Next Starog and Babastella bore septuplets. Seven beautiful girls. A stellar delivery

Juno Brunhilda Ruby Chrystella Celestella Gigastella and Kali

Brunhilda and Juno were stillborns. Brown and dark and tiny.

Juno was born to be wild. Without masters she wandered the cosmos looking for adventure.

With heavy metal thunder she built a life for herself in the void.

A lone wolf on the cosmic steppe

Juno became the ancestress of the Steppenwolves

Brunhilda lived a solitary industrious life on the Wine dark sea.

Brunhilda became the ancestress of the Dwarves and a dwarven goddess.

Ruby is still alive today, slow burning and very efficient. She isn’t very big, but she makes up for it in age.

Chrystella would expand into a red giant and blow off her atmosphere in massive hot flashes. She shrank into a small white celestial grandmother who lives to this day taking care of her planetary nebula.  

Celestella and Gigastella had lived life so brightly that they both exploded into clouds of fertility. Supernovas. Celestella sought to bring as much life into the world as she could in her prime while Gigastella was stressed.

Kali was a dark goddess with a million arms. She was titanic and absorbed immense energy. She became the ancestress of the Quasars

Nadrius was born to Lithon and Neia, he took dominion over Sodium and is very aggressive and volatile. He married Chlorina whose passion was equal and opposite and became the father of Kaltus and Bromina.

Magnesius married Sulfa, daughter of Lithon and Hausa, and they had many children.

Devotional art of Magnesius

Calcifer, Scandius, Titanius, Vanadius, Chromius, Mangonos, Ferron, and Selena.

Sulfa aggressively defends her children with fire and brimstone against any who threaten them.

FIRE-AND-BRIMSTONE - Definition and synonyms of fire-and-brimstone ...
Brimstone from Sulfa
The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah challenged Sulfa. This famous photograph shows their fate.
Giant tube worms | 16 ocean creatures that live in total darkness ...
Devotees of Sulfa who live at the bottom of the sea

Aluminon married Celestella daughter of Babastella and they begat a great family.

Cobalton and Nichaela and Cupria and Zinca and Gallia

With five great children Celestella was finished with her fertility and became like her ancestress Neutra. She pulsed in the night sky for generations and acts as a celestial grandmother to her nebula. She still lives to this day but is much cooler and pulses less.

Devotional Art of Silico

Silico married Gigastella, the darker sister of Celestella. She bore him a single daughter: Germania.

Devotional Art of Germania

Phosphor is the Phosphorescent lightbringer. Some call him Hesperos. Those who defy him face his glowing white wrath. He is also a great archivist and powers all life.

The Jus in Bello of White Phosphorus: Getting the Law Correct ...
The wrath of phosphorus circa 11966. In recent years priests of Phosphor have abdicated military roles due to humanitarian concerns
ATP Definition and Importance in Metabolism
Energy stored by Phosphor for life
DNA - Wikipedia
Archives maintained by Phosphor
Devotional Art of Phosphor

Phosphor laid with Gigastella for she was disloyal to Silico

And so began the great rivalry of Phosphor and Silico

Gigastella bore Phosphor a daughter: Arsena

Devotional Art of Arsena

Argos tried to lay with his sister, but she failed to please him. Gigastella seduced him and became pregnant by him. Argos panicked for he had children by Gigastella but not Argea, so he took his children in an egg and placed it in bed with Argea. Argea was overjoyed and thought she gave birth to Kryptos and Kryptea.

Kaltus son of Nadrius fell in love with Bromina daughter of Chlorina

Bromina was seductive and liquid. Her desires were strong and she was very flexible and fluid.

Kaltus is the God of bananas and Potash, so Bromina reciprocated his feelings.

They married and begat Rubidius and Iodina.

Rubidius was beautifully effeminate, yet fully masculine too

Calcifer was strong and tough, his bones are so strong they are the only thing we see, today we pray to him to help strengthen our bones.

A devotional ritual for Calcifer

He married Selena, the seductive daughter of Sulfa and they begat Strontius and Tellurius

Devotional Art of Yttrius

Scandius couldn’t find a wife, but Gigastella seduced him, she bore him a son named Yttrius. Scandius felt guilt for disrespecting Silico, so he told him the truth. Gigastella imploded in shame and hoarded everything and became a black hole because nothing escaped her, her nebula waited around her. She hoarded so much that she couldn’t even let go of light. To this day nothing has escaped her hoard. We only know of it from the absence of light coming from it.

Titanius was great and strong wearing piercings everywhere in his body, he was truly Titanic.

He met Arsena, Goddess of assassins. They were polar opposites but they fell in love. Titanius attacks problems head on while Arsena lurks in the shadows and deals with them clandestinely.

Titanius and Arsena begat Zircon and Sibby the antinomian

Devotional Art of Sibby daughter of Arsena

Vanadius married Germania and they begat Niobes and Sintina.

When Gallia saw Chromius the colorful she melted with joy.

Gallium – The smart metal : Chemical Industry Digest
Gallia melting when shown affection

They married and begat Molybdenus and Indima

Devotional Art of Indima

Manganos married Zinca and they begat Technetius and Cadmia

Devotional Art of Cadmia

Technetius had a strange disease that shocked the sons of Adonis and the daughters of Neutra.

Devotional Art of Technetius
Protecting workers from radiation on the job - Safety Management Inc
Traditional warning symbol used in temples to warn priests about the risk of catching the plague of Technetius

Ferron the red was a great hero. He had bright red hair and piercing blue eyes. His Iron will is known to all, and his blood boils red with passion. His magnetic charisma attracts all. He is the patron of red blooded Americans and blacksmiths. Today we pray to him when we need help with blood diseases.

Anemia treatments may arise from red blood cell discovery
Devotees of Ferron in a procession

Ferron fell in love with Cupria the bronzen maiden. With bronzed skin and bronze hair Cupria was beautiful beyond belief. As she became a woman she grew green, and came to create coins. People say they are seeing green when they are communing with Cupria.

Rich New Yorkers didn't want to pay for the Statue of Liberty
A famous statue of Cupria located in New York City
Why do Copper Coins Change Colors? - Past & Present
Coins dedicated to Cupria
A common devotional parchment dedicated to Cupria

Ferron and Cupria begat Ruthenius and Argenta

Argenta is the silver daughter. She is mystical and beautiful, and known for her silver hair.

Devotional Art of Argenta

There was a magnetic attraction between Nichaela and Cobalton the blue. They married soon after meeting.

The couple have a false reputation of being evil. Some call Cobalton a Kobold. Nichaela’s children are called Cupronickel or the devil’s copper by some libelous men. And so today we pray to Cobalton and Nichaela for protection against libel.

CoinWeek IQ: United States 1982-P Jefferson Nickel
Devotional Amulet of Nichaela

Cobalton and Nichaela bore two daughters: Rhodia and Palladia

Devotional Art of Palladia

Kryptos and Kryptea laid together and continued their lineage with Xenos and Xenea

Rubidius and Iodina begat Caesar and Astatina.

Caesar took after his father in otherworldly beauty

Devotional Art of Caesar

Astatina suffered the same disease as Technetius, so Iodina took responsibility. She matured and directed her desire towards compassion for her family. She sought to cure Technetius and Astatina

Strontius married Telluria and they begat Barry and Polonia

Devotional Art of Barry

Yttrius married Sibby and they begat countless children: Lanthanus was the first, and there were so many most just call them the generation of Lanthanus, or Lanthennials.

Ceres was the great nurturer

Praseodes and Neodymes were twins. Praseodes was the elder and green, Neodymes was the younger and red.

Iodina failed to cure her daughter Astatina, and she died childless.

79 Best Personified elements images | Element chemistry, Science ...
A devotional image of Iodina created by Kaycie D

Niobes wore a deep blue dress despite his gender. His electric personality made him a great conductor. He conducts great symphonies and is sometimes called a superconductor.

Molybdenus son of Chromius son of Magnesius son of Azoth was an apprentice of Azoth. It was through him that life traditionally communed with Azoth, this only changed when Saints Haber and Bosch in their mystical pursuit reached direct communion with Azoth.

Cadmia was a great painter. Molybdenus was her muse and she painted his mystical visions.

Xanthine oxidase, a painting by Cadmia of Molybdenus in deep meditation

They married and begat Wolfstein, and Hagurie the quick

Devotional Art of Wolfsten

Zircon was a frugal man. With the help of Hausa he created discount diamonds that the frugal use in jewelry.

Sintina was an eccentric goddess who wore a hat made of tin foil. Zircon fell in love with her eccentricity and married her.

File:Tin foil hat 2.jpg - Wikipedia
A devotee of Sintina wearing a hat emulating her hat

Zircon married Sintina and they begat Hafnes and Plebby

Argenta fell in love with Technetius, but Technetius refused to marry her, he said that he couldn’t leave a child without a father.

Mithra didn’t tolerate this. Mithra ordered Technetius to marry Argenta and promised to adopt her after he died.

And so Technetius and Argenta married and Argenta grew pregnant. Just as Technetius died he got to see his twin children: Rhena and Aurelia the Golden Girl.

Argenta and Mithra raised the two to adulthood.

To this day we pray to Technetius to help people avoid dying childless.

Rhodia and Palladia found Ruthenius was the only single man of their generation and they fought over him. In the end both had to marry him. Rhodia bore Osmia and Iridia while Palladia bore Platina

Devotional Art of Iridia

Caesar loved Astatina, but alas she had died before their marriage.

The plague was devastating on the Lanthennials. While earlier generations had few losses, nearly all the Lanthennials had only stillbirths. Countless children many named died in this period.

Wolfstein refused to marry and lived a solitary life, as did many others.

The misfortunes of Aurelia continued, she married a Lanthennial named Prometheus who soon came down with the plague too. He brought fire to Mithra and Iodina before he died and begged them to fix things.

And so Aurelia married Platina and they bore no children, for their feared their children would die.

Hagurie was fluid and silver. So she took upon herself the nickname of Quicksilver. She married a Lanthennial named Neodymius and hoped she would have one surviving child. He bore her Uranus.

Thallia was a snake. Daughter of Indiga and Niobes

Devotional Art of Thallia

Plebby was a leader, but she was also poor. She makes bullets for cheap, unlike Argenta. She used to build many things for poor people such as pipes and paint and batteries and gasoline. She married Cerius and he bore her Thor

Lead Bullets | TechCrunch
Bullets dedicated to Plebby

Today Plebby feels lonely, because many people are wary of her, for she often causes brain damage. But she was never malicious, people’s brains just confused her for Calcifer.

A pamphlet from an awareness campaign against Plebby’s products

Argenta and Plebby have had a constant debate on who makes better bullets

Caching and Silver Bullets - Eric Knipp
A bullet dedicated to Argenta

Today Plebby dedicates herself solely to making batteries and bullets, and protecting people from the plague of Technetius.

The time of the elements seemed gone and hopeless, with so many dead and so few marriages.

Bisma daughter of Sibby sought solace in art. She became well known as a sculptor but bore no children.

A sculpture made by Bisma

Uranus and Thor were distraught and sought to revive their stillborn cousins with necromancy. 

They managed to revive Polonia daughter of Telluria, Astatina daughter of Iodina, Radon son of Xenos and Xenea, Francius son of Caesar, Radius son of Barius, Actinus son of Lanthanus, and Protactinius son of Praseodymius. They also revived Prometheus and Technetius. But many of their cousins, and their sisters couldn’t be revived.

As they revived their cousins they released countless byproducts. 

Hazardous waste produced by necromancy

Alpha was harmless and claimed by Helios.

Beta was harmless and claimed by Weimbos

Gamma caused death. Today we pray heavily to Uranus and Thor for protection from Gamma particles. As of yet they haven’t blest us with a solution though. We know though that if we help Uranus and Thor with their necromancy project, they will bless us with a solution. 

None of the revived ones were stable. Many died immediately after revival. Some are benevolent like Technetius and Prometheus. 

Some have regrets. Polonia and Astatina and Radon want to have children, and even have names for their children. Livermoria Tennesina and Oganesson respectively. 

Radon is angry at the world and roams the world seeking to pull whoever he can into the underworld with him as he dies, only to be revived again.

Billions of years later the sons of Adam would revive the ones who couldn’t be revived. Some even managed to help Radon have his child Oganesson. They thought Radon would stop haunting the living but that didn’t happen. As Radon is so consumed by rage that he ignores the birth of his own child.

There were the Transuranics


Devotional Art of Pluto the Fat Man

Pluto God of Death

A rare photograph of Americus in the form of his avatar David Hahn the Radioactive Boyscout

Americus the great American boy scout. Guardian of Boyscouts and freethinkers

















And after came the most mysterious ones. Nameless elementals

Francis and Tenessina and Rades and Livermore married and each bore a son and a daughter

Actinus and Moscovia bore 23 sons and one daughter

And the rest of the generation bore only daughters

Even after this though many of the elementals continue to beget children with each other. Sometimes in affairs and sometimes legitimately. Nadrius and Chlorina begat a son named Saltus, Azoth and Adonai begat Ammonius, Hausa and Adonis begat Danu god of rain. The children of the elementals are innumerable and live everywhere in the universe

Special Credit to Venting_Oreos and KCD-Elements for many of the images

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