Sutra 1: Quantum Romance

When time began, two twins, divine, were born

Brother, Sister, Yin Yang, they grew greatly

A millionfold they grew in a second

Endless Waters rushed out to everywhere

These waters became spacetime

The afterbirth became Hillu. The chaos that haunts us all.

Yin and Yang married and vowed burn the afterbirth.

Their first night together was vocal and passionate.

Listen carefully to the radio.

You will still hear their ecstatic first words.

Spoken with tantric unison

“Let there be light”

File:Esoteric Taijitu.svg
Traditional artistic depiction of the union between Yin and Yang
The Light of Yin and Yang captured in a long exposure photograph

Soon Yin bore three daughters: Dextra and Bessa and Sinistra

Their daughters were lonely and begged for brothers

So Yin and Yang laid together again.

By the curse of Hillu Yin died in childbirth

And she gave birth to Fermius and Bosos

So it is said, but we don’t know where Yin is, merely that we live in the world of Yang and Yin is nowhere to be found.

Dextra and Sinistra fought over Fermius, in the end he married them both

Bessa took her time slow and steady

Marrying Bosos after the Planck epoch

Fermius and Dextra begat the house of the right hand

Fermius and Sinistra begat the house of the left hand

Bessa and Bosos begat together the house of Bosos

Bosos and Bessa intended to divide the four forces between their children.

Firstborn was Gravitos, and they gave him gravity

Secondborn was Gluvos, and he was given strong interaction

Twins thirdborn were Weimbos and Zoros

Both Weimbos and Zoros wanted to claim electromagnetism, neither one wanted to be the lord of weak interaction. As they fought over electromagnetism, Bosos and Bessa declared that they would both rule weak interaction. 

So Bosos and Bessa laid together and begat Photos

And Photos was given Lordship over Electromagnetism

Still Bosos and Bessa were unsatisfied, so they laid together once more to give birth to the ultimate particle

They begat Higos the “God Particle”.

They sent prophets to all nations, much to the chagrin of Higos.

An abstract scientific representation of the family of Yin and Yang

As the house of Bosos grew so too did the rival houses of Fermius

The two houses grew as mirror images

To Sinistra were born Lord Quarkon the colorful and Lady Lepta the colorless.

Both were strong personalities who wished to pass on their surnames, so they begged for new spouses.

Fermius and Sinistra begat Quarra and Achromo Sterino

Quarkon married Quarra and Lepta married Achromo

Under the guidance of Gluvos the tribe of Quarkon grew greatly for 3 generations

Quarkon I and Quarra begat Quarkon II the Truthful and Quarra II the Beautiful

Quarkon the Truthful and Quarra the beautiful begat Quarkon the Charming and Quarra the Strange

Quarra the strange had cat ears and wanted to destroy the world with strangelets

Quarkon the charming and Quarra the strange begat Quarkon IV the Up-above and Quarra IV the Down-below

Quarkon and Quarra IV begat Proteus and Neutra

Lepta and Achromo begat Taia and Tatrino.

As Achromo was a poor father and a submissive husband his sons became very timid. They rarely interact with the world, they wander around as mere observers of the world. Some people call them neutrinos because now no matter how much encouragement they get they will always remain neutral to the world around them

Taia and Tatrino begat Mia and Mutrino

Mia and Mutrino begat Lecter and Neutrino

And so there were the three generations of the daughters of Lepta.

The daughters of Dextra multiplied in a mirror image to the daughters of Sinistra. And so the three generations were replicated perfectly in her house too. Except the sons of Achromo Sterino were even more submissive than the sons of Achromo Neutrino, for they lacked the blessings of Weimbos and Zoros, having only the blessing of Gravitos they came to be known as Dark Matter.

Finally while Lecter was born to Mia Sinistra Electra was born to Mia Dextra.

Lecter and Electra were an inseparable couple combining left and right. They begat Shelly who married Proteus of the Lefthand tribe

Left and Right make Right. Proteus and Shelly married and they begat Adonis.

Schematic drawing of a positive atom in the center orbited by a negative particle.
Artistic depiction of Adonis

Some call Adonis the Watermaker, for he is the father of water, he is known to Germans as the Wasserstoff, but best known by his Ancient Greek name, given to him by Homer himself, Adonis Hydrogeneus.

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