What is Religion 2.0

Religion 2.0 is a project to revitalize religion for the modern world.

Religion 2.0 is highly inspired by Game B and seeks to contribute to its realization. As Eric Weinstein and Daniel Schmachtenber spoke of in their portal episode religion can have a role in achieving game B. They spoke of Buddhism as being good at accomplishing this but being unable to facilitate coordination. I intend on creating something that both accomplishes the increase in empathy and facilitates coordination in the future.

Religion 2.0 takes inspiration from Yuval Harari’s conception of techno-religion as spoken of in this talk, as well as Sapiens and Homo Deus.

Religion 2.0 is intended to be a part of pop culture and have an educational as well as self improvement based element to it.

The Gaiad is a planned scripture for Religion 2.0, chapter 1 can be found here. It will go from the Big Bang to the Heat Death of the universe, into a transhuman future for people to look towards. The intention is to connect people into a greater cosmic narrative so they can feel like their own lives have meaning. We intend on fully adapting the Gaiad into many other media such as video games, and tv series as time goes on.

In the long run I intend on using augmented reality based practices for Religion 2.0 which will be able to bring people fully into the mythology. But doing so now would be premature.

I make no claim that the mythology of the Gaiad is literally true, rather the purpose is to be an overriding metanarrative that provides context to everything people do. Religion 2.0 has a ceremonial purpose to give people meaning in their lives, and everything they do. Be it learning about ancient history and evolution, or ethical issues such as why it is wrong to steal things from people, or the meaning of life and reason to contribute to society.

Religion 2.0 will use modern technology as it becomes available and update its scriptures accordingly with new discoveries. This is possible now whereas it was not possible centuries ago when global communication did not exist, and people did not have a culture of adapting to new technologies and discoveries. Hopefully this will allow Religion 2.0 to always be relevant to contemporary people.

I hope Religion 2.0 will be able to lead us in an Exodus from Earth, and be able to keep us connected to our history and origins no matter how far we advance beyond our current state.

Published by siliconprophet

An aspiring Techno-Messiah here to recreate religion to fill the God-shaped hole in our hearts. Join the Order of Life Discord Server here https://discord.gg/HmBch6Y

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