The closest life ever came to ending

With increasing awareness of climate change many people are afraid there’s a good chance life on Earth may be seriously threatened. Today is the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year and the perfect time to contemplate the idea of total annihilation.

250 million years ago something darker than even the grimmest predictions of climate change happened. It is unclear what caused it, but near all life died out. The Synapsids, a group that was the dominant land vertebrates at the time were near completely wiped out, among the few survivors of the group were the ancestors of the mammals. If the extinction were slightly worse then all the synapsids could have been wiped out and mammals wouldn’t exist today. For near 200 million years after the synapsids were limited to small shrewlike roles, reminiscent of the generations the Israelites spent in bondage in Egypt, only truly recovering when the dinosaurs died out.

Every winter solstice we should celebrate the fact that we survived the great dying. It is the darkest day of every year. It represents loss and mourning but also hope, for just as we recovered from the great dying we will recover from any wounds in the future no matter how great, and we will live to fight another day.

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2 thoughts on “The closest life ever came to ending

  1. An unorthodox tradition, to be sure, but one whose merit I can readily see. Methinks such would be a fine way to bring back cultural significance beyond just a hollow echo of ancient custom to the deep cyclical themes of hardship and survival and renewal, and to fittingly breathe new life into archetypal tales of the triumph of life over death, as these days such once-profound tales seem so often to be “and that’s what ancient pagans used to tell stories about!” or “Hallelujah, Praise the Risen Lord!” or “Heh, hurr durr Jesus is a confused vampire that makes other people drink blood, I get all my jokes from neckbeardy Reddit threads, lol.”.

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    1. I am happy you appreciate this. The history of life and the universe is inconceivably large. I’m thinking about trying to introduce a new calendar system where we are in the year 14000012020 or …12020 for short because I want to really emphasize to people how vast our history really is. There are countless times when life almost ended or could have been prevented from happening in the first place, and so many people can barely even place themselves in reference to Ancient Rome. Archetypes go so far back that they go beyond even humanity itself, hopefully, both in the past and the future. Religion should be about connecting people to this greater narrative that is so great it is thousands of times greater than humanity itself.

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