Soothsayer game concept

The Order of Life is working on a new mobile app to help people experience the spiritual world in a way they cannot in modern society.

The Soothsayer app will be one that uses augmented reality to show people the spirit world. As an extended metaphor the app lets your camera see into the world of archetypes.

When you use the app to look into the world of archetypes you will see a world similar but distinct from our own. With a sort of truesight you will see the ghosts of ancient animals: Dinosaurs, Mammoths, Trilobites, etc. You will see Gods among the stars: each star will be a spirit and all the planets visible in the sky. You will see angels and demons fighting constantly. You will see gods who personify many concepts and be guided by spirits to explore the world in a way you couldn’t explore when entrenched in normal mundane life

An example of a modern practical implementation of Augmented Reality

You will be able to interact with this world. You will be able to talk to the spirits and accept quests from them. These quests will be linked to your own spiritual development. The quests will introduce you to many spiritual concepts and be region based. They will function with a combination of procedural generation and user generated content to ensure that everyone has a unique regional experience.

We will integrate this with the social network so that people can easily communicate with each other about their activities. Maybe we will even introduce features to help people go on quests together too.

At some point we plan on incorporating genealogical quests into Soothsayer either based on traditional genealogy or based on genetic genealogy as discussed in our recent post on it. These will help create familial and ancestral identities that were common in the ancient world but are mostly lost in the modern world.

We also plan on introducing sophisticated “pilgrimage quests” which will involve real life long distance travel. Examples could include traveling to see ancient temples and talk to the spirits residing there. Some places like Stonehenge are very well known, but other places like Gobeklitepe and the Rock of Adromeda are very poorly known yet very significant.

As you complete quests in the spirit world you will help the community and help you in your own spiritual development. In this way Soothsayer will become more than a game. Soothsayer will become a way that people sense the spiritual and moral world and interact with it in a much more sophisticated way than they ever had in the past. We could live simultaneously in the mythopoetic world and the logical world in a way nobody was able to before.

We plan on upgrading Soothsayer to using google glass or some equivalent as AR improves, and eventually to have it integrated with people’s vision completely. We will integrate fitness tracking hardware such as fitbits and apple watches with Soothsayer to collect data to calibrate its representations to people’s natural spiritual experiences. It will be a representation of the spirit world, perhaps the default way people view it in the future. Whereas humans produce mental images with their vision, echolocating bats produce mental images with their sense of sound, and star nosed moles produce mental images with their sense of smell. Analogously Soothsayer will enhance our spiritual senses so that they may become well developed and image producing like our sight, or like the echolocation of bats.

Please contact me either by email at or over twitter @silicon_prophet if you want to help me with this project. A kickstarter campaign is coming soon.

Published by siliconprophet

An aspiring Techno-Messiah here to recreate religion to fill the God-shaped hole in our hearts. Join the Order of Life Discord Server here

2 thoughts on “Soothsayer game concept

  1. Hi siliconphophet,

    If your goal is to lead life and the global ecology to new heights, and to revive spirituality from it’s recent decline to be used for this purpose, I think you need to concentrate on either one thing or the other as they are quite separate.

    All ecology needs is large areas of wilderness to be designated, to stop the damage of over-population. It doesn’t need our help, as it is very capable of looking after itself, if humankind could stop bring stupid and destroying habitat.

    As for spirituality, I think this is a very private thing that people should keep to themselves. Anyone that promotes their belief system to someone else is expansionist, preachy and following an agenda towards converting others. This is not very attractive or helpful as lots of people have different ideas, so the best Moto is – live and let live.

    Being the originator and having defined the term Lifeism, it really is not about being against death. That would be deathism, it is about understanding what it is to be human and living well.
    Your Lifeist set of rules have some merits, but I would suggest refinement. You can go to the link provided and go to the “about us” section, where all the terms used are defined, if you wish to learn more, to help your ideas.

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    1. Thank you. I appreciate you making contact with me. It is interesting to see your site and how you are using it. What exactly do you do yourself? I see professional training courses among other things.

      I was not aware that you were using the term “Lifeism” yourself. I will abstain from using the term again if you request, as you have been using it significantly longer and more consistently than I have.

      It is really important to emphasize that I mean to elevate global ecology to *new* heights, rather than merely restoring it. I dream of a world where everyone lives in forest cities that grow around them and grow into buildings, and are more biodiverse than any time before in history because industry and ecology are working in tandem. My vision is fundamentally transhumanistic and I seek to help the entire biosphere (not just humanity) ascend to Kardashev III.

      On the topic of spirituality, I see that as a fundamental element of my mission. I like the original meaning of “live and let live” which strictly referred to reducing violent conflicts, but in a modern sense it has taken on a meaning where people can no longer assert that one way of living or believing is better than another. I strongly disagree with this idea and I see it as threatening the progress of mankind and life itself, taking on a role similar to Nietzsche’s “Last Man” morality.

      By presenting myself as a religious figure I am actively rejecting many established paradigms. I don’t expect everybody to necessarily start believing all the same things I do, but I entered the religious industry because I believe I can provide a superior product to established religions. Something like Nietzsche’s “Übermensch” morality.

      I am happy that you appreciate my set of rules. I worked hard in that one to get something that was a big tent political plan instead of a worldview. It is something I wish to eventually create a political party around once we are close enough to biological immortality that it is reasonably feasible to run on this platform.


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