Mythology in education

A key application of the Gaiad and Gaian mythology is in education. Gaian mythology can give a holistic context to knowledge.

Currently educational systems operate in a very isolated manner with subjects rarely if ever overlapping. Occasionally sciences will overlap but science will never overlap with history or ethics. This creates individuals who have trouble critically thinking and will rarely challenge the institutions around them.

I propose an alternative educational style. Mythopoetic education. Mythopoetic education is education based on Lifeist principles.

  • Subjects are taught in the context of the mythology in a fractaline manner. From the stories of Fermius and Bosos come physics. From the stories of the Celestials comes Astronomy. From the stories of the Elementals comes chemistry. From the stories of Luca comes biology. From the stories of Manu come history and engineering and physical education. From the stories of Pythagoras comes Math. And from the stories of Ada Lovelace comes computation.
  • Using the Montessori method students will be encouraged to follow their passions and grow on their own
  • Community will be an essential part of the education. Cliques and bullying will be strongly discouraged and the community will be used to encourage development
  • Disabled students will be completely integrated with everyone else. The community will be educated about their disabilities and encouraged to help them in their areas of need. For example, autistic students will have regular meetings with popular students so they can get tips in social skills.
  • Uniforms will be used to encourage a communal identity free from bullying and cliques, and to take advantage of the prestige that school uniforms have in many countries.
  • Communal prayer and meditation will be an integral part of the system. (I do not support prayer in public schools unless the government pays for every religious group to get their own schools, but prayer in religiously run schools is fine)
  • Still to leave this educational system open to children of parents who are interested in the school system due to its prestige rather than ideology it will be voluntary.
  • “Getting dirty” including outdoor camping trips, going to petting zoos and similar will be encouraged to help with immune system development
  • Programming classes will be mandatory. All students will have a personal laptop for school and personal use.
  • Social skills will be actively taught as they are essential for the work world.
  • Math classes will emphasize mathematical understanding over calculation abilities. Eschewing mental math and teaching basic calculus and linear algebra in early elementary school.
  • Foreign languages including English and Chinese and Hindi will be taught very early on from day one.
  • Sexual education will be mandatory and sex-segregated (the only sex-segregated part of schooling). It will be comprehensive well beyond the standard “practice putting condoms on dildos” style sexual education and address issues such as Incels and MGTOW and #metoo and the difference between sex and gender
  • Physical education will be mandatory and function as a comprehensive fitness program to prevent child obesity and encourage physical fitness rather than emphasizing competitive sports.
  • Physical education will be integrated into a Boy Scouts like program that involves extensive afterschool activities, badge seeking (which will be an integral part of the entire system), and camping trips. Camping is cooperative and helps build community. This will completely replace daycare.
  • Quantitative physical health data will be collected and used to ensure no students become obese, or suffer other health issues. Obesity and other health issues are associated with learning difficulties so it is essential to prevent them.
  • Mental health checkups will be frequent too and operate similarly, also checking to ensure no children are victims of abuse
  • Healthy school lunches will not only be provided for free, but the students will also make the lunches and learn to cook for later in life.
  • Grading will be done algorithmically and integrated with the social credit program.
  • Large international field trips and exchanges will be done as much as budget allows to let students experience other cultures
  • Students will be taught practical life skills such as paying taxes, budgeting, and how to interact with police, and how to apply for jobs and network
  • All skills and disciplines learned will be tied back into the overriding mythological narrative of the conflict between order and chaos.
  • For those interested in sports careers or scholarships the schools will still have sports teams, but they will not be integrated with the normal physical education system
  • High school education will have two options: dual-credit trade school education or International Baccalaureate programs. Everyone, even those with disabilities should pursue one of these
  • As more evidence is collected the educational system will be revised

In the future I hope to start a private school based on these principles, however, in the near future the more likely outcome is to do online schooling with some similar elements. In the very far future, I hope that schooling like this will become publicly funded and available to everyone who wants it at no cost. Ideally, even colleges will someday adopt a system closer to this than the current American model

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