The Lifeist Manifesto

In order to preserve life as the greatest value, we propose this manifesto

  1. Life and consciousness, that which originated on Earth is the greatest value and must be protected. Death is the enemy. Extinctive forces must be fought so they don’t annihilate life
  2. In humans, the lives of individuals are of utmost importance. The power of our species is stored within individuals who constantly grow wiser as they live, and each individual brings a unique perspective to the species. The logical conclusion of this is that humans must attain immortality, to preserve and enhance our collective consciousness. So we must give everyone who wants it the ability to live forever. A person that could become immortal can live millions of modern lifespans, more life is potentially lost by denying someone immortality than was lost in the entirety of WWII. 
  3. We shall give to every individual anti-aging at no upfront cost, ideally for free. If we cannot afford to give it for free we will set up a system of automatically approved loans with payments capped to a reasonable portion of one’s income.
  4. We will give treatment first to the oldest person in the world, and then to other people by age. We will make sure that even the poorest of the poor receive this treatment and don’t have to die. 
  5. For every other augmentation to an individual such as increased intelligence, we will provide it in this same way if it’s essential to being competitive in the economy
  6. We see modifying the human mind to be very promising. Today we do it with antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs, but we foresee in the future the ability to change any behavior such as imposing honesty or making criminals never commit crimes ever again. Despite this promise we need to ensure all these procedures are voluntary with informed consent, the difference between brainwashing and psychiatry is that the psychiatrist only brings people to states they want to be in
  7. We will do as best we can to stop wars and humanitarian crises to minimize death as best we can, and direct many resources to healthcare and infrastructure development to prevent deaths too. In the near future immortality for all will be in number one priority of the species
  8. We will as best we can end wars and criminal standoffs nonlethally. We will develop arrest drones that can fly to people and arrest them without fear for their own safety. If a drone is destroyed then another will be sent
  9. We will end life imprisonment and capital punishment. Some people cannot be released because they are too dangerous to society, so instead, we will keep these people imprisoned until psychiatry advances enough that they can be safely released. Ideally, we will put them in cryostasis so they don’t need to experience inhumanely long sentences, only waking them up to let family visit and to offer them treatment and parole
  10. We hope to use suspended animation to prevent the deaths of people with terminal illnesses as we look for cures. This service must be available to everyone as the goal is for no death at all.
  11. We hope to develop the technology to remove a fetus or embryo from a pregnant woman who does not want to keep the child so that abortion will be obsolete, but we will take no measures against the contemporary practice until this alternative is invented. If the child has a congenital disease we hope to use cryostasis until a cure is found.
  12. We hope to replace euthanasia with cryostasis until a cure is found, but we will take no measures against the contemporary practice until this alternative is invented.
  13. We will make sure to protect the rights of those who do not wish to live forever for religious reasons or other reasons. And pass laws to protect them from discrimination
  14. As climate change is a major threat to humanity as a whole we will seek to motivate or reverse it, prevention is not an option anymore, and we cannot let even a single person die either from climate change or from prioritizing climate action over healthcare action
  15. All immortals will be given compulsory education with their living expenses covered in full every fifty years, this is to ensure nobody ends up with outdated skills due to graduating several centuries ago, and to refresh civic engagement.
  16. Population increase is going to be a major issue with the advent of immortality. Most people desire families of a certain size depending on the culture they grew up in, and this desire is extremely important to psychological wellbeing. As the old will be able to work again we will create an economic boom and this boom will help counteract the effects of the population growth. Everyone alive today will be able to have families as big as they want within their natural lifespans.
  17. Over a longer period, family size is more difficult. People today tend to have a finite number of children that they want to have in their lifespan. But immortal people will probably want to have more children after all their children are over 100 years old. So people will have a certain number of children per century most likely rather than an absolute number of children. In some contexts, we might find this overwhelming and seek to impose a limit such as two children per century, but this is unlikely and will always be subject to the democratic process
  18. We will focus on space colonization after global immortality is achieved to create room for more people and gather resources to support more people but it’s a lower priority until we gain immortality for all
  19. We will allow everyone who refuses immortality to take their pensions indefinitely. Immortals will be given a time limit to their pensions so they may enjoy the lives they wanted to live after retirement, but will still be able to work 
  20. As we cannot see any aliens in the large universe there might be a serious danger out there that stops alien civilizations from developing. As such a danger will be catastrophic to our society we will research the absence of aliens and respond accordingly to what we find
  21. We must preserve our own species before helping others, but once humans no longer die we must address the value of nonhuman life. We should try to save as many lineages as we can, but most animal species seem not to have immortality as a goal. 
  22. We will be forced to increase government spending and taxes significantly to deal with the transition to immortality. All wealthy people who cooperate will be more than compensated adjusting for inflation once global immortality is achieved. It might take a while to pay them back but there will be centuries to pay them back
  23. We will need to create a world government to achieve these goals, however, we will make it as decentralized as possible with an emphasis on local democratic governance and respect for each other’s cultural values. Nothing but the aforementioned goals for achieving immortality will be pursued by the world government, with everything else being left to local governments.
  24. We will not challenge the capitalist economy. It might not be the best one but the movement is for immortality, over the coming centuries once everyone is immortal we will discuss economic systems

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