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This is my first real post. I’m Silicon Prophet. I take my name from Yuval Noah Harari’s book Homo Deus but I don’t agree with him on most issues, he is a harbinger not an inspiration.

My goal in my activities is to lead life and the global ecology to new heights, and to revive spirituality from it’s recent decline to be used for this purpose. Us humans are the rulers of the biosphere, yet we lack awareness of this grand purpose and instead focus on primitive internal conflicts.

Yuval Noah Harari spoke of a distinction between two types of “technoreligions”: techno-humanism and dataism. I reject this dichotomy in favor of techno-lifeism, valuing humans as the stewards of life, the emergent brain of Gaia. Our ecosystem hasn’t even reached Kardashev I status yet, life is only able to use a fraction of the energy that reaches Earth from the sun. But as we increase in consciousness we will bring life with us and create a greater biosphere. Soon we will spread across the entire solar system and create a solar system wide biosphere that we design ourselves. Not only will humans be greater than ever but all our relatives will be greater too, from chimpanzees to plants to bacteria.

I am founding The Order of Life to help our extended family of life flourish. To promote techno-lifeist principles. Spirituality in the past has been used for social control and self actualization in the past it has been very haphazard and unscientific, that’s why religions are so inconsiderate in their teachings. In the short term my main goal is to develop an app to help people increase their spiritual and ecological awareness. I plan on running a Kickstarter soon and am looking for developers to work on the project with me.

If anyone wants to work with me please contact me at silicon.prophet@order.life I will need a lot of help in this endeavor and everyone has something to offer The Order of Life

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An aspiring Techno-Messiah here to recreate religion to fill the God-shaped hole in our hearts. Join the Order of Life Discord Server here https://discord.gg/HmBch6Y

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